Vaginal warts: is it possible to get rid of the disease?

Welcome you, dear guests of our website. Many women are faced with a very unpleasant problem – vaginal warts.

What is it, how can there be such contagion in intimate places, and how the whole thing be treated? In these matters we will help you to understand this article.

General information of vaginal growths

Вагинальные бородавки: можно ли навсегда избавиться от болезни?In fact, vaginal warts are benign tumors that come from cells of the mucous membranes or epithelium.

The basis of these nodules are blood vessels and connective tissue, which always acts on the skin. In its form doctors there are several types of intimate warts:

  • Pointed;
  • Flat;
  • Thready.

Causes the occurrence of such warts papillomavirus. It can be contagious and in some cases difficult to treat.

How to determine what you have is a vaginal wart?

Вагинальные бородавки: можно ли навсегда избавиться от болезни?Women who are sexually active, needs to monitor the status of their genitals. All suspicious growths should be diagnosed by a gynecologist.

Vaginal warts appear as flat or rounded seal skin, in appearance resembling a cauliflower.

To appear such growths can around the anus, upper thighs, in and around the vagina. If they are located in the mucous membrane of the vagina, they can be identified by a gynecologist.

This is another reason why every woman needs every six months to check in with your doctor who can see and time to start the treatment of mucosal neoplasms.

You can usually observe multiple cluster of growths. They can become inflamed, and to fester and to be the cause of bad breath.

Such warts are easily injured. While on the surface appear bleeding areas and bright pink erosion.

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Above you see a photo which shows vaginal genital warts.

How is the infection?

Вагинальные бородавки: можно ли навсегда избавиться от болезни?Such education sexually transmitted diseases. The HPV is very contagious so any contact with a sick person, you can become its owner.

Increases the risk of infection and appearance of genital warts unprotected sexual contact with an infected partner.

There are certain reasons that favor the formation of genital warts:

  • A weakened immune system;
  • The presence of several sexual partners;
  • The presence of other sexually transmitted diseases (herpes, etc.);
  • Not knowing what your partner is sick;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Stress;
  • Sex in old age.

Such education can be dangerous, as there is a risk of degeneration into malignant tumor. If you have vaginal growths, the need to regularly take the swab.

This is currently the only way to detect changes in the development of warts through which you can diagnose early cancer of the cervix. Almost 100% of cases if detected early this disease can be cured.

Methods of effective treatment

Вагинальные бородавки: можно ли навсегда избавиться от болезни?It is difficult to say which treatment will be more effective. This can be determined only by the doctor. There are many factors that affect the remedy of genital warts.

If the growths are localized on the outer part of the vagina, they can be removed by cryotherapy, that is burning with liquid nitrogen.

If warts are located on the outer genitals, it is possible treatment with special creams and ointments.

What to do if warts are inside the vagina?

Such growths can be removed only with surgical intervention. For this there is electrocoagulation – the cutting off warts with electric current.

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Also for getting rid of entities, doctors may use laser technology. Such procedures are more costly and perform them should only be a specialist.

Cryotherapy is also suitable for removing internal warts.

Non-surgical treatment

Вагинальные бородавки: можно ли навсегда избавиться от болезни?To remove individual warts, the doctor can prescribe the drug Solkoderm or 80-90% solution of trichloroacetic acid.

These funds have a strong necrotic effect, whereby dissolved proteins cells and tissues receive a chemical burn.

These medicines appoint a doctor, as their incorrect use may cause mucous irreparable harm.

To get rid of warts at home, you can smudge cream Vartek or Condilion. Both of these funds there are contraindications, so it is better to consult before treatment by a specialist.

Traditional methods

Вагинальные бородавки: можно ли навсегда избавиться от болезни?Folk remedies aimed at the treatment of these warts, have a local cauterizing, immunostimulating, antiviral.

For external genital warts fit the juice of celandine. Remember – the juice of this plant is very poisonous, so its use is very carefully.

Fir oil is good for killing viruses. It is enough to drip on the wart 1 drop several times a day. Also can help tincture of propolis and the cut of the leaf, Kalanchoe.

Many tormented by the question whether it is possible to get rid of genital growths. In fact, no one is immune from relapse.

However, if you follow preventive measures to lead a healthy lifestyle, avoid casual sex and to follow personal hygiene, the risk of such entities will be minimized. Be healthy!

The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)