Tincture from vitiligo: the rules application and feedback of patients

Greetings, dear friends! Traditional treatment vitiligo often does not give the desired result. So against this disease it’s better to use folk remedies. After reading the article, you will learn what are the most effective tinctures from vitiligo recommends alternative medicine.

The principle of alternative remedies for vitiligo

Discolored spots appear on those parts of the skin which for certain reasons, stopped producing the pigment melanin. Stopping the production of coloring pigment of the skin can a variety of factors:

  • stress;
  • climate change;
  • poor diet and bad habits;
  • autoimmune disorders;
  • diseases of the internal organs and glands, especially the thyroid.

To defeat the disease, you must restore the production of melanin in discolored parts of the skin. For this you need to get rid of comorbidities and regulate metabolism. Help make this tincture for oral and applying topically.

Настойки от витилиго: правила применения и отзывы пациентовNatural ingredients in the tinctures act on the body in different ways.

Some substances rid of diseases of the glands, others strengthen the immune system, restore the work of the digestive tract. There’s still soothing infusions, rejuvenating the nervous system.

Tinctures are convenient because they can be made at home, from affordable ingredients. Let’s look at the most effective recipes against vitiligo, earned the maximum number of positive reviews.

Treatment of depigmentation St. John’s wort

This herb can be bought in dried form or prepare their own summer.

St. John’s wort increases the sensitivity of the epidermis to ultraviolet sunlight. The result is spots literally sunbathe and acquire a natural color.

Tincture of St. John’s wort is prepared as follows:

  • take 50 g of dry grass (buy or gather and dry your own);
  • pour grass vodka 0.5 l;
  • put it in a dark room for 2-3 weeks;
  • periodically stir the infusion;
  • after cooking, carefully strain, and apply.
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Настойки от витилиго: правила применения и отзывы пациентовTake this product orally 15-40 drops (depending on age) per day. To make it easier to drink the medicine can dilute it with water.

Even this remedy can be applied topically — to apply as a compress on the spot (the exposure time is half hour), and then go out in the sun.

Treatment with St. John’s wort is recommended for the month and then take a week break and repeat the course. So to completely get rid of vitiligo. A similar scheme of treatment is recommended for other folk remedies listed below.

Red pepper from depigmentation

Popular tincture of red pepper. To prepare it you need:

  • 6 dry pods pour vodka 0,5 l;
  • a container of medication close tightly, wrap with fabric that blocks out the light and leave for 25 days;
  • daily shake the pot.

After exposure of the medication, remove the pepper. Apply it topically — rubbed into the stain for 5-7 minutes daily. The skin will burn, as the pepper irritates it.

Due to this effect and increased blood flow, discolored spots are saturated in nutrients, restores the production of melanin.

Duckweed vs vitiligo

Настойки от витилиго: правила применения и отзывы пациентов

Means on the basis of duckweed tend to recommend suffering from vitiligo. The duckweed tincture is prepared as follows:

  • 4 tablespoons spoon crushed raw duckweed fill it with vodka or 40% alcohol, 0,5 l;
  • a container of medication, close tightly and place on a week in a cool dark place.

Tincture is recommended to drink 15-25 drops twice a day one hour before meals. It can be dilluted with water or tea.

Treatment of depigmentation dandelion

Настойки от витилиго: правила применения и отзывы пациентов

Dandelion is a common plant, so you can find it in every village. For the treatment of disturbed pigmentation will be the root. Folk medicine of dandelion:

  • 10 g of root pour vodka in the amount of 250 ml;
  • insist 2 weeks in a dark place;
  • periodically shake.
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Finished medicine is orally administered at 5 drops three times a day. From dandelion root can be cooked an additional tool for outdoor use.

To do this, grind the root and add three parts of honey (take any flower). A mixture of grease stains, then go out in the sun.

Getting rid of vitiligo with walnut

Настойки от витилиго: правила применения и отзывы пациентов

For the preparation of such medicine will need fresh walnut leaves. Tincture is prepared as follows:

  • fill leaves a third of the banks, and the rest of the space fill it with vodka;
  • keep a container of tincture in a dark place for a week.

The resulting tool should be lubricated each spot twice a day, and then taking a sun «bath». The walnut gives the skin a light shade resembling a tan. Natural dye in its composition is resistant, absorbs quickly, and then not dirty.

Propolis for vitiligo

Настойки от витилиго: правила применения и отзывы пациентов

Tincture on the basis of propolis use for the treatment of spots and for oral administration as strengthening the immune system tool. You can cook it like this:

  • 10 g of propolis grate on fine grater;
  • Medical 90 ml 70% alcohol, heat on a water bath (to boil not to bring!);
  • dissolve the propolis in alcohol, then strain the cure and pour it into dark glass container.

To strengthen the immune system, it is recommended to drink 15 drops folk remedy an hour before Breakfast. The medicine can be diluted with water. External use is in the treatment of depigmented patches.

Chlormethine hydrochloride or «Yansuan Danjie Ding» Chinese tincture

Настойки от витилиго: правила применения и отзывы пациентовThe drug «Yansuan Danjie Ding» can be purchased via the Internet. Its main components is chlormethine hydrochloride. This substance increases blood, triggers the production of melanin in discolored parts of the skin, evens the epidermis.

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Ready tincture is the best option for those who do not get or have no desire to cook popular drugs themselves.

Affordable price, high efficacy against vitiligo, a lot of positive reviews are the main characteristics of Chinese bitters «Yansuan Danjie Ding».

The medication is applied twice a day external image is applied to the discolored spots with the help of cotton. When applied you feel a slight burning sensation and heat. This is a normal effect.

Before applying, review the list of contraindications, among which the main one is individual intolerance.

Now you know what bitters cured depigmentation of the skin. Article you can share with friends and acquaintances from social networks. Subscribe to site updates and visit us often. Up to new meetings!

Author: Victoria Omelchenko (dermatologist)