Treatment of herpes folk remedies: TOP 20 best recipes

Лечение герпеса народными средствами: ТОП-20 лучших рецептовHello, dear friends! Today we will talk about how treatment of herpes folk remedies. Folk remedies easier and safer pharmacy, they have such a huge list of contraindications and side effects.

That is why many have become fans of alternative medicine, which, by the way, no less effective than the traditional one.

If you have decided to treat cold sores folk remedies, you should know that:

  • treated will last longer than drugstore products;
  • procedures not to be missed;
  • folk remedies are contraindicated for Allergy sufferers who react negatively to pollen and other components of plants as well as honey and other bee products;
  • in parallel with the treatment will have to strengthen the immune system.

Some folk remedies will help to get rid of herpes rash? The article considers universal prescriptions against the above infections of various types on the body (lips, genitals, etc.) that you can easily prepare at home.

Fir oil against itching and burning

Лечение герпеса народными средствами: ТОП-20 лучших рецептов

This tool quickly removes unpleasant symptoms and speed healing of the rash. Fir oil to lubricate the rash every two hours and always before bed. Use the tool to complete healing of skin defects.

Propolis tincture for burns blisters

Herpes rash prijavite tincture of propolis, which can be easily found in any pharmacy. In 10-15 minutes after cauterization, apply on the problem areas moisturizer. Use the tincture three times a day until complete disappearance of the rash.

Treatment of the affected areas warm

If you are faced with the reasons for the exacerbation of herpes, (unless you know what you can to escalate it, then read the other articles on this website) and feel that herpes will appear soon, then brew a strong tea, put it in a spoonful, give it a good warm up and apply to the trouble areas.

The heat will help soothe the affected area and prevents the appearance of the rash.

Salt vs herpes rash on lips

Let’s say you perished, and then faced the herpetic rash on the lips. This is the most common form of this disease. To cure this rash quickly you can use ordinary table salt.

Several times a day apply to the wound a few grains of salt and dissolve it in the mouth if rash present on mucous membranes.

Toothpaste remedy for itching

Лечение герпеса народными средствами: ТОП-20 лучших рецептовToothpaste you use daily, will help remove the unpleasant herpes symptoms. As you know, before the rash affected area swells, becomes a bit itchy and disturbed.

To remove these unpleasant symptoms and prevent a rash, you need to anoint the problem areas toothpaste. If Valderice have already appeared, treat them gently, so they do not burst.

The paste can stain clothes, and walk around with it on my face is unpleasant and unsightly, so after 15-20 minutes you can wash it out.

Film egg shell is a great tool not only from acne but also from herpes

This folk remedy is very popular among those who often have to deal with teenage pimples. Besides acne, it can be used to cure herpes rash at home.

Very carefully separate the sheet from the shell of raw chicken eggs and then attach the tape on the problematic area. With this recipe you can cure the herpes not only on the face but also in the intimate area.

Garlic folk remedy, has a powerful antiviral effect

Лечение герпеса народными средствами: ТОП-20 лучших рецептовReading the articles on this site, you’ve seen information about the beneficial properties of garlic that can be used for the treatment of any herpes. Garlic is used before and during the rash.

If the rash has not yet appeared, but you feel that they will soon appear, RUB a disturbing place garlic cut in half a clove. If rash has already appeared, then superimposed on it a paste of minced garlic.

You can also use garlic juice in order to wash the pulp from the skin. The product is suitable only for normal skin.

After rubbing garlic oil rash honey. It will soften the wound and accelerate its healing. Honey can take any, as long as it was liquid. Repeat daily before bed until complete healing of the affected area.

Another garlic recipe that is perfect for children

Herpes infection may occur not only in adult but also the child (for example, birth type). Children are very difficult to endure the presence of garlic on the skin as it has a repulsive flavor.

Лечение герпеса народными средствами: ТОП-20 лучших рецептовIn order to facilitate the child’s treatment, mix two chopped cloves of garlic with two tablespoons of any yogurt (it is recommended to use pure yogurt without additives).

The tool can be used in this form, but it is better to enrich it with a teaspoon of any instant coffee, the same quantity of honey and wheat flour. Get a nice mask with an amazing aroma.

Apply it on the affected area and wait until completely dry and when completely dry will disappear, repeat the procedure again. The more often you repeat, the faster you get rid of sores.

Calendula + vaseline = miraculous ointment

From fresh petals of marigold press juice and a tablespoon of the juice mixed with a teaspoon of warmed vaseline. If there is no fresh calendula, you can take dried crushed 1 tsp.

The ointment should be applied very carefully, using a cotton swab, at least 2-3 times a day (the more the better). It is allowed to use not only against the standard of oral herpes, but also against sexual herpes on the skin and mucous membranes.

Essential oils for treatment


How to get rid of herpes rash using conventional ready essential oils? If you choose the right oil. For the treatment of the above diseases, apply the tea tree oil, bitter almond or sea buckthorn.

