Tick-borne dermatitis: how to treat inflamed skin?

Клещевой дерматит: чем обработать воспаленные участки кожи?Hello our dear readers! A dog at home is not only fun, but also responsibility.

After all, the health and cleanliness of our Pets you need to follow especially carefully. Some animal diseases can directly or indirectly affect their hosts.

Now we’ll tell you about when skin problems can occur due to animal — or rather, ticks that are brought into my house your Pets.

Tick-borne dermatitis – this kind of disease, which is caused by the bite of a person by gamazova mites.

The fact that these mites do not attach themselves to humans, and do not form grooves beneath the skin, as with scabies. They just drink the blood.

After animal bite of the tick on the body is formed a rash, redness and itching. Usually rashes are located on areas where thin skin:

  • at the joints of the hands and feet;
  • in the groin area;
  • in the armpits.

We picked up the photos, which show classical symptoms of the disease.

The main symptoms

First after the tick bite will have the sensation that something is tickling the skin. Later there will be itching and redness. Eventually, the itching will become unbearable. As soon as you feel such symptoms, should immediately consult a doctor.


Клещевой дерматит: чем обработать воспаленные участки кожи?As soon as the doctor confirms the presence of this disease, it is necessary to treat the sore spots of green paint or furcation.

Within two weeks the itching and irritation will disappear. Use protivozastojnye means with this ailment is not considered appropriate.

Will be very useful treatment of the affected area insect repellents, for example, «Muscicola».

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The risk of tick bite is the possible infection of more dangerous problems:

  • rat fever;
  • staph;
  • various viral infections.

Treatment will not bring any effect, if not to conduct a survey to detect the source of living parasites followed by its elimination.

Typically, this involved a special health station. Look around window frames, cracks and the places in the house where your pet sleeps.

When it comes to rat dermatitis is slightly more difficult. First of all you need to find a congestion where they live and breed rodents.

With the help of a sanstantion to destroy and disinfect all approaches to your home. Then completely eliminate the contact of the patient with possible parasites. And of course, to continue the treatment of wounds.

If the child got sick?

Клещевой дерматит: чем обработать воспаленные участки кожи?It is particularly difficult to be treated this disease in children. They are more susceptible to avian tick-borne dermatitis.

Suspicious symptoms in the child should immediately consult a doctor for accurate diagnosis and further tests to exclude infection, and more insidious complications.

In conclusion, we can say that, mite dermatitis may occur in anyone. This disease does not discriminate by heredity, tendency to allergies and resistance.

It is important to detect the source and to save the insect (probably need additional study).

After, you need to contact the experts to eliminate the source habitat. If a tick got on you from your pet – be sure to thoroughly check it for any.

Better to do it the vet. The skin should be treated with brilliant green, and even the doctor will prescribe an ointment that relieves itching and inflammation. Take care of yourself!