Tool for the removal of acne: tips for effective use

Getting rid of acne and blackheads with the help of a miracle-devices makes the procedure quick, affordable and less traumatic. Tool for acne removal is used as in the home, and a reception at the beautician. Features of the application we consider in this article.

The content of the article

  • Basic tools
  • Cosmetology extractor
  • Combined spoon UNO
  • Cosmetology spear
  • Skimmer
  • Curette
  • Where can I buy
  • The features of the tools
  • Tools with mesh
  • Spoon UNO
  • Tools with needle Vidal
  • Brush
  • Steps after removing the pimple
  • The benefits of using cosmetic devices
  • Rules maintenance tools
  • Prevention of acne
  • Video
  • Basic tools

    There are several types of devices that can be used simultaneously in different directions:

  • cosmetology extractor (loop with needle Vidal at the ends);
  • combined spoon UNO;
  • cosmetology spear;
  • skimmer;
  • curette;
  • brush.
  • Each of the devices can have different combinations of tips. They can be individualized as needed. All tools are made of medical steel, do not rust, are adapted to frequent treatment and disinfection.

    Cosmetology extractor

    Visual tool is a metal handle, both ends of which are threaded. Thread-mounted small devices, with the ability to be removed and screwed onto the handle. It can be two of the same loop or combination of loops with a spear (needle Vidal).

    If the extractor has two loops, the diameter differs with each other. This allows you to use the tool to people with individual characteristics of pathological lesions. Metal handle itself can also vary in size and diameter. Located in the middle of the notches, which reduce slipping of the device in the hand during the cleaning of the face.

    Combined spoon UNO

    Double sided metal tool used to remove acne and comedones. One end it is equipped with a small spoon in the center of which is a hole. Other small sieve. A strainer is used to fight acne, spoon removes the contents of a single pimple.

    Cosmetology spear

    A small tool used to remove blackheads, acne, boils. Has a handle and a sharp point in the form of a spear made of medical steel. The spear is resistant to corrosion, the treatment with disinfectant solutions, sterilization by any possible means.


    The device resembles a kitchen skimmer – a small spoon with lots of holes. Used for the following purposes:

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  • face cleaning;
  • care ear shells;
  • remove acne on forehead, chin, nose;
  • the fight against comedones.
  • Curette

    Performs the same function as a cosmetic loop, but due to the wide bezel is less traumatic for the skin during facial cleansing.

    Инструмент для удаления прыщей: правила эффективного применения

    Where can I buy

    To buy all necessary beauty devices at the pharmacy (medical instrument), medical equipment stores, regular stores, has a profile in the field of cosmetology, as well as on Internet sites.

    It is advisable to purchase tools from suppliers who deal exclusively with medical equipment. In this case, the risk of buying devices from defective material will be low, and you can visually assess the condition of cosmetic items.

    Online stores offer lower prices due to not having to pay rent and wages to staff. When you select this method of purchase preference should be given to proven suppliers.

    The features of the tools

    Certain rules and benefits of using each tool for removing pimples. How to use them consider further.

    Tools with mesh

    Removes impurities from the pores, and the contents of the pimples that are located at different depths. The effectiveness of actions against the elements is dense in consistency.

    1. The antibacterial cleansing lotion or gel cleanser.
    2. Decoupling of the pathological zones to do the maximum extension since.
    3. Processing of hands and tools with ethyl alcohol or a special disinfectant gels.
    4. The loop is superimposed on top of the selected zit, so that it was located exactly in the center.
    5. A little effort to flatten the loop, so the contents of the pathological elements came to the surface.
    6. Treating the spot with an antiseptic solution.

    Do not squeeze the pimples with your hands (especially dirty!). This will lead to the spread of the inflammatory process and cicatricial changes in the skin.

    Инструмент для удаления прыщей: правила эффективного применения

    Spoon UNO

    After treatment with antibacterial agents and steaming areas that require cleansing, spoon with one hole in the center superimposed on a pimple. After a little pressing device is put aside, sliding motion. This allows you to capture appeared out content and leave it in the spoon. Cleaned items should be treated with antiseptic.

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    Tools with needle Vidal

    Effective means to combat small white pimples resembling millet, and deep pathological lesions.

    1. The cleaning zone for stew and treated with antiseptic.
    2. Hands and the tool handle disinfectants.
    3. Pierce the pimple with the needle.
    4. The second end fixture having a spoon or loop, the contents of the pimple completely clean.
    5. The puncture site is treated with medications containing alcohol.


    Great tool, used not only to combat pravymi the rash, but also for prevention of their appearance, cleaning off the dead upper layer of the epidermis, smoothing fine facial wrinkles. Choose a brush will help the cosmetologist or a dermatologist, after determining the type and characteristics of the skin.

    Steps after removing the pimple

    Prerequisite is area treatment cleaning with antiseptic solutions. This will reduce the number of transient microflora, prevent the development of inflammation. Since these drugs have a tightening and drying effect in a few hours after the procedure is acceptable to make a nourishing or healing mask.

    Some examples of such masks:

    1. To a teaspoon of Linden honey add 3 drops of lavender essential oil and 6 drops of apricot oil.
    2. Mix a teaspoon of blue clay, whipped egg white and 3 drops of orange oil.
    3. You can use the decoction of chamomile in a lotion or cleanser, and froze it in the molds for ice, wipe the skin.

    It is advisable for some time to refrain from use of decorative cosmetics (in contact with the area of cleaning).

    The benefits of using cosmetic devices

    There are a number of positive points that put cleaning the skin of pimples and blackheads with tools an order of magnitude higher manual cleaning:

  • hygiene;
  • convenience;
  • to eliminate elements in the most awkward areas (around nose, ears);
  • painless;
  • the absence of cicatricial sequelae;
  • the lack of pigmentation in the area of the procedure;
  • a deep cleansing.
  • Инструмент для удаления прыщей: правила эффективного применения

    Rules maintenance tools

    In terms of cosmetic salons all the tools are disinfected in special solutions, are pre-sterilization cleaning and sterilization. The destruction of various microorganisms on the devices occurs in hot-cupboards or a special ultraviolet cameras.

    At home after use, tools should be well washed under running water with soap. Preferably economic or conventional without fragrances and scented additives. On must be carefully treated with ethanol (not vodka!). Special attention is paid to the points of contact of devices with skin and purulent discharge.

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    Alcohol does not wipe from the surface and wait until completely dry. Stored till the next use.

    Prevention of acne

    There are a number of tips, compliance with which will keep the skin beautiful and healthy:

  • daily to cleanse the skin of impurities with the help of gel or lotion;
  • girls, it is important to wash off makeup from the face before going to bed;
  • after cleansing the skin apply a nourishing cream;
  • 1-2 times a day to treat skin antibacterial cosmetic product;
  • once a week you clean the face;
  • to monitor the products that are included in the diet is to reduce the amount of salted, smoked, marinated, coffee, large amounts of spices, and alcohol;
  • to normalize the mode of rest and physical activity;
  • in a timely manner to treat diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and endocrine system;
  • women regularly visit a gynecologist periodically controlling the hormonal balance of the body;
  • to reduce the effects of stress.
  • Everyone chooses how to take care of the health of your skin visit the cosmetic surgeries or perform procedures at home. Any of these activities can be effective only if you observe the advice and instructions of experts.


    Used tool for removing pimples on the practice.