The wart on the nose: why does it appear and how to treat?

Бородавка на носу: почему появляется и как лечить?Hello dear visitors of our site! Every person at least once in his life faced with a problem like warts on the skin of the body.

Often women and men find themselves face soft tumors that cause physical and mental discomfort.

In this publication I want to tell about how correctly to behave in such a situation, so as not to harm your health.

What are warts and why they appear?

Бородавка на носу: почему появляется и как лечить?The answer to this question wants to know every patient personally faced with such a problem. To be honest, that causes benign tumors on the skin of the body can be a variety of factors, given the human papillomavirus, senile changes, hormonal and immune status.

From causes that triggered the disease depends directly on the method of their treatment. According to dermatologists, a common reason for the appearance of warts around or under the nose, may be a trivial noncompliance with rules of personal hygiene.

Lack of regular hygiene procedures, the use of the same towels all members of the family, the use of substandard cosmetics, increases the risk of warts on the face at times.

Very often, the tumors appear on the nasal septum diabetes, in women during menopause or pregnancy, the child, often ill with viral diseases.

Clearly, the diagnosis and treatment of any skin diseases should engage a qualified dermatologist.

Many would argue that our grandmothers successfully get rid of skin growths incantations and folk remedies.

Denying the effectiveness of traditional medicine, I will not, I can only say that to use the various healing drugs after consultation with an experienced dermatologist.

Do not neglect this advice, because in our time, a benign warts can degenerate into malignancy, wrong care or treatment.

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So, wondering how to get rid of flat or raised warts, you first need to think about your health and not about appearance.

How to remove a wart on your nose?

Бородавка на носу: почему появляется и как лечить?The modern pharmaceutical industry offers a variety of funds to get rid of growths on the body, including the skin.

The danger of cauterizing of all drugs that, when applied to healthy skin, they can cause extensive skin burns with subsequent scarring (see photo).

In order not to harm their health, every patient who considers removal of warts at home should know in which cases the removal of contraindicated in:

  • with the progression of the pathological process;
  • if the wart on your nose changed its color;
  • if a growth in the nose or on the surface causes pain or is bleeding.

Before removing a soft tumor, it is necessary to ascertain the reason for its appearance and look. To do this, a qualified doctor will examine, if necessary, prescribe a biopsy and Dermoscopy to verify the accuracy of diagnosis and the possibility of safe disposal.

The most effective methods of wart removal on nose

All methods used to remove growths on the skin can be divided into several types:

  • radical removal;
  • local medical treatment;
  • traditional medicine.

Every patient wants to know is it possible to remove and how to remove these structures once and for all. A definite answer to this question can give only a doctor, but I want to say that the most effective way to apply radical methods of disposal:

  • laser removal;
  • cryotherapy;
  • chemical cauterization;
  • surgical excision.

Бородавка на носу: почему появляется и как лечить?The most effective and safe method to modern medicine is considered laser removal, which allows you to remove as outdoor education and the root of the wart.

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For a complete cure enough to hold one course of therapy. If the papilloma is near the nose increases in size, or there is another nearby, then the procedure is performed under local anesthesia.

In the place of the removed build-up forms a scab, under which there is a new young layer of the skin. To regeneration processes were faster and more active, it is recommended to use topical treatment that is based on the antiviral and healing liniments.

How to remove a papilloma on the inside of the nose is clear, but how to prevent the formation of new elements, you ask.

With this purpose it is necessary every day to take care of your health, strengthening the immune system and saturating the body with vitamins.

Traditional treatments

Бородавка на носу: почему появляется и как лечить?Folk healers know many ways to treat this disease. Some of them are based on the use of medicinal herbs such as celandine, Golden mustache, fruits of mountain ash.

But there are more interesting and unusual methods of treatment. For example, there is a sign associated with Chetvergova (Easter) egg.

If this egg to christen every wart, saying the words, then soon you can forget about the problem:

Warts, get off of my body, Havanska on mountain run, on the tree go dry in the mosses and swamps from me in a hurry. Lord God, art my helper, in you alone I trust, save bozhego servant (name) from the pain and sorrow of the people and speeches of the evil evil plan and warts. Now and ever. Amen. (3 times).

As claimed by the folk healers, the most powerful and effective conspiracies for health was delivered on the eve or on the very religious holiday, such as Christmas, Carnival, Easter.

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Many herbalists and healers used the magical properties of the moon in the treatment of warts, which means the necessity of pronouncing the prayers and incantations in a certain phase of the lunar cycle.

So, the rising Moon is a suitable period for conducting the ritual: going out at night to the crossroads, take a match and hold it on the wart, after which a match stick in the potato, uttering these words:

One match is one of the wart.

Such action is carried out on each element, then throw the potato over your shoulder at the intersection, not turning around, going home.

Warts on the body – an unpleasant illness how to get rid of it – a private matter of the patient. I want to remind everyone that health is a priceless gift that must be protected.

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)