Treatment of herpes: the effective methods

Hello, dear friends! Tortured herpes so that there are no more forces to suffer its symptoms? Don’t know how to treat herpes?

Then read this article where I will talk about what drugs and folk remedies are used against various forms of girisindeki for quick treatment.

Why treat herpes?

Лечение герпеса: рассматриваем эффективные методыOddly enough, but I am often asked this question by my patients. In various information sources can be found information about what herpes is the adult help on their own without treatment in a few weeks.

It is, but who are you to guarantee the absence of complications? Without treatment, any infection may follow an abnormal path of development.

The usual sore on lips may become a severe generalized lesions covering not only the lips but also the mucous membranes in the mouth, throat, and skin on other areas of the face.

You don’t want to face the complications of herpes? By the way, most complications occur in children who have erisipela occurs no less than adults.

Look closely at the symptoms of herpes in the photo. Did you like live with them? Of course not, therefore, necessarily need to be treated, as the treatment speeds up the healing process of herpes rash. And treatment will provide us with the following advantages:

  • reduce the frequency of relapses (the normal number of relapses – no more than 3 per year, and with treatment there will be even less).
  • weaken the severity of symptoms (instead of huge sores, you will have a small wound, fast healing);
  • to protect the child from intrauterine infection and, as a consequence, from postnatal complications (this applies to pregnant women who need to be treated required).

Modern treatment

This is done using:

  • Antiviral drugs. Their action is directed on the termination of activity of the virus-provocateurs. Details about antiviral I’ll tell you in this article and how to use them.
  • Immunostimulants. The main cause of relapse is the decrease in the protective properties of the immune system, so if relapses occur too often in the first place, it is necessary to strengthen the immune system.
  • Of folk remedies. To be honest, I’m against such treatment, or rather not totally against that, but I just doubt its feasibility. It seems to me that folk remedies people use for complacency when you’re afraid to go to the doctor and start treatment. If you like, you can try folk protivovirusnye funds (at the end of the article I listed), but keep in mind that the effectiveness of such treatment is significantly inferior to traditional.
  • Now let’s look at each item in detail. Want to know what the antiviral medication I recommend for my patients? By the way, treatment of herpes (any) at home.

    The exception may be cases when the infection becomes complicated or develops in a person with immunodeficiency. Thus ill be sure to determine to the hospital and treated there under strict supervision of doctors.

    But we such cases will not be considered, and it is better to pay attention to the standard when herpes develops in women or men have in common form.

    Antiviral medications – what to take and how?

    I especially like the following medications:

    • Acyclovir in any form;
    • Valacyclovir;
    • Famvir;
    • Panavir;
    • Fenistil Penciler.

    Let’s start with Acyclovir, which arose before the others and is considered particularly effective against herpes simplex on the lips, on the face, as well as in the area of genitals (genital herpes):

  • Release form – tablets (that they often prescribe), ointment, solution for injection.
  • Method of administration the tablets 200-400 mg 5-3 times a day for 5-10 days (dosage for adults and children 12 years of age). The ointment is applied directly on the problematic area five times a day until complete recovery. The solution for injections is used rarely and only in cases when treatment is performed in a hospital.
  • Contraindications – individual intolerance of the drug. And I would not recommend antivirals (everything) children under 12 years due to high toxicity.
  • Side effects – allergic variety, as well as signs of intoxication, such as nausea, diarrhea, etc., Occur mainly after severe overdose. If you feel these effects, then immediately stop the treatment, rinse the stomach if drank the drug recently, and run to the doctor!
  • In the period of breast feeding Acyclovir is not used, but for pregnant women it is periodically prescribed, but only if the risk is less important than the benefits.

    Now consider a more modern – Valacyclovir

    It is effective against herpes zoster, genital herpes, herpetic stomatitis and the standard of colds on the lips. Below you can see basic information about the Valacyclovir:

  • Form is available in tablets, each 500 mg of active substance. This form is the most convenient, so often used.
  • Method of application times a day adult dosage varies from 250 mg to 2000 mg. Often the drug is taken at 500 mg/twice a day, but before treatment is necessary to consult a doctor who will advise on the dosage and treatment regimen for you.
  • Contraindications are the same as the previous medication.
  • Side effects: similar to Acyclovir.
  • The only thing different this medication from a previous, this is effective against modern strains of herpes viruses, which can’t handle the Pressure.

    Famvir is more modern protivovirusnyh medication

    I personally like more than the others. It is effective against all forms of infection, as well as against postherpetic neuralgia provoked by herpes zoster on the body. About Famvir you can say the following:

  • Available in the form of tablets with different content of active substance – from 125 mg to 500 mg.
  • Method of application is determined based on the shape of herpes. If the infection on the lips, then accepted 500 mg/three times a day for weeks. If the intimate area,
  • then 250 mg as many times. If you want to cure neuralgia and shingles, then 500 mg/three times a day for weeks.

