Urethral warts: treatment, removal

Кондилома уретры: лечение, удалениеTo seek a solution to problems is not always easy, but necessary. When the disease causes a lot of anxiety, wants to get rid of it. But awareness of the possible consequences of the majority leads to a panic and forces you to act immediately.

A common problem today is the human papilloma virus. It contributes to the development of genital warts. This overgrowth of the papillary layer of the epidermis can develop on any part of the genitourinary system. It all starts with small warts that can grow in size, resembling a cockscomb.

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Causes and symptoms of the disease

The virus is most commonly transmitted through sexual contact, but not only. There are cases of infection through everyday life. The use of barrier contraception does not always guarantee full protection. Therefore, it is important to be informed about methods of treatment.

The symptoms of pathology are determined by the location of the entities. Clinically warts urethral manifests itself in the following way:

the sensation of having a foreign body, causing discomfort;
pain when urinating;
itching, burning, redness of the organs;
painful intercourse;
possible bleeding when mechanical irritation.

Education often increases in size, superficially resembling cauliflower. In this case, it can be rather difficult defecation, significantly worsens the psychological condition of women. Demands proper removal of these warts manifest.

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And the possibility of rebirth in the malignant process further stimulates the search for right therapies. To understand how to remove warts in the urethra it is important to consider all the possible ways.

Treatment by physical methods

Permanently get rid of warts impossible. The only way is the use of drugs that support the immune system at a high level. They activate reserve forces of the body, help to reduce the amount of virus.

The next stage – the removal of tumors, reducing the risk of occurrence of malignant processes. To do this, use the methods of high and low temperatures, as well as laser and surgical treatment.Кондилома уретры: лечение, удаление


The use of liquid nitrogen allows to solve the problem quickly and painlessly. Low temperature leads to freezing of the pathological area and his subsequent death. Special preparation for the procedure is not required and the duration of its small.

The positive aspects include painless without the use of anesthesia. Bleeding is also absent, due to simultaneous replacement of dead areas by healthy tissue. The downside is a lengthy healing period (21 days) and the inability to use this method for large pockets of sprawl.


With coagulator the doctor affects warts in the urethra, and then formed a scab. Few days tissues recover. Due to the use of high temperatures, the procedure is performed under local anesthesia.

There is a risk of the appearance of scars, if the doctor touches the healthy tissue. The method is cheap, but is much rarer. This is due to the risk of complications.

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Chemical destruction

Using drugs allows you to remove the tumors without the use of special equipment. The action of concentrated nitric acid is completely safe for the surrounding tissue. After several times visiting the doctor you completely get rid of genital warts in the urethra. Previously affected organs continue to perform their functions.

Laser treatment

Laser photocoagulation is applicable for any location and dimensions of education. Requires local anaesthetic ointments. The tissue is not injured, including the tender mucous membranes, eliminated the formation of scar. This technique allows you to adjust the depth of impact, and area exposure.

Radiohirurhichna method

Кондилома уретры: лечение, удалениеOne of the modern and expensive medical procedures. A beam of high frequency radio waves cuts through tissue without bleeding. Pain is virtually absent, healing occurs quickly and without complications.

How to choose a suitable treatment

The choice of method of removal of warts in the urethra is determined by many factors. If it’s a young woman of childbearing age, comes to the fore the need to preserve the integrity of tissues. In this case, you cannot take risks, because the possibility of scarring will definitely affect the condition of women. This prevents not only the normal sexual life, but also during labor.

The price factor remains important. Consider the individual characteristics of the organism, concomitant diseases, localization of warts. It is important to remember that some methods has its contraindications. In the case of pregnancy it is necessary to choose the safest way of getting rid of warts, as the health issue there are two life.

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How is the period after removal

Whatever method or treatment used, it is important to observe some restrictions. Until the tissue is fully regenerated it is better to avoid sexual contacts that the healing went as well as possible. You need to be protected from mechanical damage. The doctor may also prescribe a complex treatment, which will help to speed up the process, eliminate the occurrence of complications.

Author: Anna Derbeneva, dermatologist.