The treatment of lichen iodine: how effective is this method?

Лечение лишая йодом: эффективен ли такой метод применения?Welcome to our website! You suffer from depression and do not know how to cope with this disease?

So, what is ringworm and is it possible to get rid of him with such known and universal means as iodine?

Ringworm is a group of skin pathologies that unite similar symptoms. The nature and course of these diseases are completely different.

In order to understand what types of lichen can be treated with iodine, let’s look at each one individually and find out whether there is a form of the disease, passing from the iodine, or it may only make things worse?

Manifestations of the disease are similar, in that the basic forms are expressed pink and red spots or nodules.

Some have a rash characterized by fluid inside the pimples. All the shingles are treated in completely different ways using completely different methods.

The drug iodine

For the beginning we with you will be useful information about what iodine. Its pharmacological action on the skin is characterized by antimicrobial properties.

Лечение лишая йодом: эффективен ли такой метод применения?

For the whole organism, this drug is still involved in the synthesis of thyroxine and strengthens the processes of degradation of organic substances.

But in this case we will consider that action against harmful microbes and fungal microflora.

How to apply it?

Externally it is used as an antiseptic that disinfects inflammation on the epidermis and mucous membranes.

Produced five and ten percent solution and applied topically as a treatment the sore spot or area of inflammation twice a day.

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Pure iodine is almost nonexistent. It is produced only in Japan and Chile. For our country more accustomed to this component of marine algae, sea water and oil drilling water. In the composition of the medicinal iodine is alcohol.

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Лечение лишая йодом: эффективен ли такой метод применения?Despite the wide range of diseases treatable with iodine, it has a lot of caveats to the application, including pregnancy.

Also possible overdoses, which is expressed in irritation and iodism. But in General, the drug is effective and used in medicine for many decades.

If it does anything for skin pathologies?

Let’s start with the fact that the blisters are quite different caused by various bacteria or internal factors.

  • Pityriasis rosea is a disease that occurs more often in women at a young age. In children and in men, it happens much less frequently. Reasons of its appearance are really scientists and not clear, but there are several versions, which still starts the illness: is hypothermia in the skin or insect bites. The presence of maternal spots suggests that the disease is contagious, and in the early days is accompanied by General malaise. Then the number of plaques increases and the patient feels better. Dermatologists recommend not to treat pityriasis rosea nothing but the possible overuse of decongestants in cases of severe itching. Outdoor therapy for this disease just is contraindicated and iodine there can prevent, almost causing a relapse or worsening condition of the skin.
  • Pityriasis versicolor is a multi – colored skin lesions, in which bright spots eventually darken, and dark – lighter. Then they grow and merge into one. This pathology is caused by a fungus and appears in person with excessive sweating of body folds. It is usually treated with antifungal drugs inward and outward. The use of iodine as an antifungal therapy is possible. Apply it on the stain twice a day. When applied perhaps burning and tingling sore spot. Please note that the use of drugs in disease should control the dermatologist.
  • Shingles is caused by the herpes virus, and infecting them exposed to people who have not had chickenpox. After the age of sixty years even with a history of chickenpox, shingles can occur on the background of low immunity and other age-related diseases. At occurrence of red pimples on back and chest filled with fluid, you need to urgently visit a doctor. It is a complex disease need to be treated within three days to avoid serious complications. Therapy in this case consists of antiviral drugs and iodine here will not play any role.
  • Ringworm is the most distributed skin disease. It can be obtained both from humans and from animal and is the fringed spot with the peeling inside. As the disease the plaque that is covered with scales, crust, and maybe weeping. Treatment for ringworm is assigned to the following:
    • all hair is removed from the inflammation;
    • morning treatment the affected part with iodine;
    • in the evening – antifungal ointment.
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    Лечение лишая йодом: эффективен ли такой метод применения?There are several forms of lichen, iodine in the treatment regimen which is not applied. How to check if a given drug is only one advice: to consult a dermatologist.

    Only a qualified specialist can accurately identify the nature of the lesion and tell whether there to help the tool or not.

    Thus we see that the treatment of lichen iodine perhaps, but not in all manifestations of the disease. For some forms it is contraindicated, while others will have no effect.

    Therapy of skin diseases in any case should not be separate, but must — be accompanied by a physician.

    As ringworm, for example, requires a weekly test of the scales on the subject of detection of the fungus.

    And even after the negative analysis in a few weeks the antifungal drugs need to be taken.

    In conclusion we may emphasize that ringworm is an odd disease that can affect everyone, regardless of contacts with patients.

    First of all, the leading role played by the General condition of the body and immune system. Only when the normal resistance to the risk of infection will be minimized.

    To avoid this problem it is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle and to avoid stress. It is important to observe the rules of hygiene and do not use personal items with someone else.

    Upon detection of the slightest similar symptoms in his body, it is necessary to immediately consult a dermatologist and continue to follow only the instructions of the doctor.

    Any disease much easier to prevent, than then long to get rid of it. And we know that recovery from the disease occurs within a few months.

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    And in conclusion, I recommend you to watch one of the episodes of the famous Dr. Komarovsky, where you spoke about our facility:

    Take care of yourself and be healthy!