Treatment of the rash of spending by wool and a bandage, which is necessary to moisten with pure essential oil. The procedure is repeated 4-5 times a day until complete recovery.

Aloe and Kalanchoe: how to use vs herpes rash home plants?

If you have a home grow, aloe or Kalanchoe, you are a happy man, as they have a universal cure for all dermatological problems.

Herpes rashes lubricate clean juice, and you can attach a compress of the leaves cut in half. After disappearance of the rash, take aloe Vera juice orally on a teaspoon before each meal for prevention.

Get ready for what the taste means disgusting, so if you can’t drink it in its pure form, it is better to dilute with water or honey.

Soda instead of salt for the treatment of colds on the lips

Лечение герпеса народными средствами: ТОП-20 лучших рецептовInstead of salt against the herpetic lesions on the lips, you can use the baking soda.

It is no less effective, and has a powerful antiviral action, well dries, disinfects and accelerates regeneration.

Rash around lips sprinkle baking soda 2-3 times a day during the week (use vehicle until full recovery).

Ice to relieve itching for herpes zoster

As you know, herpes zoster is a relapse of varicella. It is found rarely and is difficult to treat. The disease is accompanied by a horrible discomfort, which can be removed if you RUB the rash with ice from pure filtered or boiled water.

White wormwood and its antiherpetic effect

This tool treats the infection from within. White brew wormwood as a tea, and drink instead of tea throughout the day in small doses. It will make the immune system work better, allowing the body to cope with the sore.

Gum resin against infection in various parts of the body

If you apply the gum resin at the initial stage, the rash did not appear, and if immediately after the occurrence of the rash, it for a couple of days pass.

To get the resin at home, take uncoated paper (clean, expensive and high-quality), roll it in a cone, place on a plate and ignite from the top. When the fire reaches half of the cone, it will turn off, then remove the cone and collect what was left on the plate.

The plate should appear a yellowish oily fluid, which is called gum resin. Apply it immediately to the problematic place a thin layer. At one time, it is desirable to use all the resin, as over time it loses its healing properties.

Earwax — unpleasant but effective

Лечение герпеса народными средствами: ТОП-20 лучших рецептовThis substance is always at hand, and will be the only option if you are away from home and pharmacies. As soon as you feel the approach of cold sores, apply earwax to a disturbing place.

Repeat the procedure every two hours and then the rash will not appear. Gray can be lubricated and already present on the skin rash and can be treated mucous.

Tea made from clover and burdock

Burdock and clover you can assemble yourself — dig the burdock root in the spring, rinse and dry, or Narva clover and do the same thing.

If you are too lazy to look up the plants yourself or do you simply have no such opportunity, buy a ready-to-eat plants in the pharmacy. Their brew instead of tea and then drink a glass everyday.

Bath vs generalized herpes

Лечение герпеса народными средствами: ТОП-20 лучших рецептовIn people with weakened immune systems and in children herpes infection often becomes generalized. To deal with her difficult, as a rash in a large number of located throughout the body.

In this case, use baths with essential oils of bergamot, eucalyptus, geranium and lemon.

Bath will take 5-10 drops of oil to add to the water is not very high temperature. Bathe no longer than 15 minutes daily or every other day.

Massage: is there a cure for herpes infection with them?

It is possible, and quite quickly. What we will massages? Regular procedures this kind of stimulate metabolic processes in the body and cause the immune system harder to defend.

Need massaging foot stroking movements, paying particular attention to the bioactive points.

Canned juice of celandine to compress against herpes

If no other folk remedies do not help, try this. He has a lot of positive reviews, almost everyone who tried it noted the high efficiency.

Лечение герпеса народными средствами: ТОП-20 лучших рецептовTo cook canned celandine, assemble it in the spring during flowering and chop with roots in the meat grinder.

Press the juice, pour it in a glass bowl so that the liquid level did not reach the tube 2-3 inches.

Then tightly close the container and place it in a warm dark place for a week. After a week of fermentation begins and it is important to open the container for half an hour daily to release gases.

After a month you can use the tool, and it should be done like this: lubricate the affected area every 2-3 hours, preferably immediately after the previous layer dries.

If you handle a rash often, for a couple of days it will disappear completely.

Remember that herpes infections cannot be cured completely. The virus after the disappearance of visible symptoms remains in the body and at any moment could trigger a relapse.

Therefore, after treatment, protect yourself from hypothermia, heat exhaustion, exacerbation of chronic diseases and reduce the protective properties of the immune system. These factors provoke a relapse of herpes, which occur with an approximate frequency of 5-6 times a year. In individuals with immunodeficiency, relapse occurs more often.

That’s all, dear readers. I hope you chose the most convenient and effective folk recipe against herpes infection.

Write in the comments which tool you like more and share the read with your friends on social networks and subscribe to the updates of dermatological website. Up to new meetings!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)

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