The treatment of herpes zoster (including in the home folk remedies)

Лечение опоясывающего герпеса (в том числе в домашних условиях народными средствами)Hello my dear readers! Today I will talk about the treatment of herpes zoster. The other day I ran a woman of 50 years, which had this disease.

She is very worried, afraid for their future, afraid to be treated as the thought that treatment will be difficult and painful.

I tried to convince and told her about how, in fact, is the modern treatment of herpes zoster. She calmed down, fortunately, and made the correct conclusions.

Believe me, this is a relatively simple disease that is easily treatable, but only if it is matched correctly!

Perhaps you too are now suffering from herpes zoster is a recurrence of chickenpox and not know whether to go to the doctor? Then read this article, then you will understand that in modern treatment there is nothing to worry.

To treat or not to treat: that is the question!

Some sources you can find information about what herpes zoster does not require treatment. Here and my patient had read such information. Yes, it is true, but not in all cases.

Untreated herpes zoster type, you young people, if they, of course, like its symptoms. Adults young people the recurrence of the chicken pox is extremely rare and often develops without complications.

Лечение опоясывающего герпеса (в том числе в домашних условиях народными средствами)Generally, this disease is peculiar to people with immunodeficiency and elderly. These populations must be treated, as they have a high risk of complications.

Some people, faced with the herpetic ringworm, do not treat it not because I don’t want to, but because he is asymptomatic.

This happens in 0.5% of cases. Does not require treatment also mild viral herpes zoster, examples of which you see in the photo.

Why do I think that some do not have to be treated? The fact that the immunity in a healthy adult is able to contain the infection.

If you have herpes zoster, it means you long ago, had chicken pox, and it means that you already have immunity against the virus, just for some reason it is out of date. Relapse will revive him and make to work again. By the way, herpes zoster can only happen one time in your life.

But in the elderly individuals, young children and individuals with immunodeficiency the immune system is working well enough, so it can not contain the virus-provocateur (that’s called Zostera, or 3 a type of herpesvirus).

This will likely develop different types of complications, which can even be fatal.

In the course of communication with the patient, I have listed a group of people who definitely need to treat the virus herpes zoster. It is part of one of the groups. Want to know what kind of people?

Treatment for herpes encircling required:

  • people with immunodeficiency, for example HIV-infected and AIDS patients;
  • elderly persons, particularly those aged 50 years;
  • individuals who have herpes has become generalized, and therefore, complicated;
  • people with other complications – damage to the eyes, internal organs, Central nervous system, meninges.
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The right treatment gives the following results:

  • significantly reduces the symptoms;
  • shortens the duration of the disease;
  • eliminates neuralgia, which is a common companion of herpes zoster;
  • reduces the risk of diverse complications.

Here we dealt with the appropriateness of therapy. Of course, its 50-year-old patient the treatment I prescribed, as it is included in the risk group and has a high probability of complications.

And thankfully, she agreed, as I realized that it is really necessary.

What means are used to combat herpes ringworm now?

We want you to please, the treatment is performed outpatient in the home. It is easiest to treat if the symptoms are standard and located on the skin on the body.

Therapy must be comprehensive and competent, so I recommend you to pick it up yourself! If you decide to be treated, be sure to go to the doctor (dermatologist, for example) and pick up drugs with him.

I prescribe to their patients such medications:

  • Protivovirusnye on the basis of Acyclovir, Valaciclovir, Penciclovir. These medicines fight directly with the virus and block its activity, thereby the progression of the disease stops.
  • Local medicines are often antiviral, protivozudnoe, pain ointment.
  • Drugs to combat additional symptoms – high fever, intoxication, and neuralgia.
  • Лечение опоясывающего герпеса (в том числе в домашних условиях народными средствами)Once you come to the doctor, problems can be diagnosed without testing, as herpes zoster is diagnosed without any problems visually. It is difficult to confuse with other diseases.

    Modern treatment acts fast enough – if you follow all the medical recommendations, you will get rid of symptoms for one to two weeks.

    While antiviral therapy you will take just 5-10 days, as longer. Painkillers can be drunk longer due to the fact that postherpetic neuralgia lasts a long time (in some patients up to a year).

    Basic rules of treatment

    Strict rules there, but I recommend you for the entire period of treatment to go on a diet. Eliminate from the diet all harmful and allergenic products, as well as abstain from alcohol, because antiviral medication is strictly incompatible with it.

    Pills advisable to drink at the same time, with copious amounts of water. If there are side effects such as gastrointestinal disorders, then stop taking the drug and contact your specialist. He will change the medicine or dosage podkorrektirovatj.

    What drugs have an antiviral effect and how they are made?

    His patient, mentioned in the beginning of the article, I was prescribed Acyclovir. It is relatively affordable and easily accepted, and has reliable, proven effect.

