Treatment for shingles folk remedies: effective recipes for quick cooking

Лечение опоясывающего лишая народными средствами: эффективные рецепты быстрого приготовленияGood day to all visitors of our website devoted to the problem of health! Today will learn how folk remedies from herpes zoster.

The topic is relevant because a year on average, each doctor is faced with the disease 6 times. In the treatment of viral diseases is important to observe the complexity, but sometimes traditional medicine is not weaker than traditional methods.

Shingles is the result of reactivation of the herpes virus that causes chicken pox.

Therefore, some mistakenly think that this infection they got from someone. In fact, the pathogen has long been kept in the nervous system and decrease the body’s resistance allowed him once again to declare itself.

Do not forget that shingles patient is contagious to others, but they have chicken pox, if they previously it didn’t hurt.

What are the signs of disease?

Лечение опоясывающего лишая народными средствами: эффективные рецепты быстрого приготовленияOnset of the disease is accompanied by subjective symptoms: on the future site of the rash a burning sensation, a place of «burning», there is a pronounced pain symptom.

Then through the day rashes appear. This small vesicles, filled with serous content.

The rash occurs in the course of the nerve, so as it surrounds the body, if located, for example, on the side or other surface of the body.

The skin at this time itchy, but brushing is impossible, as the formation of scars.

In a few days the bubbles burst, crusts are formed. After 3 weeks skin completely cleared up the rash on its place are bright spots.

Other symptoms are complications of the disease. This may be disturbance of sensation, vision, reduced motor function, and secondary infection, suppuration of the lesions.

What can be treated at home?

Sometimes traditional methods are quite effective. But before using them you need to consult a doctor.

Лечение опоясывающего лишая народными средствами: эффективные рецепты быстрого приготовления

If you are prescribed medication, be sure to take them, you should not rely on homemade remedies.

  • Gadgets. Herbal teas that will help reduce the intensity of the inflammatory process and have detrimental effect on the virus. To the simple wrap you can buy alcohol tincture of wormwood, soak it in a bandage or gauze and apply to places with a rash. Fix the gauze for 20 minutes, then skin is treated with castor oil. As a compress you can apply crushed leaves of cinquefoil (slurry);
  • Three times a day skin treated with MESU of soda and salt by adding water in such an amount to get the consistency of sour cream;
  • Baths. Can be done in different baths. For example, if you add starch to decrease pain. Salt baths disinfect, prevent the development of bacterial infections at the place of the eroded surface. For this purpose, you can use a few drops of iodine added into the bath;
  • Tincture of garlic with castor oil. To do this you need 100 grams of garlic and a glass of castor oil. Chop the garlic and pour the castor oil. Simmer the mixture for 3 hours in the oven at a temperature of from 50 to 70 degrees. After the mixture has cooled, it needs to drain three times a day to lubricate the affected places;
  • Once a day, lubricate inflamed areas of the skin with tar, but the top cover does not necessary;
  • You can smear the rash rubbed with garlic twice a day. You need to smear in the direction from the edges to the Central part, so as not to spread the infection. Due to the volatile action of the virus will be weakened. It is forbidden to make compresses of garlic, as you can trigger burns;
  • Collect or buy at the pharmacy blend of herbs: yarrow, tansy, and wormwood. Mixture take 1 tablespoon, pour 400 ml of boiling water. the prepared infusion is taken orally 2-3 cups per day;
  • A homemade ointment from the leaves of the willow. The dry leaves are burned and the ashes stirred with a solution of vinegar at 9% concentration to a state of pulp. Smear the inflamed areas of the skin up to 4 times a day, which will help to transfer the process to the stage of healing, reduce inflammation;
  • Antiviral effect has burrs. Its infusion need to be taken orally. Preparation is simple: in a glass of boiling water, take a tablespoon of dry raw material. To drink instead of tea.
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    Лечение опоясывающего лишая народными средствами: эффективные рецепты быстрого приготовленияShingles causes severe pain. The process of inflammation faster has come to naught, we recommend a few simple recipes for a quick hand:

  • When you feel burning or pain, make the following mixture: two tablespoons of water to knead 2 tablets of aspirin to the mixture add two tablespoons of alcohol pharmacy. Deals as needed;
  • In equal proportions mix the juice of the plant aloe Vera and honey. Expressed in the local sensations applied to the skin and hold until it becomes easier;
  • Quickly get rid of a rash will help the drying medium: dilute half Cup of Apple cider vinegar with two cups of water. Lubricate up to 4 times a day the inflamed places of the skin;
  • Will facilitate the condition of a mixture of fresh herbs: parsley juice, carrot and celery in equal proportions;
  • Soothe the skin the juice of pears;
  • To dry the ulcer surface, apply the mixture of starch and water, stir to a pulp;
  • Pronounced bactericidal effect seen in eucalyptus oil. Before applying you need to dilute it with water in such proportions: 3 drops of oil need a teaspoon of water.
  • Лечение опоясывающего лишая народными средствами: эффективные рецепты быстрого приготовленияFor the treatment of herpes zoster can use any bitter herb. You can take Helichrysum, tansy, wormwood, celandine, elecampane, marigold.

    Proportion is simple for all of the herbs per Cup of boiling water need a tablespoon of the dry mixture. In the received infusion of wet cheesecloth, wring out and lightly salted.

    On the sore spot put a compress, wrap up warm (woolen items), leave for 30 minutes.

    Strong disinfecting action have the volatile Luka. Purified onion cut (top), prick with a fork and lightly fried on the fire.

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    When cooled to 40 degrees, applied to the affected area. And so to repeat several times.

    When the skin lesions an important place in the treatment is a means to promote regeneration.

    Among folk remedies is pumpkin, which contains a large number of growth vitamin, Vit.. Fresh pumpkin grate a small amount, apply on gauze or a bandage, make a compress. This medicine should be applied before going to sleep every day.

    If you can not do pumpkin pulp, take the pharmacy pumpkin seed oil (tykveol), lubricate them with a rash several times a day.

    Excellent for restoring skin oily solution of vitamin A.

    Very effective ointment is obtained from these components: 20% propolis, lanolin, 10% resin of cedar, 10% wax.

    Effective remedy: honey cakes, massage vacuum and clay. At the pharmacy, take the clay home and made her a compress for 2 hours twice a day.

    Then take a shower. Then at the same time imposed on inflamed skin honey wrap.

    In the treatment of add massage vacuum banks on unaffected skin disease. Later, when the wounds heal, you can use the applicator Kuznetsova.

    And in conclusion, I recommend to watch helpful videos about folk methods of treatment of this disease:

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