The treatment of warts, especially the use of the drug for better effect

Левомеколь от кондилом: особенности применения препарата для лучшего эффектаHello, dear readers of a blog about the warts! Today I will tell you about the treatment with ointment levomikol as from warts.

If the body is actively raging virus, will be effective only comprehensive treatment, local methods are not enough.

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Treatment and application

The throat pain is a complex drug which includes the antibiotic chloramphenicol and immunostimulating substance methyluracil.

Bacteriostatic effect due to inhibition of protein biosynthesis in the cell. Resistance of microorganisms to the drug occurs slowly.

Methyluracil participates in the process of exchange of nucleic acids, has a positive impact on the regeneration of tissues, has anti-inflammatory effects. The materials are the polyethylene oxides which have a dehydrating effect.

Левомеколь от кондилом: особенности применения препарата для лучшего эффектаThe ointment is used topically for external genital warts. You need to apply it directly on each individual warts using a special plastic applicator twice a day over several days with further break in 4 days.

Treatment should continue until the complete disappearance of formations. The total treatment period should not exceed five weeks.

Before using to protect the skin and mucosa around the growths should treat the skin neutral creams.

In the process, you should always use a plastic applicator to ensure that the loop was completely filled with liquid.

Левомеколь от кондилом: особенности применения препарата для лучшего эффектаAfter buttering is necessary to dry the site of application. You need to be very careful when spread formations in the area of the foreskin.

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If there is swelling, glucocorticoids are used for local treatment. With the aim of reducing the risk of systemic exposure to the surface to be treated should not exceed 10 cm.

The amount of the used solution should not be higher than 0.5 ml per day. The application of the ointment is carried out also in a complex with other means.

For example, you can first process growths chlorhexidine, then to cauterize the growths iodine and the affected area to lubricate will levomekol.

First, they swell a little, then turn white and disappear. Appropriate diagnosis and joint treatment of both sexual partners.

Side effects

Can occur local reaction to the drug, such as redness, pain, burning, expression of the epithelium of education, puffiness. Systemic effects, such as nausea, dizziness.

The postoperative period

Левомеколь от кондилом: особенности применения препарата для лучшего эффектаAfter removing the first few days it is recommended to use the ointment levomekol before the formation of the solid crust and falling off the growth.

The first month you can not float the skin, that is to take a bath and only shower. In addition, you must avoid direct sunlight to the place where was carried out the intervention until complete healing.

When exposure to the sun is to use sunscreen. After a few days the resulting stain after the exposure operation, successfully coming off a crust. The most important is the observance of all medical recommendations.

If you do not treat the pathology, education may not change, may increase significantly in size or just disappear.

Scientists have proved that no therapy will be effective if no action is taken for the treatment of these warts.

All types of therapy, both local and surgical treatment have their pros and cons. The advantages and performance of each of them should be compared with its side effects and cost:

  • The treatment process usually requires multiple sessions, not one;
  • Warts in the interaction with the humid environment often respond better to medications that are used for this part, for example, creams or acid;
  • On dry skin education respond better to freezing or surgically removed;
  • The freeze applies if the growths are clearly visible and occupy a small area. In order to remove all of education may require re-treatment;
  • The effect of surgical intervention depends on the number of growths. The percentage of effectiveness is large enough and the secondary therapy is unlikely to be needed if were removed by the multiple furrows. If they are located in certain small areas, surgery is not needed. Surgery you may need pain relief;
  • Small growths can be cured much faster with the use of cryotherapy or surgically;
  • Medicines for topical application, such as a nasal spray, applied in the presence of extensive warts, which occupy a large surface.
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Remember that warts are successfully treated with the correct tactics of treatment. Good day, dear readers!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)