Treatment of herpes in adults: tips from the dermatologist

Greetings, dear friends! How is treatment herpes in adults? Maybe you don’t know what to do to combat the disease, or you have not had to deal with her?

After reading the article, you will learn how to conduct standard antiherpetic therapy in modern times. This article will be useful for everyone, as erisipela — the disease is common and quite insidious.

What is erisipela, how it happens?

Лечение герпеса у взрослых: полезные советы от дерматологаTo choose the most effective treatment, you need to know the enemy thoroughly. What provokes this disease? Provocateur is a virus, but rather the viruses that are known at present eight.

Each of them causes their illness with particular symptoms. Let’s look at all types of read more to know what kind of herpes you have, if available:

Virus-the agent provocateur type 1 — affects mainly the face, namely the lips and nasolabial triangle. In children often occurs in the mouth, around the eyes and even on the mucous membranes of the larynx.

The most common is the herpes infection of the lips, on the lip up the blisters small diameter, clear content.

Gradually they begin to get cloudy, turn white and reveal. On the site of the blisters appear ulcers, which are soon covered with a crust. After the convergence of the peel disease falls asleep (moves to nerve endings, often in the trigeminal nerve).

Virus-the agent provocateur type 2 affects the genital area. This infection is called intimate or genital. The rash occurs on the surface of sexual organs, and inside mucous membranes, e.g. vaginal walls into the uterus, in the urethra in men.

Лечение герпеса у взрослых: полезные советы от дерматологаFrom this disease there are various complications on the genitourinary system. It is often a cause of cystitis and other infections in women and impotence and infertility in men.

Virus-the agent provocateur type 3 is known to cause chickenpox. You had the chickenpox? Certainly it happened in early childhood. The disease is unpleasant, but not fatal if the immune system ill works well.

Chickenpox is accompanied by a rash over the body, itching and unpleasant consequences in the form of scars, which occur in the place of injured spots.

After recovery, the person formed lifelong immunity, thanks to which smallpox he did not get sick, but the virus disappears from the body, and deposited in the intercostal or other nerves.

Under special circumstances, he wakes up and creates a relapse in the form of herpes herpes zoster. This happens predominantly in the elderly and in people with a weakened critical immune system.

Virus-provocateur 4 types — causes disease «Epstein-Barr». Additionally, the disease is called infectious mononucleosis.

Лечение герпеса у взрослых: полезные советы от дерматологаThe symptoms are very similar to colds — suffering from fever and lasting several days, beginning to sore throat, swollen lymph nodes.

After recovery, the disease rarely leads to recurrences that have similar symptoms.

Virus-provocateur 5 — type cytomegalovirus. This provocateur causes often asymptomatic disease, is safe for a normal healthy person with strong immunity.

The disease becomes dangerous during pregnancy, as well as the sudden weakening of the immune system.

Virus-the agent provocateur type 6 — causes two diseases. Its subspecies, «And» causes different types of lymphoproliferative diseases such as lymphoma, lymphosarcoma and hemocytoblasts. A subspecies of the «B» creates the smallest granular rash on the skin — exanthema.

Virus-the agent provocateur 7 type — is considered to be poorly understood. Scientists suggest that it is directly linked with chronic fatigue syndrome, signs of which are clear.

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Virus-provocateur-8 — is particularly dangerous for people with immune deficiency States, as it gives them a Kaposi’s sarcoma.

How to get sick?

Pick up any herpes illness can be when dealing with an infected person who coughs or sneezes.

Лечение герпеса у взрослых: полезные советы от дерматологаThis method of transmission is called «airborne». In addition, herpes is transmitted during different types of bodily contact — sex, fighting or doing other contact sports, kissing, cuddling.

Another possible domestic pathway, but it is considered the most rare. If you are a carrier of the infection, you can spread it to family members through shared utensils, towels and other household items.

Because of this prevalence of herpes infected 50% of the young population (20-30 years) and about 90% of older people (aged 65 years). The disease is not cured completely, and therefore, for life will remain with the carrier.

It consists of periods of remission and exacerbations. In modern times treatment is aimed at preventing complications and eliminating the symptoms.

I wonder whether you what drugs help to cope with erisipela and how to properly use? If you’re interested, then read.

