Types of herpes: what are and how to diagnose?

Hello, dear readers! What types of herpes you know? Surprised that this disease is a kind? Actually, herpes is not just banal «cold» on the lip. It can be very diverse, hitting different parts of the body and provoke severe complications.

At the present time, scientists know the 8 types of herpes viruses, each of which triggers a separate illness.

The most common and famous is the «facial» herpes

Виды герпеса: какие бывают и как правильно их диагностировать?It is easy to guess that this type affects the skin on the face. Its characteristic symptom is a fine rash in the form of folderico on the lips.

Except the lips, the disease can affect the cheeks, the mouth, the area around the eyes. Recently it became known that the virus provocateur (1 species/type) is able to settle down on the intimate organs.

What symptoms accompany the disease? In General, the symptoms common to all types of herpes and it looks as follows:

  • the affected epidermis or mucosa swell, get itchy, creating discomfort;
  • on the affected place up small pimples-Valderice located grouped;
  • the rash gradually Matures and is opened;
  • in its place appears a sore, from which oozes a liquid;
  • gradually, the wound is covered with a crust;
  • all of the above accompanied by discomfort, itching, burning, pain.

The most dangerous is the primary infection, especially if the disease occurs in children. The catch can newborn, and fetal. This contamination is fraught with serious complications on the Central nervous system, brain, etc.

After the first outbreak, the virus moves to nerves (type 1 prefers the trigeminal nerve) and falls asleep. Under favorable conditions, he may Wake up and be activated. Sometimes re-precipitation (exacerbation).

To cause exacerbation can a variety of factors, such as hypothermia, decreased immunity, stress, overheating of the body, chronic diseases.

Sexual or genital infection

Виды герпеса: какие бывают и как правильно их диагностировать?Sexual or genital herpes this species is due to the fact that it affects the mucous membranes and the skin of intimate areas. It provokes 2/type of herpes viruses.

This disease is transmitted through sex, kissing, and also through everyday — through common items (towels, underwear, etc.).

The sexual form is almost no different from the usual — after the flash goes to sleep and at any moment may resume its activities.

Relapses (recurrence of illness) happen every 3-4 months, depending on the state of the human immune system.

Infection of this disease during pregnancy often leads to intrauterine infection of the child.

Shingles herpes zoster is a complication of chickenpox children smallpox

Chickenpox and herpes zoster were caused by same agent — 3 type of herpes viruses. Ill with smallpox again can only be purchased shingles and, if conditions are favorable for virus activation.

Виды герпеса: какие бывают и как правильно их диагностировать?This disease behaves is very interesting and specific. Ill have on the body appears itchy nasty rash, on the spot where, if her comb, a cicatrix or scar.

Smallpox ill mostly children, the child it develops much easier than adults.

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After recovery type 3 viruses sent to the intercostal nerves and there falls asleep. In old age or when the weakening of the immune system it can become active and cause shingles a form of herpes.

By the way, if a healthy person without a history of smallpox in the past, to communicate with patients ringworm, he will catch it with smallpox.

Herpes disease Epstein-Barr

This kind of herpes disease is accompanied by specific symptoms that can be confused with classical angina:

  • high temperature resistant;
  • the increase in cervical lymph nodes (inguinal further increased);
  • headaches and dizziness;
  • pain in the larynx;
  • weakness and drowsiness;
  • a characteristic rash on the tonsils and oral mucosa.

The approximate appearance of the disease Epstein-Barr you see in the photo. Additionally, the disease is called mononucleosis infectious origin.

Cytomegalovirus disease herpes nature

Provocateur pathology acts 5 type of herpes viruses in nature. The disease is very common and occurs in 45% of cases.

It can be transmitted in different ways: inside the womb; by air with particles of sputum of the patient; using common household items.

Виды герпеса: какие бывают и как правильно их диагностировать?A person with a normal immune system this form of a herpes infection will be asymptomatic. But if the immune system becomes weakened for any reason, then the pathology will worsen and manifest obvious signs of SARS.

Because of the blurring of symptoms to distinguish CMV from SARS is very difficult (it requires special analyses). The only distinguishing feature is the many rash on the body.

5 type affects not only the skin but also internal organs. He is a constant companion of people with a positive HIV status. Such individuals have acute infection a few times a year.

Rare lymphoproliferative herpes

Viral microorganism type 6 provokes a very rare variety of herpes, which causes different types of lymphoproliferative diseases, such as:

  • lymphoma;
  • exanthema;
  • the lymphosarcoma;
  • hemocytoblasts;

This type of herpes is still not understood completely, so the doctors don’t know what provokes aggravation. There is another lesser known form of herpes, which learned recently.

Scantily herpes fatigue of a chronic nature

This type of infection is triggered by a 7 and 8 viruses (types). According to scientists, these viral microorganisms occurs chronic fatigue syndrome.

Scientists suggest that the above types fall into the human body in early childhood, and then does not manifest itself before the occurrence of favorable conditions.

