Treatment pink lichen folk remedies: recipes and cooking methods

Лечение розового лишая народными средствами: рецепты и способы их приготовленияThe word deprive most people there is a concern because the name of the disease is associated with transmissibility and baldness.

In fact, ringworm is a group of dermatological and infectious diseases, which appear almost the same.

Today in our article we will talk about pink lichen, the nature of which is not precisely determined, but a significant role is given to primary infection and subsequent allergic reactions.

About the disease

Pink versicolor Gibert — is a kind of dermatosis that manifests erythematous spots and peeling.

Often, pink zoster is a complication of diseases such as SARS, intestinal infection and after vaccination.

The disease has spring-autumn seasonality, characterized by allergic activity.

How to recognize shingles?

Лечение розового лишая народными средствами: рецепты и способы их приготовленияThe disease begins with the appearance of round or oval spots. It has a red color, the edges are precisely defined and slightly swollen.

The center may be sunken and appear on its surface delicate scales. The primary lesion often occurs in a single amount on any area of the body, but mainly our favourite places – the abdomen, back, chest, hips.

When pink lichen can be associated prodromal symptoms, but often patients do not notice them. Among them in the first place: joint pain, fever and headaches. During the spread of the rash can disturb the chills.

A few days after the appearance of maternal platelets in a patient’s body appear of the subsidiary spots.

That puffy bright pink or maculopapular rash, which in appearance may resemble medallions, as at the center of them is peeling, and the edges are swollen cushion.

A characteristic feature — absent skin lesions of the face and extremities (but there are exceptions).

About the possibilities of folk medicine

Лечение розового лишая народными средствами: рецепты и способы их приготовленияFortunately, pityriasis rosea is not classified as dangerous diseases, but, nevertheless, it is a cosmetic defect and brings patients a lot of trouble.

Against the pathogen in the body produces immunity, so you may notice that after 5 weeks at the place of the red spots were only peeling, therefore, many dermatologists do not see the need for drug therapy.

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Medicine has no drugs that directly affect the pathogen.

So most of the funds that are assigned to the patient aim to relieve inflammation or itching.

In turn, the patient requires patience, adherence to appointments and to prevent irritation of the lesions.

Consider how you can cure ringworm by using folk remedies:

  • Alcohol tincture of celandine. She is ready to sold in drugstores, but you can make it yourself. For this you will need a dark glass container to which you want to tightly pack all the parts of the dried plant (stem, leaves, flowers). Then fill with plain vodka (no additives), close tightly and put away for 3 weeks in a dark place. Each day, take the bottle and shake well. After that time, strain the infusion through three layers of cheesecloth. Received the drug diluted in 10 drops in a spoonful of water and drink before meals. It is also recommended to grease the pockets of depriving 2 times a day this means. The action of drugs based on immune stimulation, so it can be safely used for prevention of colds;
  • Aqueous mixture of zinc. In a glass container mix the following components: talc, glycerin, pure drive and zinc oxide. Began to take each component in 2 tbsp. Obtained the medicine you need to smear the lesions twice a day;
  • Easiest method is RUB — down the spots of lichen decoction of buckwheat. To do this, take a glass of grits, two cups buckwheat, boiled and filtered. Wipe the spots as often as possible;
  • Raw yeast dough. It is best used in the form of sheets, which is applied for 2 hours at the place of inflammation.
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    I recommend to watch a video about people’s methods of treating such types of diseases:

    Patients diagnosed with «pityriasis rosea» necessarily recommended to follow a diet, remembering about the allergic nature of the disease. It is enough to exclude from the diet the following products:

  • Citrus;
  • Chocolate and cocoa;
  • Spirits;
  • Nuts;
  • Black tea and coffee;
  • Eggs.
  • Лечение розового лишая народными средствами: рецепты и способы их приготовленияTo this list you can choose to add those products which, in your opinion, provoke you an allergic reaction.

    It can be nuts, foods with soy protein, fish (especially red), honey and bee products.

    That the treatment was efficient and fast, and to prevent chronic eczema patients are advised not to use the period of exacerbation of wool, synthetic clothes, take shower only, do not dry stiff towels, and Amateur makeup removed for a few months.

    I’ll tell you several methods of treatment pink lichen folk remedies:

  • Apple cider vinegar. The simplest and most common method. Just need to lubricate the areas of inflammation three times a day;
  • The infusion of color elderberry. Take a tablespoon of dry raw pour just boiled water (200 ml.), after half an hour you can begin the treatment: 4 tablespoons three times a day;
  • Ointment homemade dry color of marigold and vaseline. Plants take 10 grams of vaseline 50. Mix and apply three times a day;
  • The pharmacy to buy oil of peach or sea buckthorn and treat the affected areas;
  • Thin cabbage leaf to put any milk product (preferably thick yogurt or sour cream), make a lotion at least 2 times a day;
  • Two berries will help get rid of lichen. It’s a raisin and cranberry. You can use them as a poultice, compress, infusion;
  • Infusion on the yolks of chicken eggs. Two yolk take a half Cup of heavy cream and tar (50 grams). carefully of the components to prepare a homogeneous mass, put on the lesions of lichen three times a day;
  • In boiling water, add birch buds, simmer for another 5 minutes. After 2-3 hours, when the tool rises, it is applied to a piece of gauze or other suitable soft cloth, lubricate all areas of damaged skin. Proportions: per Cup of boiling water take one Cup of vegetable raw materials;
  • A mixture of vegetable oils. To do this, take the peach oil, sea buckthorn, rose hips and Hypericum. Proportions: 2 parts of oil of rosehips and buckthorn, one piece of peach oil and three parts oil of sea buckthorn. Wipe places depriving three times in a day than protect the skin from drying out, relieve itching, reduce inflammation. After a while you will notice the healing of cracks and sores;
  • Home-made decoction of several herbs. Necessary ingredients: birch buds (15 g.), the color of calendula (20 gr.), nettle leaves, peppermint and St. John’s wort 20 g., eucalyptus 15 oz. The resulting mixture is to take 2 grams and pour just boiled water (1 Cup), give another 5 minutes to simmer on very low heat. After straining drink it every day instead of tea.
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    The choice of treatment should not depend on the patient’s wishes, doctor’s advice is obligatory.