Vaginal herpes: what are the symptoms and treatments?

Вагинальный герпес: какие у него симптомы и методы лечения?Greetings, dear readers! Have you faced with this disease like vaginal herpes? Additionally it is called intimate, sexual and genital. Every woman can be a carrier of the virus.

Especially dangerous vaginal herpes is for pregnant woman who is preparing to leave. Want to know how is transmitted, how it is expressed and how to treat this disease? If you want, then this article will tell you about it.

What is a vaginal herpes?

Is a viral infection related to STDs. As the name suggests, you can understand that it develops inside the female sex organs.

Causes a virus of the second type (most often), but also may cause the first type of herpes virus, if you get on the mucous membranes of sexual organs. Want to know how does vaginal infection? Then read its signs.

Symptoms of a vaginal herpes infection

This women’s disease consists of several stages, and then develops gradually. We notice already at the stage of the rash and it is not always as vaginal lesions rash will be located inside on the mucous membranes. The symptoms of the disease depend directly on the stage:

  • The initial stage — the symptoms are oiled, they can be easily attributed to the common cold. Slightly increased temperature, a slight body aches, drowsiness and weakness. This phase can last from several hours to 2-4 days. It is mandatory during primary infection and rare in secondary aggravation.
  • Stage of the rash often starts on the third day after the previous one. Rash vaginal infection will be located inside the vagina, so visually it can not be detected. Rashes look like small Valderice located grouped, itchy, and uncomfortable. A woman may notice abnormal vaginal discharge — profuse watery, clear or yellowish color. In addition to the vaginal walls, genital herpes often covers the uterine cervix and the cervical canal.
  • The stage of erosion when the rash Matures, it bursts and turns into erosion. The ripening process takes 2-3 days, and then the woman will feel significant discomfort in the intimate area. It may develop itching and burning inside the vagina, a feeling of dryness or a foreign object.
  • Stage of healing — the symptoms described above gradually goes away, the sores heal, the discomfort disappears. The healing can last up to a week but may be delayed if herpes vaginal infections will bacterial.
  • Now you know what it looks like vaginal herpes illness. And how is the infection?

    Transmission of vaginal herpes

    Вагинальный герпес: какие у него симптомы и методы лечения?The main route of infection in women is sexual. For infection so unprotected sexual contact with an infected man, who must be the worsening or the occurrence of primary infection.

    Simply put, for the infection required viral hearth, which is the rash in the first place, as well as biological fluids suffering from.

    Very rarely, the infection occurs through airborne droplets way. For this it is enough to communicate with the patient who coughs or sneezes. While potential carrier will inject the virus with the particles of sputum.

    In addition, vaginal infection, you can infect yourself. How? It’s simple: viruses provocateurs are transferred into new territory with his hands.

    Let’s say you have jumped a characteristic rash on the lip, you touched and then engaged in intimate hygiene. Touching intimate organs with unwashed hands, you deliver them a virus.

    Вагинальный герпес: какие у него симптомы и методы лечения?Previously it was thought that vaginal herpes is provoking only the second type of viruses, but it is now known that the first causes the common cold on the lips, too, may act within the female reproductive system.

    Oral sex to someone who’s sick, who has a «cold» on the lips, may also lead to infection. See how easy it is to pick up such a disease? That is why it is so common in our days.

    You can be a carrier of the disease and not to confront him. Surprised? The fact that to enable the provocateur vaginal infections need certain conditions. Want to know what triggers an exacerbation?

    The causes of exacerbation of vaginal herpes infections

  • Lack of personal hygiene.
  • Hypothermia — the most common cause.
  • Reducing the protective properties of the immune system.
  • Aggravated chronic diseases.
  • Additional STDs.
  • Pregnancy also can cause worsening vaginal herpes, because during this process, the immune system weakens, to give the body capability to bear a child.

    What are the consequences of vaginal herpes type during pregnancy?

    The most dangerous is first infected during pregnancy. If moms will not be immunity is able to suppress the virus, then it can penetrate to the baby via the placenta and infect it inside the womb.

    Such an event is fraught with serious complications, e.g., cerebral palsy, malfunction of the Central nervous system of the child brain abnormalities, miscarriage (infection in the early stages), the sudden death of the child after birth.

    If intrauterine infection has not occurred, but the disease worsened just before birth, the baby can be infected when passing through birth canal. In such circumstances, women are advised not to give birth in a natural method. Read more about herpes disease in pregnancy you can read in a separate article on this website.

    Complications of vaginal forms of herpes for women

    Вагинальный герпес: какие у него симптомы и методы лечения?

    Despite the fact that the symptoms of the disease are unpleasant and dangerous, in some women, the question arises: what happens if not treated? The answer is obvious: nothing good! Various complications looking for that woman who refused treatment heightened vaginal herpes:

    • cystitis herpes on the background;
    • urethritis;
    • endometritis;
    • salpingitis and other serious illness.

    What to do if you notice symptoms of vaginal herpes lesions? First and foremost, you need to be examined by a specialist. Don’t know who to go to? Of course, to the gynecologist, who will prescribe the tests, conduct a visual inspection and will pick up treatment.

