Valver herpes: the rules application and feedback of patients

Hello, my dear friends! You have appointed an Valuer from herpes? What is this drug and why doctors recommend it so often?

Actually, it’s really a highly effective medicine that arose relatively recently and therefore it acts on the virus strains, which can not cope Acyclovir. Let’s examine it in detail and learn how to take.

Against herpes is to drink Valver and what is this drug?

Валвир от герпеса: правила применения и отзывы пациентовThis medicine is created on the basis of Valacyclovir drug, which appeared after the Acyclovir and became more perfect.

Acyclovir, as it is known, has been used for many years and some varieties of herpes viruses developed him immune defenses.

But the drug Valacyclovir has not tired of eating viruses-provocateurs, so react to it absolutely all the agents of girisindeki.

After digestion active substances from the composition described above of the drug to block the virus at the DNA level, causing him to cease to multiply and instantly weakens.

Because of this the human immune system cope with infection and suppresses its much faster than without antiviral drugs.

Valuer assigned to combat the following types of girisindeki:

  • genital;
  • facial (simple);
  • zoster and chicken pox (provoked by the same virus);
  • CMV.

The drug can be used not only for treatment but also for prevention of infection, and if you use it on the first day of the infection, you can even prevent the appearance of the rash.

In what form is produced for Valver and so he stands at the present time? If you are interested in this question, then read the next paragraph of the article.

Price and features antiviral Valvira

The medication is protivogrippoznoj activity is available in tablet form. In the package can be 10 pills or 42 pills. The content of active substance in the tablets also varies from 500 to 1000 mg.

Валвир от герпеса: правила применения и отзывы пациентовMore popular is Valver 500 mg, as it is easier to find the desired dosage.

The price of this medicine starts from 800 rubles for a dozen pills and comes to 2200 rubles for the maximum number of pills in the package.

My patients often ask: «why such a high cost and not wonder if I cry»? The above-mentioned medications she is really high but not too high, as fully justified by the quality and efficiency.

Believe me, you will be more profitable to buy an effective medicine for 800 rubles and cured it for three to five days than to buy a cheap analogue and treated a week or more.

To buy pills, which is dedicated to this article, it is possible in any pharmacy. Originally they were sold only by prescription, but now more and more pharmacies sell them without a prescription. Therefore, to get Valvir you will be easy. Now let’s learn how to make it in different occasions.

Dosage: how to take Valvir against various forms of girisindeki

This medication is universal and has a wide range of actions. In order to make the desired effect, it is important to accept it.

Manufacturer’s recommended dosage indicated in the instructions, but you will not find such detailed information as in this article. Now I will tell you about lichenomphalia everything.

Dosages against different forms of girisindeki as follows:

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  • Against any simple herpes (on the skin or mucous membranes) Valvir limited to one 500-milligram tablet twice a day. If you have experienced the first outbreak, drink a cure 5-7 days, and if the relapse is 3-4 days. During this time, the symptoms will disappear completely, but only on the condition that you will start treatment on the first day of the disease.
  • To prevent any girisindeki (e.g., cytomegalovirus) is defined as the maximum dosage of 2,000 mg once. Spend prevention when the first signs of the disease in the form of itching and discomfort in the affected area have already appeared, and the very rash is the main symptom has not yet had time to jump. If you have time, the rash will not appear. Judging by the reviews, this method really works, but only if done on time.
  • With herpes zoster-shingles taken 1000 mg three times a day. You can drink two capsules of 500 mg, or one with a maximum content of active substance. The treatment lasts one week. If you overcame the chicken pox, then take 500 mg three times a day for 5-7 days.
  • To quickly clean up the sore on lip, drink 2000 mg twice a day. The treatment is carried out one day, and then symptoms of infection should begin to rapidly retreat. Between doses of the drug must be not less than 12 hours.
  • For genital herpes dose for the treatment standard of 500 mg/twice a day until complete disappearance of symptoms. And Valvir taken in such situations to prevent infecting the healthy partner. If you have a genital infection or a CMV infection and don’t want to infect your sexual partner, drink 500 mg/once a day throughout the year. Such prevention is reserved only for virus carriers with normal immunity who have relapses occur no more often than nine times per year. After one year of receiving the virus in your body will weaken so much that will not be able to infect your sexual partners and will not be able to give frequent relapses. Patients who have attended the prevention, argue that the number of relapses they have reduced to 2-3 per year.
  • If you need to reduce the number of recurrences of any other cold sores, then you too can go through the above prevention, but only if you have a strong immune system. People with weak immune system of Valuer is prescribed for the prevention of the dosage is twice a day 250 mg (one half of tablet). Those who have a pronounced immunodeficiency (e.g. HIV-positive), administered at 500 mg/twice a day for 5-12 months.
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    As you know, some drugs need to drink before meals and the other after. What valvira? When it needs to use?