  • Contraindication is hypersensitivity to Famciclovir is the main component of Famvir.
  • Side effects appear mainly because of intolerance, including nausea, disorders of stool, allergic skin rash, and abdominal pain.
  • So, these are my last two antiviral:

    Panavir and Fenistil penciler

    These medicines most often are used externally in the form of ointments, creams, and sprays.

    Лечение герпеса: рассматриваем эффективные методыPanavir in the form of ointments should be applied from the first days of disease 5 times a day a thin layer, and continuing treatment until complete disappearance of symptoms.

    If this drug doesn’t fit you, then most likely, the skin will appear allergic reaction. Panavir cannot be used during pregnancy, lactation and for the treatment of children.

    Fenistil penciler represents the main local analogue of Famvir. Advertising promises us that the rash on the lips that medicine will deliver very quickly – in just four days.

    It’s true, I checked on personal experience, but to achieve this result you need to start treatment immediately after the occurrence of the first herpes symptoms (discomfort that is felt the day before the rash).

    Use Fenistil penciler in the form of ointment is necessary so: to put on the problem areas every 2 hours.

    Here we deal with viral, and now let’s move on to Immunostimulants. By the way, these include:

    • drugs based on human immunoglobulin;
    • medication with interferon and its inductors.

    Treatment of herpes immune system of the body

    Stimulation of immunity is necessary only to people with immunodeficiency, as well as young children and the elderly, whose immune system works not very well.

    Dosages and regimens of these drugs determines only the treating specialist, so I will not describe them in the article. And here is a list of the most popular Immunostimulants want to show you.

    In the list of the most popular Immunostimulants include: Taktivin, Imunofan in cancer, Leukinferon, human Interferon, interferon, Glutoxim, Timogen, Tilorona.

    Other drugs against herpes

    As mentioned above, children take antiviral is not recommended due to high risk of side effects. And what, then, is to treat children from herpes?

    Typically, the treatment of children is the use of antibacterial and antiseptic local drugs (ointments) to prevent additional infection wounds and promote healing. Such ointments include:

    • tetracycline – used when the rash begins to fester;
    • eritromicina – dries and heals;
    • temporanea – relieves inflammation and itching.

    Unfortunately, is herpes a rash is not the only symptom of girisindeki (certain types of herpes, such as illness due to type 6, herpes viruses, occur without rash, but with secondary symptoms).

    More patients experience extreme temperature change, headache, weakness.

    To deal with these symptoms by using analgesics: Aspirin, Paracetamol, Indomethacin, as well as using sedative drugs: Diazepam, Finlepsin, Fevarin. Such medicines prescribed by a doctor, if necessary.

    People’s treatment of girisindeki: what tools are worth a try?

    If you like folk treatment that really works then try a folk remedy from the list:

  • Any conifer essential oil – apply to the rash as often as possible until complete recovery. Pine oil will eliminate itching and discomfort, making the rash is not so much to disturb.
  • Aloe juice or Kalanchoe – these plants have the same efficiency. You can use the juice or pulp of the leaves. Treat the problem areas three times a day. I recommend you use only fresh leaves, and to have had the opportunity, grow the above flowers home on the windowsill.
  • Common salt is a strange remedy, but it really works. Rash sprinkle with salt and leave it for a few minutes. Do this morning and evening, if you want to quickly get rid of cold sores.
  • Heart drops – you can take any, but it is better suited Valokordin. Apply it instead of the ointment and the rash then will not bother.
  • Ice best remedy for genital infections. Ice will not cure the rash, but will greatly reduce the discomfort thanks to the cooling properties. Wipe problem areas with ice (make it from filtered water or herbal decoction of chamomile, for example), and then they will be less disturbed.
  • Egg protector – remove it very carefully from the inner surface of the eggshell to make a piece that will last for the rest of your rash. Put tape on the problem areas and wear it until you get bored. It is easier to do at home.
  • Garlic – RUB garlic clove problem. If you do this before the appearance of rash, then maybe the rash did not appear.
  • To boost immunity and to remove the secondary symptoms of erisipela, drink herbal teas of chamomile, thyme, raspberry, motherwort, juniper, Melissa, Adonis, St. John’s wort.

    All the herbs can be found in the pharmacy in ready to drink form. Brew their tea instead and drink throughout the day. Personally, I like chamomile teas, since they feel just fine.

    I also drink a decoction of rose hips for immunity. Try it and you, if you do not want to face a recurrence of girisindeki often.

    Now you know how to treat cold sores of various kinds. Hopefully, the article you’ve found the perfect treatment method for yourself, but always consult with your doctor if you are going to be treated.

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    Author: Ksenia Borisova (dermatologist)

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