Treatment for herpes 2 types: traditional and folk methods

Лечение герпеса 2 типа: традиционные и народные методыHello my dear readers! You know how treatment for herpes type 2? This infection is also called genital and sexual, as it affects the genitals and is transmitted mainly by sexual method.

Without treatment it can give serious complications, leading to dysfunction of the genitourinary system.

If you want to know how to treat a herpes traditional and non-traditional methods, then read the article carefully!

Traditional treatment of intimate herpes

First, you need to consult a doctor. If the problem is women, then you need a gynecologist, but if the man – the urologist or the venereologist.

By the way, once upon a time, in his student years, herpes type 2 diagnosed my friend’s, so the treatment I know firsthand, as she watched all her suffering and torment.

My friend contracted naturally – through unprotected sexual contact. A week she suffered the itching and unpleasant burning sensation herpes of the rash, and it all started with abundant clear vaginal discharge.

Лечение герпеса 2 типа: традиционные и народные методыUnfortunately, instead of going to the gynecologist, she decided to wait under the pretext of «well, what if self-will». And, you know, not passed, but has only worsened.

On a background of herpes, she developed cystitis, and doctors told her that now during pregnancy, it can infect the baby if she has a relapse, and this can lead to serious and even deadly birth defects. So don’t wait, better go to the doctor!

Traditional treatment is with antiviral drugs, but first tests, e.g., ELISA or PCR for diagnosis.

Antiviral may not completely kill the virus of herpes, but greatly speed healing, reduce the frequency of relapses and prevent complications.

My friend was prescribed Acyclovir, but at the present time it is used rarely, because we now have more efficient modern counterparts:

  • He needs therapy with valtrex on the basis of Valacyclovir (the second generation antiviral);
  • Famvir on the basis of Famciclovir (even more modern antiviral substance).

Tablets are assigned always the first outbreak, and if it is complicated or heavy. They are quite toxic, so children and pregnant women is contraindicated.

In pregnancy, the treatment is necessarily performed, but all drugs selects only the doctor, who is an expectant mother.

And antiviral are assigned only in the case if the risk is less significant than the prospect of (for example, if there is a high probability of infecting the baby in utero).

Additional medications for herpes type 2

In addition to antiviral have to take drugs against additional symptoms of infection, such as:

  • Paracetamol vs high temperature;
  • Motherwort or Valerian to calm;
  • antihistamines (claritin, Diazolin, Zyrtec, for example) to eliminate the inflammation.

If erisipela escalates too often, additionally, adjuvants are accepted on the basis of interferon.

By the way, at the present time there is a universal drug, which has antiviral substance and immune stimulant – ointment Hectare.

Лечение герпеса 2 типа: традиционные и народные методыStudies have shown that this cream has eliminated the symptoms just 5 days in 85% of subjects. It is a very good result, as intimate herpes without treatment lasts 2-3 weeks.

And be sure to take vitamins, namely the integrated product with various vitamins in the formulation. Due to this the immune system will get stronger in a natural way and begin to fight effectively against infection.

Treatment of men and women is identical. It should be started from the first days of the disease, otherwise, if you start late, the effectiveness of therapy will be reduced.

To take the above medications only if prescribed by a doctor. And if you want to speed up the treatment, then I recommend further to try traditional methods.

An unconventional treatment of intimate herpes: only proven and truly effective ways

My friend treated everyone that came across his arm. Choosing methods, she did not think about their safety and effectiveness.

She tried many popular methods that are already an expert can be called, and not all of them were really effective, and some even worsened the situation instead of treatment.

Watching her, I made a list of really working and safe, more importantly, folk remedies against herpes type 2.

If you want to try an unconventional treatment, then try these methods at once to not waste time in vain:

  • Tea with propolis and chamomile – chamomile sealed standard method (tablespoon per Cup), and then filtered, and then in the tea you need to add a teaspoon of propolis on alcohol. Tea is drunk in small SIPS throughout the day (the day of the maximum one Cup). This tool will remove the inflammation and awaken the immune system.
  • A decoction of the leaves of eucalyptus with honey – you need to first brew the leaves as tea of the above, and then 500 ml of broth add 2 tablespoons of honey. A decoction is used topically is made from it compresses on the problem area. Eucalyptus great fights virus, and honey softens the skin and accelerates regeneration.
  • A decoction of birch buds – a tablespoon of dry kidney mix with 200 ml milk and cook for 5 minutes on low heat, then strain and use as a compress.
  • Additional recommendations: how to speed up recovery?

    To herpes type 2 quickly and seamlessly passed, you need to follow the following General guidelines:

    • problem place must be dry and clean always;
    • if very itchy, then it is better to wipe it with ice, but scratch is absolutely impossible;
    • herpes rash to touch in any case impossible, and if so, then you need to immediately wash my hands because the contents folderico very contagious;
    • for the whole period of the disease must be refusing sex because ill can easily infect your partner, and herpes increases the risk of Contracting STDs;
    • underwear should be cotton and free;
    • bad habits should be abandoned.

    My friend cured herpes and never encountered since since the beginning to keep track of your immune system and keep it strengthened.

    If you too are faced with such a problem, then remember, re herpes outbreaks triggered by the weakening of the immune system. Therefore, strengthen your immune system and watch your health all the time!

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    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)

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