Favorable conditions for activation of the disease are stress, chronic infectious diseases and more.

Pathology develops slowly, in people with strong immunity may only experience constant fatigue. Additionally, enlarged lymph nodes and there is a characteristic rash, but not always.

The main symptoms of scantily girisindeki look like this:

  • night insomnia;
  • constant day-drowsiness;
  • a constant feeling of fatigue;
  • low-grade fever, which does not break for a long time;
  • depression and apathy;
  • nervous tension;
  • distraction.

Viral microorganism of type 8 has also been associated with some cancer diseases: Kaposi’s sarcoma, primary lymphoma, Castleman disease.

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Who deals with the diagnosis and treatment of various types of erisipela?

If you have symptoms characteristic of the above diseases please contact your GP or a dermatologist (skin rash). When sexually transmitted infection, visit a gynecologist or urologist (if you are a man).

Additionally, you may need to consult a virologist, if such a specialist is in your clinic. To confirm the diagnosis and identify the virus, appointed special tests.

Want to know what? Here is a list of the tests:

Виды герпеса: какие бывают и как правильно их диагностировать?Culture — modern and still expensive, so rarely used. This is the most accurate study that allows with 100% accuracy determine the type of an agent provocateur.

Ill have taken the infected fluid (from lesions), which is then placed in a nutrient medium.

Polymerase chain reaction abbreviated PCR. This method relates to molecular biology and can significantly increase the concentration of certain DNA fragments in the biological sample.

For the analysis of any biological fluids, e.g. blood, urine, fluid from the pimples, saliva, etc. the Advantage of this method is that it can help to identify the infection immediately after infection. In addition, PCR allows to identify clearly the virus.

Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay — ELISA. It can be used to find antibodies to specific viruses in human blood. In addition, the analysis can tell what is the status of infection (acute or sleep) and how long an infection has taken place.

What to do if you have found some sort of herpes disease? Of course, to be treated. Don’t know how is the prevention and treatment of exacerbations? Then read.

The herpes treatment of various pathologies

Виды герпеса: какие бывают и как правильно их диагностировать?The treatment is planned individually, taking into account disease and patient characteristics (age, immune status, etc.). For treatment with antiviral meds in the first place, such as popular Acyclovir.

Drugs are taken in pill form orally or applied directly on a rash in the form of ointments.

In addition to antiviral therapy, cares needs to do to strengthen the immune system. The immune system is strengthened with special medicines or vitamins. Only comprehensive treatment can get rid of the aggravation of the infection quickly.

Unfortunately, to cure girisindeki is completely impossible, as drugs from her yet. But with the help of modern medicine it is possible to achieve long-term remission — asymptomatic course.

Recommendations for the human host of girisindeki:

  • Do not touch rashes with your hands because the contents of pimples is the virus in large volume. The same hands then you touch other parts of the body and carry the disease on them. So the common cold on the lips can be a sexual problem that often happens.
  • Processing local products, such as ointments, realize with the help of special devices. Take a cosmetic stick, a cotton swab or something similar. The tool needs to be disposable, so you do not spread the disease to other parts of the body. If you need treatment outside the home, then take a disposable tool, but be sure to wrap it in an airtight bag.
  • Refrain from sex and other close contact up until the disease is completely gone. It is believed that most infectious being carriers with the aggravated form of the disease. If you have a popped cold sore on the lip or in any other place, then use individual dishes, clothes, means of personal hygiene. Don’t let anyone own towels and personal belongings.
  • When sexual defeat be sure to observe the intimate hygiene wash twice a day special gentle means. Humidity will have a negative impact on the rashes, itching will increase, will cause discomfort and burning. The affected area should always be clean and dry. Wear full underwear as synthetics will further irritate the skin. It should not put pressure and RUB. Change it everyday.
  • Try to avoid direct sunlight. The sun’s ultraviolet rays will cause new rash and will irritate existing ones. Now if you have no signs of infection after abundant sun will surely come. Additionally, avoid tanning salons, saunas. Overheating is contraindicated for you!
  • Try not to SuperCool. The aggravation of the disease often happens after hypothermia, which can happen on the street in winter or banal draught in the room.
  • Avoid stress. Stress will not only cause aggravation, and increase the current infection. Any tension can result in many new lesions.
  • Follow all recommendations of your doctor. If you were prescribed antiviral medication, then be sure to drink a full course. Do not interrupt treatment without good reason.
  • If the itching becomes strong, then in any case do not scratch the rash! Better go over it with a cube of ice (for freezing use clean filtered or boiled water). Regular wetting of the rash with warm water will also help to eliminate the discomfort.
  • When genital herpes is very difficult to dry off with a towel, instead use a hair dryer. Dry carefully so no moisture remains, and then wear underwear.
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    That’s all, dear readers. Now you know what types of herpes diseases exist in modern times. I hope I answered all your questions.

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    Author: Ksenia Borisova (dermatologist)