Treatment of cytomegalovirus: a review of effective methods and tools

Dear friends, Hello! You probably know that herpes is an incurable disease and most of its species, such as, cytomegalovirus, generally do not require treatment. But there are situations in which treatment of cytomegalovirus needed.

If in your life something like that happened, then be sure to read the article, which will tell you about all the methods of treatment of the above herpes.

In some cases, treatment of cytomegalovirus is required?

Лечение цитомегаловируса: обзор эффективных методов и средствRecently I was approached by a woman in the process of planning a pregnancy found cytomegalovirus. She literally demanded me to put her on medication.

Of course, I primarily studied her tests and medical records, which did not see any reason to panic.

After my consultation, the woman calmed down and began further planning stages.

And if my place was selfish doctor, then she would, most likely, prescribe a huge list of useless in her case drugs. So you don’t fall for the tricks of swindlers, I want to introduce you to the situations in which treatment is really required.

You can’t make your own decision about the treatment of this infection. In adults it is generally asymptomatic, so many of us are not even aware of her presence in the body.

Every single one of us can be a carrier of the infection.You’re not treated just so? There’s probably no more to say, you probably didn’t even know about the possible presence of disease in the body before reading this article. Therefore, if the disease does not bother to treat it is not worth it.

But if she begins to show symptoms, read about you in separate articles on this website, then the treatment is assigned. Assigns it to a physician to whom you refer.

Usually it is the therapist, and maybe an immunologist, dermatologist or virologist. In what cases treatment is required? Below are the list of such cases:

  • If a CMV infection becomes generalized. There is often, often in people with immune deficiency or in children infected in utero or during childbirth. If you know what a cytomegalovirus is, you probably know that for generalization of infection requires a strong weakening of the immune system.
  • If cytomegalovirus is complicated. This happens mainly in infants. Complicated disease can affect the future mental and physical development, and very negatively. The most dangerous versions of the complications are pneumonia, meningoencephalitis, and chorioretinitis. In severe situations, people with complications may even die.
  • If the patient is prepared for a different kind of treatment, weaken the immune system. For example, someone going to transplant a body. In such a situation the immune system to weaken to grafted on stuck. And if you weaken the immune system, then all the hidden infection will come out. Therefore, before demanding the man treated all the hidden infections that it found, just in case, but rather to prevent possible complications.
  • Primary infection during pregnancy. This is especially dangerous case, and no more for the woman and for her unborn child. During primary infection in the body there is no immunity to cytomegalovirus, so he easily gets to the fetus, and infect it, and also creates many other problems. Better if the woman before pregnancy will show up this infection, because then she will have a natural protection in the form of antibodies to cytomegalovirus. This protection will pass to the baby through the placental barrier, and after birth through breast milk, so the baby will be protected as long as he will not develop its own immunity.
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    Here we dealt with the need for the treatment of cytomegalovirus. If you find yourself in a situation when it is really required, then you need to know what are the options for therapy against herpes viruses and offers modern medicine. But first, let’s consider the basic rules of therapy.

    The main rules and peculiarities of treatment of cytomegalovirus

    Usually serious treatment in hospital.

    When I assign patients the hospitalization, I often begin to beg them to do without it, but in the case of complicated CMV is impossible to do, since complications can end in death and require constant medical supervision.

    Definitely put in the hospital newborn children, people with immunodeficiency, persons who are appointed specific treatment.

    During acute infection the person becomes active outbreak-provocateur. Therefore, it is necessary to isolate myself from others for the entire period of treatment. It is a prerequisite that you must comply with if you have a conscience, of course.

    During the treatment, the patient should have a right to eat, enough sleep and in any case not to drink alcohol. All drugs described in the article, compatible with alcohol.

    Antiherpetic drugs: what are and how they are made?

    Receiving antiviral drugs designed specifically against herpes is the main therapeutic measure. These drugs are not recommended for children under 12 years due to increased toxicity, therefore they are usually used for the treatment of cytomegalovirus in adults.

    The main effect of antiherpetic drugs are directed at weakening the virus-provoker, so it ceases to multiply and spread throughout the body. With a weakened virus handle any immunity.

    By the way, if the immune system is too weak, then it needs to be strengthened.For this purpose special preparations, has a firming and energizing action. Be administered to people with immunodeficiency who have herpes escalates too often.

    I suggest you familiarize yourself with the list of the most popular drugs against cytomegalovirus:

    • antiviral special Foscarnet, Ganciclovir, Panavir;
    • immunoglobulins – Cytotect and Megalotis;
    • stimulants of the immune system – Tsikloferon, Viferon, Neovir;
    • symptomatic medications – Ibuprofen, vasoconstrictor nose drops (any) eye drops.

    Now let’s consider in detail the basic protivovirusnye preparations, namely an antiviral. Want to know the treatment plan with the use of the first drug from the list?

