Treatment of warts folk remedies: effective recipes for home cooking

Лечение кондилом народными средствами: эффективные рецепты домашнего приготовленияHello, all who have dedicated a few moments of their health and willing to find actual information on our website!

Today I will talk about the possibilities of traditional medicine, with which you will be able to overcome a common disease, papillomas, or condylomas.

Unconventional treatment

Traditional methods always attract. First, they are available, secondly, the more secure the rational use.

Patients who have tried a large Arsenal of medicines, ready to use anything to get rid of unpleasant annoying growths on the skin.

Treatment of warts folk remedies are selected individually, in this case this is related more to skin type, prevalence of the process, the presence of contraindications.

The forms are available from gruel, decoctions, lotions, compresses, tinctures, and a mixture for internal use.

But first I want you to recommend a book «the Treatment of warts folk methods.» The book describes the full course of treatment, thanks to which you 2-3 months to get rid of warts.

The book also has a special program to maintain the immune system as the virus manifests itself is when the decrease in the protective forces of the body.

The use of garlic

Лечение кондилом народными средствами: эффективные рецепты домашнего приготовленияGarlic can be applied both in pure form and to prepare various mixtures. At night, apply the slices of garlic on the warts, or just during the day several times to lubricate them with the juice of the plant. Treat with caution, so as not to damage the surrounding skin.

The prescription remedies for removing warts on the intimate places per 100 ml. of red wine, take 50 ml juice of green Apple, two cloves of garlic and half a lemon.

The lemon should be grated on a small grater with the skin, then pour the warmed wine and Apple juice. To this mixture, squeeze the garlic.

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Leave to infuse for 3 hours. Then filtered through a double layer of cheesecloth. This drug is administered orally once a day, it enhances immunity, protects the body from malignant tumors, which sometimes happens when condylomatosis.

What will Sookie?

Лечение кондилом народными средствами: эффективные рецепты домашнего приготовленияJuices can be a help in the treatment of warts. A long time used the juice of celandine, as well as an alcohol tincture from it. Two or three times a day to the build-up applied the juice of the plant. When it dries, repeat the procedure two more times.

Will also help the fresh juice from sour apples. It is used topically by rubbing the wart several times a day.

These are not the only plants that can be used as an effective remedy to combat warts.

You can replace them with aloe, small duckweed, dandelion, pineapple and grape vines, that is, those plants, which in sufficient quantity contain organic acids.

Juices can be used inside. For example, the fresh juice of potatoes. Drink twice a day, morning and evening on an empty stomach.

Better suited red potatoes. It is cut one way (grinder or a grater), squeeze the juice through cheesecloth and drink 2 months.

Onion and egg

Лечение кондилом народными средствами: эффективные рецепты домашнего приготовленияTo display manifestations of human papilloma virus using chicken egg, but rather, it is the protein that’s just grease build-up.

Onion is used after soaking in vinegar at the table for two hours. Then the onion is cut into pieces of desired size, place on warts, and on top put a band-aid. The treatment course is 7 days.


How to get rid of growths with the help of Kalanchoe? The leaves of the plant are crushed, the pulp is applied to the affected area and the top cover with bandage and plaster.

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This thing works a further 6 hours, after which it needs to be replaced. Can be alternated with slurry of ash.

Other recipes recommended for the treatment of:

  • For the reception inside: in a glass of boiling water teaspoon of dry burdock, half an hour insist, strain and drink up to 4 times a day;
  • Green tea with Melissa. The grass is brewed in 300 ml. of water, at the rate of 2 tablespoons. Tea just drink during the day, the next day to make fresh;
  • Flowers marigolds give a good result. A tablespoon of dry raw material, brewed in a glass of boiling water, drink a tablespoon times a day;
  • Elecampane root boil and drink prepared remedy once a day a tablespoon;
  • Against papillomas on the genitals need to use a less aggressive components: one part chamomile flowers pharmacy to take one part of the herb St. John’s wort. Herbs are mixed in equal proportions, brewed and allowed to brew for a day. Then strained infusion added to warm water makes bath for 10 -15 minutes daily;
  • Flower rabbit cabbage for the preparation of a slurry, which is applied to the growths covering the top with a bandage and a patch.
  • Rowan. The need to collect berries after the first frost, wash and allow to dry from moisture. Then they are grinded into mush. To use: put on the affected area, secure with a bandage and plaster.
  • Лечение кондилом народными средствами: эффективные рецепты домашнего приготовленияGenital warts specialists belong to one of the most frequent manifestations of common human papilloma virus.

    In recent times HPV is considered a sexually transmitted disease. It is on the genitals of men and women see the first signs of disease: mushroom-like growths that can resemble the strings, placed on the leg.

    Manually delete prohibited for several reasons: you do not get rid of completely from the cells of the papilloma, and tear off only part of her that will trigger rapid growth of new growth, also through time, on clean skin, new foci, the infection spreads rapidly if disturbed, and may degenerate into malignant tumors.

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    In men, the most dangerous are genital warts the urethra. They are sometimes deeply, blocking the normal flow of urine.

    In this case, the mandatory procedure is to remove them surgically. Not always folk remedies can relieve you from the symptoms of the disease.

    In women genital warts tend to be located in the area of small and large labia. It is primarily dangerous to the fetus.

    During delivery, the children get the virus from mother that in the future may cause the development of severe diseases such as papillomatosis of the larynx.

    Condylomata anogenital area often becomes the cause of bleeding, trauma, disorders of urination and defecation, difficulties during sexual intercourse.

    The growth of warts contributes to a moist environment, violation of rules of personal hygiene, the presence of concomitant infections of the genital organs.

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    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)