The drugs that have antiherpetic effect for the treatment of adults

  • Valuer on the basis of Valacyclovir — a powerful drug that should be used for the treatment of herpes zoster herpes zoster and other serious kinds of infections. It is effective against any kind of girisindeki on the skin or mucous membranes. It is used even for prophylaxis of cytomegalovirus in adults. The drug is allowed to give to children after the age of 12.
  • Herperax — universal dental gel lesions in the oral cavity. It can also be used for the treatment of infectious rash on the lips, in the corners of the mouth, on the genitals.
  • Panavir — safe Russian antiviral drug created from medicinal plants. He has a wide range of effects, is applied not only against girisindeki on the body, but against papillomas.
  • Acyclovir — classic protivokariosnoe tool that remains popular despite the emergence of a huge variety of analogues. This is one of the first antiviral drugs. At the present time continue to use against a simple 1-typical virus, and also against genital. Modern types of girisindeki he is not always able to overcome, because in the process of development, some provocateurs have developed immunity to it.
  • Valacyclovir is a medication that was created a few years after the previous one. The drug is generic, used for the treatment of recurrent infection on the lips, in the area of sexual organs, etc. is Considered to be effective against herpes infection. In addition, Valacyclovir is prescribed for the prevention of cytomegalovirus disease and other pathologies, which may threaten or appear pregnant after organ transplantation.
  • Famvir is a cure with a prolonged effect acting quickly and accurately. From the above drugs differs in that it acts on the virus for 12 hours, so that you do not have to use often. Famvir is recommended when the primary occurs and acute exacerbations of herpes 1 and 2 types, for the prevention of herpes zoster, against postherpetic neuralgia an intimate and recurrent herpes.
  • The he needs therapy with valtrex — used in curative and preventive purposes against herpes on the lips, throat, around the eyes.
  • Fenistil-Penciler — available only in the form of a cream for external treatment of skin lesions. Has many positive reviews, as easy to use and effective in all cases (against various types of viruses). It is prescribed to patients with chicken pox to prevent the spread of the rash as well as other people with a heightened erisipela. The drug shortens the duration of the exacerbation and reduces the risk of transmitting the virus to others.
  • Zovirax is a drug based on Acyclovir, which can be purchased in any pharmacy without prescription. That is why it became popular. In the pharmacies you will find a 5% cream designed for external machining of the rash. It stops the process of reproduction of viruses entering into their DNA.
  • Artaban — new protivovirusny a medicine that is rapidly gaining popularity. It effectively inhibits the development of viruses and prevents infection of healthy cells.
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    How to use antiherpetic drugs?

    Лечение герпеса у взрослых: полезные советы от дерматолога

    There are two main types of these drugs: tablets for oral administration and creams/ointments for external use.

    Tablets are assigned only in special cases, if infection, have human immunodeficiency (or just a weak immune system like elderly people) or there were complications.

    The dosage is selected individually, but often she is — one tablet with maximum concentration of the active substance three times per day. To prevent adults allowed one to drink the maximum allowable dose, and then need to continue taking the standard scheme.

    Ointment on the basis of Acyclovir, (the majority) and others are applied directly on the rashes. To treat the rash need very carefully, preferably with a disposable tool in the form of cotton swabs, cotton pad or wooden/plastic cosmetic sticks.

    Hands to touch the rash is in any case impossible, as its content is very contagious. Then you with the same hands touch other body parts or things and spread the virus that way.

    Лечение герпеса у взрослых: полезные советы от дерматологаHerpetic eruptions are processed up to 5 times a day. Treatment preferably not less than 3 times a day, the medication was always on the elements of the rash.

    With other symptoms such as rise in temperature and General weakness can be combated using fever-reducing, sedative medicines and vitamins. In addition, cares should be regularly strengthen your immune system.

    Strengthening will not only help to heal the rash faster, but also to prevent its emergence as a strong immunity can deal with viruses on their own.

    Can strengthen with the help of pharmaceutical drugs based on interferon (a protein that is secreted in the human body after introduction of the infection to fight it) or using drugs-interferon inducers (stimulating the production of the above protein).

    Such drugs include:

    • Amiksin;
    • Arbidol;
    • Kahotep;
    • Lavomax;
    • Cycloferon.

    In addition to pharmaceutical drugs, to strengthen the immune system and fight the virus will help folk remedies. A list of the best folk remedies against girisindeki you will find in a separate article on this website.

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    Лечение герпеса у взрослых: полезные советы от дерматологаAnd now I propose to consider traditional remedies to strengthen the immune system of an adult.

    To strengthen the immune system herpes drink fortified drinks from fruits and berries, and also include in your diet vegetables.

    In addition, drink teas cranberries, cranberry, lemon, Echinacea and other plants that have sour taste. They contain vitamin C in its pure form, is very useful for our immune system.

    How to protect your body from erisipela?

    If you haven’t encountered erisipela, it does not mean that it is not in your body. In people with strong immune systems, some types of this disease are asymptomatic. So if you want to make sure that you are not a carrier of the virus, pass the special tests, e.g. ELISA and PCR.

    Prevention of girisindeki adult uninfected people is the following:

  • Avoid contact with ill. Most infectious are people with obvious visible signs of infection. If you see a person with a cold on the lips, try not to close fellowship with him, and in any case not kiss and do not use his personal belongings. If you live with a person-carrier of herpes, in the period of acute refrain from sexual contact, and ask him to get separate utensils (Cup, fork/spoon, plate) and towels.
  • Abstain from unsafe sex. Barrier contraceptives may not always protect against herpes, but in the case of intimate infections are the single most reliable protection. In addition, pay attention to the condition of the genital organs of the partner. If there is a specific herpes rash, contact should be abandoned.
  • Behave carefully in public places and try not to touch the surfaces. Virus-the agent provocateur of girisindeki not very survivable, but may temporarily live on a variety of surfaces. After visiting public places, such as toilets, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Try not to touch the surfaces of toilets, if they have no disposable pads.
  • People who have faced a herpes infection definitely will encounter again in the future.

    To delay the relapse, try not to SuperCool, regularly strengthen your immune system, eat right, give up bad habits, protect from direct sunlight.

    To provoke a relapse may be any stress, even a little experience. So try to maintain your nervous system and protect it from the stressful shocks.

    That’s all, dear friends. I hope I answered all your questions about the treatment of erisipela in adults.

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    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)