    The efficacy of a drug is not dependent on diet, which is its additional advantage. So drink it when you like, for example, in the morning immediately after waking and in the evening — after coming home from work.

    Assigned if antiviral medication to children and women in the position?

    Валвир от герпеса: правила применения и отзывы пациентовFor pregnant women infected with erisipela extremely dangerous. About this you can read in a separate article on this website. Is it possible to be treated ValueRAM women who bears a child?

    You can, but only if it is advised by the attending physician, since the effect of the drug on the fetus have been studied little and rarely.

    This is understandable, as no sane woman will agree to such an experiment, which might harm her and her child.

    Walver of pregnant women is recommended in extreme cases when the risk is less significant than the benefits. Regimen is chosen for each girl individually. The treatment process is constantly monitored by the doctor and if you experience the slightest of side effects immediately stop.

    And if the above medication be given to children because they too can be erisipela? It is possible, but only after twelve years.

    Before this age is prescribed only symptomatic treatment, as children’s immune system must learn to cope with the infection, otherwise, they will be very frequent relapses. Treatment of children after the age of twelve years is not different from an adult.

    If you will take the drug with antiviral action is wrong, you can face with side effects. Are you curious about what exactly?

    What side effects are usually people complain after the overdose Valvira?

    This drug adversely affects the human body exclusively in overdose. Still cause side effects can individual intolerance of its components. The most common such effects were:

    • nausea to vomiting and discomfort in the abdomen;
    • headache and dizziness, almost fainting;
    • a body rash similar to allergic;
    • cramps;
    • indigestion.

    Other negative effects occur extremely rare even after severe overdose.

    If you don’t want to hurt yourself, then be sure to consult a medical virologist or physician before using medicine and follow the dosage.

    Contraindications: do they have a drug-Valvira?

    Of course, like any other drug. Them a little, but still they are important.

    The above antiviral medication cannot be taken in the following situations:if the patient’s age less than twelve years; if the patient has acute immune deficiency; if the patient has recently undergone a bone marrow transplant, or kidney.

    Counterparts: what kind of medication can be used instead of the above?

    Валвир от герпеса: правила применения и отзывы пациентовLet’s say you do not fit the above medication. Than it can be replaced? At the present time, you can easily find similar effects and composition of the medicine.

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    Have to choose from the following analogues: Valaciclovir, Balticon, Valvir, Virgil, Varova, he needs therapy with valtrex.

    But if you have the opportunity, I recommend to choose Valver, and that you are convinced of its effectiveness, please see reviews about it.

    Natalia writes:

    Валвир от герпеса: правила применения и отзывы пациентовTried this medication for the first time against the sores on your lip. I liked it! Sore was gone in three days, although the last relapse took twice as long. Wonderful medicine, now I will only use them if necessary.

    Victor writes:

    Валвир от герпеса: правила применения и отзывы пациентовI also liked Valir. Was advised by his urologist against genital herpes. Don’t even know how and where I picked her up, stand her I wasn’t going to, so immediately went to the pharmacy, bought the medicine and started taking it.


    Me such treatment fully staged, as the disease has passed over a week without any complications. Any negative effects I have not noticed. After the treatment it’s been six months exactly and repeated herpes I have not yet bothered.

    Maria writes:

    Валвир от герпеса: правила применения и отзывы пациентовTortured herpes on the lips! Didn’t know what to do with it! It appears regularly, six times a year. Immune I have a child with problems, so now he is often weakened, which provokes the return of the disease.


    I did the Acyclovir, because I thought that is the best and only means, but then he stopped to help me. Tried described in the article medicine and it has paid off! Sore was held for five days and did not appear after this six months! I am very happy!

    Anna writes:

    Валвир от герпеса: правила применения и отзывы пациентовBut I’ve this drug does not much like it. Most likely, I’m not so taken, as needed. Tried to use it to prevent the sore on lip, but it did not. After reading the article, I realized that probably just late. Next time will be more careful.


    That’s all, dear readers. If you want to study more reviews about Valvira, then read them in medical forums, and don’t forget to leave your in the comments to this article.

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    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)