Treatment of ringworm folk remedies: 15 the most effective recipes

Лечение стригущего лишая народными средствами: 15 самых действенных рецептовGood day, dear readers! Folk medicine in our days has regained popularity and for every disease there are at least a few recipes without medication.

Same goes for denying. Today, we have collected all the most effective methods that have been successfully used since our grandmothers.

And let’s see how to start a ringworm and what on the body may receive elsinoe spot?


The disease begins with red spots with a diameter of one to two inches. With the course of the disease the lesion is changing: he becomes wet, covered with small scales.

The incubation period is usually two weeks, and the first plaques occur on the scalp.

If you immediately begin treatment, more spots may not appear. A characteristic feature of the pathology is broken when the roots of the hairs.


Лечение стригущего лишая народными средствами: 15 самых действенных рецептовRingworm develops on the skin due to fungal pathogenic microflora, which has successfully taken root and begun to multiply on the epidermis.

The fact that the fungi feed on keratin which is situated in the upper layers of the skin.

This disease is the most pervasive of all existing diseases of the skin and you can get it through contact with a sick person or animal.

Most often it is common in children due to the fact that children in the team are in close contact. Another infection occurs through household items and hygiene.

The classic treatment of the disease

Doctors offer us a simple scheme, which consists of the following:

  • all hair is removed from the surface of the plaque;
  • the processing solution of iodine every day in the morning;
  • treatment antifungal ointment in the evenings.
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Offer you to watch an interesting video about the treatment of this disease:

Folk remedies

Лечение стригущего лишая народными средствами: 15 самых действенных рецептовRingworm unpredictable pathology that not every scheme will operate at one hundred percent. Sometimes we need to find alternative methods of getting rid of him.

Here we come to the section which will tell you how and what is the treatment of ringworm of the popular methods.

Similar recipes have been preserved quite a lot. We will offer you the most effective of them and choosing the suitable product for yourself, you can get rid of pathology quickly.

  • Garlic. It is ground into mush and wrapped in gauze or bandage, is applied to the site of inflammation for a short time. You should try not to get on healthy skin.
  • Raisins. Berry split in half and pulp RUB the plaque of lichen several times a day.
  • Smoking tobacco. They also several times a day sprinkled sore spot.
  • Gum plum in the amount of one teaspoon dissolved in three tablespoons of vinegar, also used for lotions morning and evening.
  • Tincture of green walnut is used for three times a day wiping lishainik places. It is prepared by grinding 50 g of unripe fruits of walnut and 300 g of vodka. To insist in the dark at least ten days.
  • Of ripened sunflowers and remove all seeds and the hat burned. The ash is diluted with clean water to a mushy state. Plaque is smeared, morning and before bedtime.
  • The mixture of the combustible sulphur and wood oil is applied to the stain with a thick layer and not washed off by anything for three days. Also do not apply any other creams these days. The advent deprive the appointed time should pass, otherwise such treatment is repeated for another three days.
  • A decoction of celandine. It can be prepared, the Gulf of boiling water a handful of herbs and insisting half hour or an hour. With the defeat of the extensive region it is possible to take a bath of broth celandine.
  • Apple cider vinegar. Fresh undiluted vinegar in the form of lotions 7-8 times a day including at night.
  • Depriving pouring hot water for three minutes three to four times a day for about two weeks.
  • Cranberry juice for wiping or pulp in the form of compresses at night, apply for ten days.
  • Garlic and birch charcoal. First wipe the stain with garlic, and after fifteen minutes you need to RUB it crushed birch charcoal mixed with burdock root.
  • Notebook sheet roll into a cone and ignite on the plate, resulting in black soot, also called paper the fat, wipe the lesion two to three times a day.
  • Ringworm, which is obtained from animals susceptible to treatment by rubbing a piece of rye flour.
  • Sweating Windows when weather changes can be removed and greased shingles, it is necessary to do as often as possible, just to lubricate again and again after drying.
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    Лечение стригущего лишая народными средствами: 15 самых действенных рецептовSuch methods we have listed not all, but the point is that any chosen treatment of the disease at home successfully heal any complexity in the form of ringworm.

    The main thing is methodically following the recipe and the recommendations for the number of repetitions. Preferring one of the methods must ispolzovaniem to the end and recovery will not be forthcoming.

    Also, do not forget about the strengthening of the immune system through proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle in General.

    The diet should be composed so that was excluded products-allergens, you don’t need to overeat and get carried away with empty carbs.

    It is important to respect the day and sleep the required eight hours a day. It would be nice to do the basic exercises and walks in the fresh air. I wish you health and a strong immune system!