Treatment of herpes in Moscow

Dear readers, welcome to the website about health and beauty skin! Today I will tell you where to go treatment of herpes in Moscow.

You will learn where to go and which specialist I have to go or how to find that person quickly, without leaving home. Happy reading!

How to choose the hospital and doctor?

Лечение герпеса в МосквеThis is a very important question, because at the present time a lot of charlatans and fraudsters who drain you finances, but did not eliminate the problem.

By the way, count on the fact that herpes will be cured completely is not necessary, as this infection is today considered incurable.

But conscientious doctor, you at least will prescribe the right treatment based on your individual needs, making herpes heal faster, will not go into complications and will not give recurrences are common. So, treating herpes in Moscow?

The most common forms of girisindeki treated in any Moscow clinic, even in public institutions. So do not hesitate and do not be afraid to contact them.

By the way, to pass tests in any laboratory, public or private. Decide for yourself what you prefer better. But if you have a custom form, then have to find a narrow specialist.

In the modern time to choose a doctor and make an appointment to see him, you can easily online from the comfort of home. To do this, search the Internet for special services.

With the help of these services you will not only find a dermatologist, but read the reviews, talk with other patients, if you like, make an appointment and find out the nearest treatment centre.

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The advantages are obvious: you don’t have to stand in line with people who knows what, and you will save your time.

Similarly you can find any specialist, not just a dermatologist. Personally, I always use online services if I need a doctor.

It is very convenient, I tell you, and significantly saves time and valuable our nerves. Try, too, so you service like it!

What kind of doctor you need, if you have the herpes?

It all depends on where it appeared the sore. Often require a dermatologist, since in most people the herpes occurs on the skin: lips, body, face, limbs.

At the present time to find a dermatologist quite easy, the main thing is to choose really qualified and honest specialist.

How to choose the perfect doctor and the clinic for the treatment of herpes, we’ll talk a little later, but for now let’s examine a situation in which treatment is required.

When the treatment of girisindeki becomes necessary?

If you have normal immunity, it is likely that you have herpes will recur at most 3 times a year, while you’ll recover very quickly.

The most innocuous form of such infection is the common cold on the lips, if she develops in a standard form.

But, unfortunately, not always girisindeki can be called a relatively safe and harmless. In some cases, the patient really need treatment, namely these:

  • If the infection is genital. Why this need to go to the hospital, you ask? I think the answer is clear. Reproductive system is one of the most important systems of the human body, and the infection is herpes type can negatively affect it. With genital disease should go to the gynecologist if you’re a woman or urologist if you are a man. In addition, suitable doctor, as genital herpes is considered an STD.
  • If the recurrence of girisindeki happen too often. Above mentioned, the number of relapses per year is considered normal. If you have a sore appear more often, then your immune system that something is wrong. If you don’t want to live with herpes all the time, then go immediately to the dermatologist.
  • If the herpes becomes a non-standard form becomes keratoconjunctivitis, sycosis, extensive skin lesions. Transfer of herpes from one form to another indicates that your immune system has ceased to control the virus in the body, which means that something is wrong.
  • If there’s a recurrence of the chickenpox – herpes zoster. Without treatment, this problem almost always goes into posterino neuralgia capable of hurting people over the years.
  • If you have a relapse or the first outbreak of the infection, and while you are pregnant. This infection threatens the child in the first place, as well as the expectant mother due to her weakened immune system.
  • If you have an immunodeficiency, for example, you HIV-positive people, AIDS patient undergoing surgery or cancer patient.
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    By the way, at the present time it is possible to make prevention of herpes using a special antiherpetic vaccine.

    Vaccination is carried out only in a hospital, and the vaccine itself – a rarity in our country, so you’ll have to queue, what you can do too, only in the clinic.

    See, not all that difficult and scary as it seems. So if you are concerned about erisipela, then don’t expect miracles, but you better find a good doctor in Moscow or in your city and enjoy a treatment of your problem.

    Hope you listen to my advice. Good health and see you soon!

    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)