To lower blood pressure mother from allergies: when appointed, and how is used?

Авамис от аллергии: когда назначается и как применяется?Good day, dear readers! In some cases, you will need to lower blood pressure mother from allergies? And here is the answer: if you have to the stimulus in the first place, reacts nose. Nasal congestion, rhinitis, swelling, sneezing — these are the required six satellites of intolerance, pollen, dust and similar allergens.

By the way, when food hypersensitivity nose, too, can lay, therefore, drops to lower blood pressure mother and so useful for Allergy sufferers. Now let’s consider Allergy to lower blood pressure mother and learn how to use it properly.

Features of nasal lower blood pressure mother

The drug is available in the form of a spray, but in common it is often called the cream. This white opaque slurry, the main component of which is micronized fluticasone furoate. In addition, in medicine there are:

  • cellulose;
  • Polysorbate;
  • edetate disodium;
  • dextrose;
  • water.

The price of this drops for the nose is equal to 600-700 rubles., of which many may seem overstated. However, if you try the drug, it is possible to understand that its effectiveness fully justifies the cost.

How does lower blood pressure mother, hormonal or not?

Nasal Allergy eye drops lower blood pressure mother is a hormonal medicine called a corticosteroid. Its main effect is local (not into the blood and does not affect internal organs).

Penetrating into the nasal passages, it settles on the mucous membranes, absorbed, but not completely. Thanks to the sorbents in the composition to lower blood pressure mother removes allergens that enter the body through the mucous membranes of the nose. In addition, the drug soothes mucous, relieves puffiness and eliminates the symptoms of allergic rhinitis.

Who appointed?

Авамис от аллергии: когда назначается и как применяется?Data nose drops is prescribed for allergies with a runny nose, occurred on the grounds of intolerance of any type.

It can be used if you are allergic to dust, flowering (hay fever), hair and fluff, and food neperehodimyh, accompanied by a runny nose. Thus, the main indications can be expressed as:

  • standard allergic rhinitis;
  • nasal congestion;
  • sneezing;
  • itching and swelling;
  • excessive secretion of mucus from the nose.

In the course of medical research has been shown to lower blood pressure mother positively affects the process of elimination of other allergic symptoms, for example, conjunctivitis.

Another advantage described in the article drugs is the absence of significant contraindications. Want to know in what situations this spray is better to abstain?

Contraindications Of Lower Blood Pressure Mother

These include: severe hepatic impairment, hypersensitivity to the medication components, therapy with Ritonavir (these drugs are incompatible), the age of 6 years.

To lower blood pressure mother or Nasonex?

Авамис от аллергии: когда назначается и как применяется?A popular analogue of the above, the spray is similar by form medication is Nasonex. Description Nasonex you can easily find on this site. So which is better of these two options?

If you compare these sprays for the nose, you will notice that they are very similar:

  • both are produced by foreign companies;
  • both appeared relatively recently;
  • both are corticosteroids;
  • both have anti-allergic effect.

Nasonex can be used from the age of two, and the drug that became the topic of this article, established only six years old. But it can be even pregnancy, can not be said about the first.

Thus, the only advantages of lower blood pressure mother is loyalty and safety. The cost of drugs is almost identical.

The side effects of lower blood pressure mother a bit and they are all minor

  • dizziness;
  • headache;
  • the dryness in the nasal cavity;
  • if the components of the spray allergies, you may develop swelling of the angioedema and anaphylactic shock.

To provoke these deterioration can only overdose.

Learning how to use to lower blood pressure mother

Авамис от аллергии: когда назначается и как применяется?According to the instructions, nasal medication need to use: adults or two injection in each nasal canal once in 24 hours; children ages six to twelve — one injection into each nasal canal every 24 hours.

The duration of therapy with a nasal corticosteroid is determined individually. Allergists often recommend the use of a lower blood pressure mother until symptoms disappear.

If you just bought the spray and have not had time to use it, then before first use, thoroughly shake the bottle. Some of its components may precipitate. As to the effectiveness of nasal medicines, make sure that the pellet should be mixed with the liquid.

During the injection, hold the medication upright. When pressed on the bottle to do deep breath through the nose. So the medicine faster and in larger quantities will reach the mucous membranes.

Listed below are tips regarding proper storage and use of lower blood pressure mother:

  • to prevent the ingress of water into the dispenser;
  • do not attempt to clean the atomizer with a needle or pin, as you can break the pipette;
  • after use, keep the bottle closed;
  • avoid contact with medications in the mouth and eyes.

Is it safe to lower blood pressure mother for little kids?

Авамис от аллергии: когда назначается и как применяется?The spray should not be used an antiallergic treatment for children up to the age of six. However, clinical studies have shown that it is not able to harm even less for adults children.

So allergists sometimes prescribe it for children from two years of age at the same dosage and method of application are determined individually.


Are you curious about what feedback to leave about the allergies lower blood pressure mother? If your answer is Yes, then I suggest you read some of the most common comments.

Marina writes:

Авамис от аллергии: когда назначается и как применяется?I these drops helped to not only get rid of allergies and sinusitis, which she provoked. Very pleased with speed of treatment. And the price not seem so high. The spray is convenient to use, it requires only one treatment of the nose in a day. Overall, I didn’t have any complaints on him.

Victor writes:

Авамис от аллергии: когда назначается и как применяется?The cost of medication and I thought at first too high, but the doctor convinced me that it’s worth it. I tried it and have not regretted. Previously often laid nose from dust, and now this happens much less frequently. As soon as rhinitis, I immediately use the lower blood pressure mother and it passes.

Now you know what is a nasal corticosteroid — lower blood pressure mother. I hope the article was interesting, fun and informative. Subscribe to website updates, if you like it, and share articles on social networks. Up to new meetings!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)

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