Urticaria in infants: tips for treatment and prevention

Крапивница у грудничка: советы по лечению и профилактикеHello, dear readers. Unfortunately, hives in children occurs quite often. In most cases, this disease affects children aged from six months to two years.

Despite the fact that children are easier to tolerate a variety of diseases, the situation should always be under the supervision of a physician and parents.

What to do if your baby developed a rash and, most importantly, what drugs and methods would be safe for his health? Let us look at this issue.

As children manifested urticaria?

Крапивница у грудничка: советы по лечению и профилактикеChildren under 1 year, the disease occurs in several forms: acute or chronic.

The acute form develops over a couple of hours after contact with the allergen. It is more quickly to diagnosis and treatment.

The chronic form is manifested in infants is quite rare and fully cured in only half the cases.

Main symptoms is an itchy rash and inflammation, which can cover a large part of her little body.

Just a couple of hours can form such a picture of the disease:

  • Blisters, similar to burns from nettles (often with itching);
  • Different severity swelling of the skin (including angioedema);
  • The likely increase in body temperature, accompanied by symptoms of General malaise.

Provoking factors of the disease

Крапивница у грудничка: советы по лечению и профилактикеThe main cause of any Allergy, including hives, is an inadequate response of the immune system.

Urticaria in infants occurs due to immature and poorly developed immune system, as a result the body becomes sensitive to all kinds of influences.

If the baby is breastfed and he suddenly appeared symptoms of the studied diseases, the culprit is likely a disturbance in the nutrition moms. Likely, she allowed herself the foods that cause allergies: chocolate, oranges, strawberries and others.

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If the baby is on feeding, the cause of urticaria may be the product of complementary foods. Perhaps it is fruit purees, juices, chicken, fish or other food.

What causes urticaria in small children?

  • Крапивница у грудничка: советы по лечению и профилактикеFood allergens;
  • Synthetic or woolen fabric;
  • Pollen;
  • Excessive cold or heat;
  • Chronic infection;
  • Dysbacteriosis. It can be caused by ingestion via mother’s milk Staphylococcus aureus.
  • A stressful situation (for example, when mom’s not home for several days);
  • Medication;
  • Animals.

Most often, in infants there is allergic hives. If you are in doubt about what you have a disease, look at the photo below, which shows what it looks like hives in infants.

Remember, only a doctor can make an accurate diagnosis, therefore, when the first symptoms of the disease, you should immediately contact the clinic.

How to treat the disease?

Крапивница у грудничка: советы по лечению и профилактикеCertainly, every mother has heard about this children’s doctor Komarovsky. It is known that no has a more modern treatment methods, which are often more effective, than the old.

So the first thing he advises in the event of illness – to eliminate contact with chemicals, products, tissue that cause allergies.

If you don’t understand what the kid has this reaction, you have to take a skin test to identify allergens or blood test for the immunoglobulin.

Крапивница у грудничка: советы по лечению и профилактикеPerhaps mom will have to keep a food diary that will allow you to narrow your search products-allergens. If symptoms of disease are not strong, it will be quite a visit to the pediatrician. In more serious situations, you will write a referral to an allergist or immunologist.

If children have acute urticaria, treatment is almost 100% very effective. The doctor will prescribe antihistamines that are allowed for admission in infancy (Fenistil, Zyrtec, Suprastin and their analogues).

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Since the disease affects the immune system and some medications wash the body of calcium. In this case, the baby will be prescribe medications of calcium.

In addition, have the child make the sorbents. It is a drug that absorbs toxic substances in the body. In the case of hives – allergens. The sorbent neutralizes their action. This drug may be Enterosgel, Polisorb, etc.

To restore intestinal microflora after administration of sorbents child prescribe probiotics, and eliminate swelling and itching – special ointments or solutions.

If you have a severe case of hives, then perhaps the appointment of corticosteroid drugs. Take them for a short time and often with the angioedema and anaphylactic shock.

Крапивница у грудничка: советы по лечению и профилактикеThis kind of shot of adrenaline that triggers the body’s own cells to fight allergens. Injections are not more than 3 days, and tablets can take about 2 weeks.

Remember, this drug is sold only by prescription, and greatly depresses the immune system of the child.

In addition, it can cause serious complications, so prescribed if other treatments have not helped.

Unfortunately, all of these funds are not able to eliminate the causes of hives, and are only symptomatic help.

That is why the doctor will prescribe the baby and the mother (if the child is breastfed) hypoallergenic diet. You should also completely eliminate other allergens from contact with infants.

Urgent help in acute urticaria

Крапивница у грудничка: советы по лечению и профилактикеThere are times when rashes appear abruptly and are accompanied by swelling, severe itching, fever and other symptoms.

The most dangerous condition for the baby and for the adult is angioedema.

It is accompanied by difficulty breathing, swallowing, swelling of neck and face, heart palpitations, up to anaphylactic shock.

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In this case, you need to immediately call an ambulance or yourself (if you have your own car) to take the kid to the hospital. Most importantly – do not leave your baby unattended even for a minute.


Крапивница у грудничка: советы по лечению и профилактикеWe all know that baby, especially a newborn must be sterile. As they say allergists, this is the reason the emergence of different manifestations of Allergy, because around toddler little micro-organisms and the body has nothing to fight for.

He has «nothing to do» and he begins to react to the most common substances, as takes them over the harmful.

That is why many doctors recommend after birth to conduct a former way of life: not to wash the apartment every couple of hours, get rid of Pets to reduce contact with other people.

Only in this case the immune system will be sufficiently «loaded» and it will be less to react to different allergens. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)