    Treatment of vaginal herpes infections

    Вагинальный герпес: какие у него симптомы и методы лечения?Want to know how to get rid of a rash on the vaginal walls? Unfortunately, completely cure herpes virus infection impossible, since humanity has yet to drug.

    In modern times, you can quickly eliminate the symptoms and drive the disease in a dormant state, so you will achieve long-term remission (asymptomatic period without exacerbations).

    Ill have to take antiviral medication such as: Acyclovir; Valacyclovir; Famvir.

    These drugs are taken orally (tablets) in an individual dosage. You can give them to children, but note that they have a lot of contraindications and side effects. Acyclovir can be found in the form of ointment, which is applied on the affected areas.

    In the case of vaginal herpes ointment is not going to help, so instead it is better to use special immune-stimulating candles, such as:

    Вагинальный герпес: какие у него симптомы и методы лечения?

  • Panavir — part of the nightshade extract and excipients. The drug stimulates the protective properties of the immune system, relieves pain-killers and other unpleasant symptoms, accelerate the healing process of wounds. Created for women with vaginal form of drug. Before using the candles, it is recommended to wash, dry and private, to take a comfortable reclining position. After the introduction of candles need to lie down for 30 minutes to cure the dissolved and digested.
  • Viferon is available only for rectal administration. This drug acts on the immune system in the first place, but rather forces her to work and relieves the symptoms of the disease. Candles are introduced in the anus twice a day for 10 days. Pregnant women are not recommended to use Interferon in the first trimester, and in others, if the benefits outweigh the potential risks.
  • Genferon ® — analgesic, relieves the symptoms and stimulates the immune system medication for vaginal administration. It is used in the same way as the previous, but only vaginally. For prevention, you can put one candle every three weeks.
  • Suppose you do not carry some medications or just don’t trust traditional medicine. What to do in this situation? Vaginal girisindeki can be treated with effective alternative and are available for each means.

    Traditional medicine vs vaginal girisindeki

    Recipes of traditional medicine can be used in any herpetic lesion, including vaginal. The main thing is to choose the most effective of them to not waste time.

    How to cure this disease by using folk remedies? The following are the most effective methods for home treatment:

    Honey tampons — restore the vaginal mucosa, eliminate itching and burning. Make a tampon of sterile gauze and saturate it with 50% honey solution (with water).

    Вагинальный герпес: какие у него симптомы и методы лечения?Make douching (boiled water or a weak solution of manganese), and then enter a tampon and leave overnight.

    In the morning, remove the medium and podmates in the standard way. For a full treatment will require 10-15 treatments.

    Herbal collection for douching — soothes irritated mucous membranes, heals the sores from the rash, relieves itching. Mix in equal proportions chamomile flowers, birch leaves and calendula.

    Tablespoon of the mixture pour a liter of boiling water and leave until cool, then strain the infusion and use for douching. Herbs can be infused separately from each other, if you do not carry one of them. The course of treatment should last until complete recovery.

    Lotions with aloe — soothe, have a powerful healing and a slight antiviral effect. If lesions are located not only in the vagina but on the outside, then they are advised to apply an aloe leaf, cut in half. Can still squeeze the juice from the leaf, dilute it a little with water and make a tampon all night.

    Kalinovo broth — stimulates the immune system, forcing it to protect the body from viruses. Viburnum berries pour boiling water (a tablespoon per liter), allow to sit for 3 hours and take it in the afternoon instead of tea.

    Вагинальный герпес: какие у него симптомы и методы лечения?Echinacea tincture — cheap pharmacy tool that allowed children and pregnant women. A tincture in a dosage of 20 drops need to drink everyday 3 times a day. You can drink water or tea.

    Onion + apples is a powerful antiviral agent. Peel two small onions and one green Apple. Ingredients squeeze juice, and then add two teaspoons of honey.

    Honey can take any, as long as it was fresh. Take the mixture daily 3 times a day a tablespoon.

    Baths (sitting) with medicinal plants. To prepare the bath, and the effect of them is better than other people’s money. You can choose one of these herbs: chamomile, thyme, celandine, Melissa, or to combine these herbs.

    To prepare the bath will need a standard decoction of medicinal plants, as well as individual basin, which nobody else will use. Take sitz baths need everyday for 10-15 minutes.

    Now you know how to treat vaginal herpes infection. After recovery, the woman should follow the prevention. About what she will tell the following paragraph of the article.

    Preventive measures for women

    If you have already contracted erisipela vaginal type, in the future, try not to SuperCool, protect from additional STDs regularly and strengthen your immune system.

    During sex be sure to insist on the use of barrier contraceptives (condoms). Personal belongings, especially hygienic, do not let anyone and do not use other people’s things yourself.

    If you still don’t have it, then always use protection during sex and avoid contact with people who have clear signs of girisindeki. Observe personal hygiene and get a permanent partner that you can trust completely.

    That’s it, dear readers. Examples of herpetic lesions on the sexual organs of women you see in the photo. Read the information to share with your friends in social networks and also don’t forget to subscribe to the updates of the site. Up to new meetings!

    Author: Ksenia Borisova (dermatologist)

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