Treatment hives folk remedies: the recipes of effective means

Hello, dear readers. Urticaria is an allergic disease, which by their appearance similar to a burn from a nettle.

To cure illness it is best to use a combined therapy that includes intake of antihistamines, lubrication of the skin ointments and creams, as well as the use of folk remedies.

What traditional methods are suitable for getting rid of hives and thus can help them without taking medication? Let us look at this issue.

Folk medicine against this disease

Лечение крапивницы народными средствами: рецепты приготовления эффективных средствAs a rule, treatment of hives folk remedies brings better effect than medication. Moreover, drugs have many contraindications, and folk methods they are almost there.

Because urticaria occurs most often through consumption of certain foods, before you start treatment, you need to clean the stomach. For these fir trees are ideal SIP of caste oil.

Allergen in the body causes toxicity and many accept sorbents are long enough.

For disinfection of the intestine, you can prepare an infusion of celandine. To do this, pour a bunch of this herb with water, boil and insist for 10-15 minutes. Drink this remedy a couple times a day.

To eliminate itching, you can blot the affected area of the body alcohol menthol or salicylic acid.

This procedure with the help of cotton pad. After a few minutes you will feel relief.

Treatment of hives in adults

Лечение крапивницы народными средствами: рецепты приготовления эффективных средствAdults almost always assigned to medical treatment. However, nobody forbids in conjunction with them to adopt and use folk remedies such as decoctions of various herbs and baths.

Moreover, many recipes can strengthen the immune system, which can only have a positive impact on overall health.

How to treat baby hives?

For the children’s age is characterized by severe course of the disease, mostly accompanied by severe itching, swelling and rash. The children also may increase the temperature of the body.

If the child is small, then the treatment for better to use herbal baths, rubbing and lotions from diverse concoctions. They will help relieve itching and ease the child’s condition.

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What to do for pregnant and nursing moms?

Any illness in these periods has a negative impact on the wellbeing of mom and child. Itching can cause insomnia, irritability.

In this case, the use of any medicine can only do harm.

During pregnancy could not be the best are herbal teas that you want to wipe the skin to eliminate the symptoms of the disease.

Traditional recipes for home treatment

Лечение крапивницы народными средствами: рецепты приготовления эффективных средствNote that for each type of disease has its effective folk remedy for hives. Let’s consider them in more detail.

Any manifestations of the disease may slightly reduce with the collection of mint, immortelle, tansy and St. John’s wort (10-20 grams). Fill it all boiled water, to insist and accept on 150 ml a day (three times).

You can also drink a decoction of yarrow (before eating 100 ml three times a day).

Treatment of acute forms of the disease

Take 50 grams of nettle (fresh or dried) and pour 0.5 liters of water. Boil the mixture for three minutes, leave for 60 minutes and filtered.

This broth moistened piece of tissue and wipe the skin on the face, hands and other parts of the body. This method will help get rid of a strong swelling and burning.

Also perfect infusion of raspberry roots (in a ratio of 50 : 0.5 l of water). Boil the mixture for quarter of an hour, then an hour insist. Take the broth into 100 ml six times a day.

How to cure cholinergic urticaria?

Лечение крапивницы народными средствами: рецепты приготовления эффективных средствFor these purposes, prepare a strong decoction of chamomile and succession, wets the cloth and wipe the rash.

You can do 5-10 minutes packs of soda solution (in a glass of water big spoon of baking soda).

How to treat chronic form of the disease?

Take equal parts of sage, celandine, succession, Valerian and chamomile (1 tablespoon) added to a liter of water and boil 10 minutes. Next insist broth for 40 minutes, filter and add to the bath. This bath should be taken every day for 15 minutes.

Recipes from cold urticaria

At the first sign of disease manifestations lubricates the skin a little pre-heated olive oil.

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For this also suitable for the infusion of leaves of wild rose with St. John’s wort (just 5 tablespoons). The mixture pour 2 liters of boiling water and insist 3 hours. Can this composition be used for lotions for 10 minutes or add it to a bath.

How to get rid of idiopathic urticaria?

Pour two liters of water 250 gr.oak bark and boil 15-20 minutes. After this decoction added to the bath and take her 15 minutes.

Perfect for the treatment of the juice of celery, which need to be taken before meals (1 big spoon).

If the disease is caused by an allergen

Лечение крапивницы народными средствами: рецепты приготовления эффективных средствFor the treatment of allergic urticaria, i.e. allergic, you can take the powder of the roots of the calamus and take this mixture a couple times a day ½ teaspoon (you can add to drink). However, the rash should be cleaned with oil of St. John’s wort.

How to treat recurrent disease?

When recurrent hives, which is accompanied by swelling and other negative symptoms is a mixture of Valerian root, lemon balm and hops.

All this to take 1 spoon, pour 60 minutes with boiling water, and then filtered. Drink the resulting composition a day, three times half a Cup.

Good with burning and itching cope compress of grated potato, which is applied on the affected area for half an hour.

Is it possible to cure nervous hives?

The name itself speaks for itself. First, stop nervous. For faster soothing take a tincture of Valerian and hawthorn (30 drops per 30 ml water). Drink this composition before bedtime.

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Лечение крапивницы народными средствами: рецепты приготовления эффективных средствMint is also very good calms the nervous system. Steep 2 tablespoons of this herb in 250 ml boiling water and take 50-60 ml several times a day. In addition to soothe the skin can do lotions of the same composition.

Is it possible to independently eliminate angioedema?

The manifestation of such problem, immediately take 50 grams of chamomile, dilute a small amount of boiling water and make a slurry.

Next, the warm mixture put in a cloth and apply to the site of edema. We still recommend swelling immediately to call an ambulance, as it can lead to serious anaphylactic shock with subsequent death.

It is especially dangerous this condition in children. In this case, do not self medicate.


Лечение крапивницы народными средствами: рецепты приготовления эффективных средствAs you can see, there are many very effective recipes of traditional medicine that can relieve the patient from symptoms and manifestations of urticaria.

For many years people with this disease are treated by these methods, resulting in a growing and positive reviews after this treatment.

We still recommend if signs of disease to consult a doctor who will prescribe you the appropriate treatment and will recommend one or another method. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)