    Except it can be assigned to other antiviral. It all depends on your body and your susceptibility of herpes viruses. Let’s look at the regimens of the most popular antiviral drugs:

  • Acyclovir and its analogs in the form of Zovirax, Sivaraksa etc. Taken orally 0.2 g 5 times a day. There is a similar tablets of 0.4 g each, they need to drink one three times a day. If the infection is complicated, then accepted 0.8 g 5 times a day.
  • Valacyclovir – now in the pharmacy you most likely will not find, but find he needs therapy with valtrex – analogue. These drugs are more effective as part of Acyclovir, but rather do they have a more aggressive side, so, if possible, assigns it to the previous one. He needs therapy with valtrex is taken by a 1 g every 8 hours throughout the week.
  • Famciclovir is an improved version of Penciclovir. In the case of herpes zoster is assigned to 0.5 g every 8 hours throughout the week. Dosage for treatment of infection in older people can vary.
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    Note that antiviral drugs are effective because toxic. Therefore, by accepting them, you can face with side effects in the form of:

    • nausea;
    • headache;
    • violations of the functioning of the kidneys and liver;
    • an allergic skin reaction.

    Most often side effects occur in children, which, incidentally, also face the herpetic ringworm, so children up to 12 years antiviral almost never assigned.

    Small children and people who are not antiviral that is prescribed only symptomatic treatment local medication and drugs against temperature, intoxication, etc.

    Local and symptomatic treatment of herpes zoster

    For local treatment I recommend to use the ointment:

    • From her very much;
    • ointment Novocaine and Lidocaine;
    • Capsaicin ointment.

    Лечение опоясывающего герпеса (в том числе в домашних условиях народными средствами)These drugs are applied directly on the rash at least three times a day.

    During application be sure to use disposable instruments, for example, cotton pads or cosmetic sticks.

    Touch rash hands is impossible! Why? First, you will bring the bacterial infection, and secondly, it will spread the herpes virus throughout the body, as it is present inside of the rash in the liquid.

    If there are additional symptoms such as pain, itching, temperature, toxicity, irritability and weakness, then you need to take drugs such as:

    • analgesics, for example, relatively safe and generic Ibuprofen;
    • Nikofleks – system analogicaly ointments;
    • against neuralgia — Tebantin, Gabagamma, Neurontin on the basis of the gabapentin – anticonvulsant;
    • antidepressants and sedatives – Valerian,Nortriptyline and Amitriptyline.

    If your herpes zoster jumped on your face and you want to disguise it, then don’t use makeup, but better stick to the rash special patch with Lidocaine.

    It will not only disguise, but will numb the inflamed area, so you will be able to live a normal life during illness. By the way, my 50-year-old patient is such a case. She wears the above patches and she likes the effect.

    Is it possible to cure this problem folk remedies?

    As a doctor, I am not a fan of alternative medicine, but do not dispute the fact that some folk remedies against herpes zoster is really effective.

    If you want to try the popular treatment, then first talk to your doctor to tell if you use it, and then you can try these tools:

    • wormwood tincture for compresses on the affected area;
    • a decoction of Helichrysum, which is used in the same way as wormwood;
    • a decoction of peppermint and tincture of burdock (also to compress).
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    These folk medicines should ease the pain and accelerate the healing process of herpes rash. To be honest, I never used it because it was not necessary, thankfully, but my patients who have tried them were satisfied with the result.

    What if herpes zoster happen in a pregnant? How to treat?

    This also sometimes happens due to the fact that the immunity of a pregnant woman is weakened to prevent rejection of the fetus. Pregnant women antiviral are prescribed in individualized dosages and only in the case if the risk is less.

    Лечение опоясывающего герпеса (в том числе в домашних условиях народными средствами)Recall that these drugs are very toxic, so doctors use every opportunity to do without them.

    By the way, on this website you can read information about what cold sores for pregnant threat.

    This is true, but herpes zoster is considered less dangerous than the cytomegalovirus, for example.

    So if you have a relapse of chicken pox in pregnant, do not panic because most likely it is rapidly and completely pass without any consequences for the expectant mother and her baby.

    The most unpleasant symptom of herpes zoster is a recurrence of chickenpox is neuralgia. Let’s pay more attention to her.

    Treatment of herpetic neuralgia: how to get rid of excruciating pain?

    Against this symptom are oral painkillers. I have to say, to treat neuralgia long.

    Some of my patients it lasts years and even more. It is an autoimmune disorder that will pass, but how much time it will take, no one will tell you.

    Statistics says that in older people after the age of 50 years neuralgia lasts up to a year (at least 80% of the patients), and young people takes place in a couple of months and faster.

    Lately people who have herpeslike often gives relapses, there is a vaccine Zostavax with preventive action.

    It significantly reduces the risk of recurrence of the chicken pox and eliminates the chance of developing herpetic neuralgia.

    That’s all, my dear readers! Don’t be afraid to treat herpes zoster, because at the present time it can be eliminated quickly and painlessly.

    I hope you liked the article, and if so, then share the read with your friends on social networks and subscribe to site updates. I wish you good health! Up to new meetings!

    Author: Victoria Omelchenko (dermatologist)