Tsetrin Allergy: the rules of the drug

Hello, dear readers! Tsetrin Allergy is often prescribed by allergists. Why? This medication is quickly absorbed by the body and prevents almost all of the symptoms too increased the sensitivity of human body to different types of allergens-provocateurs.

Let’s look at the cure read more and find out how to take it.

Varieties and features

There are two varieties Catrina:

  • liquid medicine;
  • pills.

Цетрин от аллергии: правила применения препаратаThe first option is called «child», as children prefer to drink your medicine in liquid form than in tablets. Otherwise, these varieties are exactly the same.

Tablets are produced in packs of ten, twenty, and thirty stuff and the syrup bottles thirty and sixty ml.

The main component is cetirizine. In one pill ten mg of this component, and in syrup one mg/one ml. So if you want to use the drug in minimal doses, it is better to take the syrup.

Efficiency is the key to successful treatment

The active substance will block the histamine receptors type. Consequently, the produced histamine that creates Allergy symptoms, can’t connect to the receptor intended for him. In the end, the Allergy stops:

  • pain;
  • itching;
  • nasal congestion;
  • cough;
  • edema.

In addition, the tool has a heavy duty anti-inflammatory action, which is important to fight against allergic diseases. Applying it in courses, it is possible to prevent the development of bronchitis with allergic cough.

You can also reduce the severity of skin reactions if you are allergic to the sun. To further reduce the inflammation if you are allergic to bee venom.

Цетрин от аллергии: правила применения препаратаHow fast is it? This issue is very important for the allergic. The effect of Catrina starts in twenty minutes after ingestion.

The effect remains for a day (on average), so in many cases it is sufficient to drink one pill a day. Read more about how to drink and how long you can take, read on.

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Treated correctly, given the instructions

In the instructions for use written that the drug (regardless of form) must be drinking the oral. The syrup can be given children from the age of two. Pills is prescribed only six years old.

The reception it is better to make the evening or just before going to bed. In standard reactions, for example, on the bloom or on the fluff, a single use of medications. If the Allergy is severe, the dosage may be increased.

How to treat syrup?

It all depends on age category:

  • age from two to six — five ml (can be divided into a couple of times for two and a half ml);
  • from six and older for ten ml.

Цетрин от аллергии: правила применения препаратаBan on therapy may be only the intolerance. If you are allergic to the drug should immediately stop to drink and to go to the hospital. If suffering is going to pass the test Prika (allergodil), the use of the syrup should be discontinued for three or four days prior to analysis.

If it Needs to be combined with Theophylline, the duration of effectiveness increases and becomes more than a day.

How to be treated with pills?

In this situation, the number of medication is the same for children from the age of six and adults. Pills are recommended if symptoms of the disease appeared in abundant quantity on the face or on the skin in General. Usually drink one pill in which ten mg of the active ingredient once a day.

Features of therapy

Цетрин от аллергии: правила применения препаратаDuring treatment Allergy the above medication is to avoid alcohol in any form. In combination with the alcohol really Helps, it leads to drowsiness, fatigue, loss of appetite, lethargy.

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These side effects can occur without alcohol, so the period of therapy is necessary to say «no» to driving transport, difficult work, requiring concentration and ultra-fast reactions.

Excess dosage — the consequences

This unpleasant phenomenon may occur if you take from three to six tablets. In case of overdose a person feels:

  • itching;
  • constant desire to sleep;
  • urinary retention;
  • tremors;
  • lethargy.

Treatment of overdose is a method of removing the treating substance from the stomach (lavage). Hatching and nursing the baby to drink when sick is strictly prohibited!

How many days into therapy?

A treated Allergy the question always arises: how many days to drink the medicine? In a situation with Catrina it all depends on many features, the main ones are:

  • the severity of the disease;
  • what provoked.

Thus, to relieve sudden Allergy this medication need to drink a week or two. If you want to prevent disease, the treatment will last a month and a half. Physicians are advised to prevent long enough for a potentially threat for allergies period.

If the medicine is prescribed against asthma of the bronchial type, the treatment will last two to three weeks. Children who are prone to allergies, you can give the syrup three or four times a year to protect from disease.

Which is better?

Цетрин от аллергии: правила применения препаратаTo the question: which is better, side effects of the drug or Effective, is difficult to answer, since these medications belong to the same species antihistamines. Moreover, they occurred almost simultaneously, and for a long time. The only difference is the price.

Packing Catrina (the average number of pills) worth 10% less than the same package of side effects of the drug (price 250-190 rubles). If you need effective and affordable but, it is better to give preference to that referred to in article.

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Effective dog allergies in Pets

An interesting additional feature of the described medicament is able to treat them allergic reactions in dogs. In a strong attack pet can be given ¼ tablets, but with a weak or prevention — ½.


Цетрин от аллергии: правила применения препаратаAs Effective helps from various types of extreme sensitivity, the feedback is always positive.

Negative they can only be in those situations if the dosage is picked up incorrectly. Many have noted the speed and duration of the effect. Read more about Citrine you can learn by watching a video.

That’s all the information about the unique antihistaminic means, the popularity of which is due to efficiency. Share read social. networks with your friends, and if you do not want to miss the new articles, I advise you to subscribe to updates of the website. All the best to you!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)