    Foscarnet: application features

    It is a powerful antiviral drug used in the form of a solution for intravenous injection.

    In Moscow this medicine in its purest form is hard to find, but you can if you try. Often pharmacies are offered analogs with Foscarnet in the composition.

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    Method of application looks like this: 180 mg/1 kg of body weight per day. Received dosage is divided into three times and is meant for adults. The dosage for children is calculated as follows: 90-120 mg/1 kg of body weight.

    Fascinating effective but toxic and no less. I do not prescribe it for all patients, but only in special cases when you need the fastest possible effect. Pregnant and lactating the drug is not assigned at all!

    Ganciclovir: specialized medicine against cytomegalovirus

    This medicine has lots of positive reviews. If you have decided to self-medicate with it, forget about it, so how to calculate the dosage that’s right you at home can’t!

    Лечение цитомегаловируса: обзор эффективных методов и средствThe medication is very effective and at the same time very complex in terms of operation.

    Produced Ganciclovir a fine powder, which is used for oral administration and for intravenous injections.

    The dosage is calculated as follows: 5mg/1 kg of mass. Received intravenous dosage is administered within one hour 2 times a day.

    The duration of treatment is two to three weeks. After this course is supportive therapy, during which Ganciclovir is taken at the rate of 5 mg/kg every day once.

    I always warn patients that Ganciclovir has serious side effects, such as:

    • anemia;
    • thrombocytopenia;
    • hepatitis;
    • disorders of the Central nervous system;
    • allergic skin rash;
    • pain in the chest.

    In any case do not do self-treatment with similar medicines, otherwise you will face side effects. To prescribe the drug and to find the right dosage can only be a specialist!

    Panavir: less dangerous and no less effective

    This medicine has a more mild effect, therefore, assigned more often than the previous one. You can find Panavir in different forms: gel, tablets, liquid for injection.

    During exacerbation of cytomegalovirus used the solution as a faster and better absorbed by the body.

    Treatment solution looks like this: for the first week one ampoule injected three times with an interval of 48 hours, and then make a break and continue the treatment for another two injections.

    Strengthening the immune system is an important component protivovirusnogo treatment

    If the cause of the complications of cytomegalovirus was the reduced efficiency of the immune system, then ill definitely prescribed immunomodulators (stimulants) and immunoglobulins.

    These drugs not only boost the immune system and activates its protective function, making it begins to actively fight infection.

    To strengthen the immune system I prescribe to their patients:

    • Viferon, Leukinferon, Roferon A — standard dosage and is a 500,000 IU with an interval of a day during the month;
    • Tsikloferon – an inductor (stimulator output) interferon, which activates the immune system.

    I remind you that the treatment is not carried out at the request of the patient. To it have appointed, must be a serious reason.

    If you have a cytomegalovirus and just want to make sure that his flare-UPS, then you better strengthen your immune system in other ways. By the way, I would recommend to use folk remedies. Want to know what?

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    Folk remedies to strengthen the immune system against the cytomegalovirus – the most efficient:

    Herbal from the root of Hedysarum, licorice, maral root, alder cones, succession and chamomile – excellent for children if they had an exacerbation of cytomegalovirus.

    Лечение цитомегаловируса: обзор эффективных методов и средствAll these components of the collection are mixed in the same number of Islands and brew at the rate of 100 g/0.5 l of boiling water.

    Better to brew in a thermos throughout the night. The medicine is filtered and taken half a Cup 2 times a day.

    Another collection for adults and thyme, leuzea, rosemary series tysyachelistnika, birch buds (all the components are taken in equal quantities).

    From the collection of prepared tincture in the same way as described above and is accepted throughout the day in small SIPS.

    And the last gathering of the fruits of wild cherry (40 g), currant leaves (30 g), raspberry leaf (the same), oregano and thyme (20 g), sage (20 g), plantain and mother and stepmother (15 g), licorice root (30 g). Collection instead of tea brewed and drunk the same as tea, but no more than two cups a day.

    Using the data of folk remedies, you protect yourself from complications and frequent recurrences. Is it possible to defend against most of cytomegalovirus infection?

    Prevention of CMV: how is?

    To protect you from being infected is almost impossible, since the infection is transmitted in various ways, including by air. Therefore, it infected about 90% population of the globe.

    Cytomegalovirus is not only full of hermits that never in my life did not communicate with people. So do not dwell on the prevention of infection. Better worry about the fact that the infection did not give complications and did not bother often. To do this, strengthen your immune system and watch your health.

    For example, I to prevent frequent exacerbations and complications of any chronic disease, do sports, keep a healthy lifestyle and eat right.

    Besides the regular winter and spring, I take vitamins and Supplements. Fortunately, I have a cytomegalovirus never manifested.

    I hope this article answered all of your questions about cytomegalovirus. Do not worry if it will find you, as a person with a normal immune system, he does not threaten.

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    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)