Varicose dermatitis of the lower extremities: methods of treatment of the disease

Варикозный дерматит нижних конечностей: способы лечения заболеванияGood day, dear readers! The following article will help you understand this issue as varicose dermatitis medication and folk remedies. As is known, vascular diseases are the first places on the prevalence of, so you can often find the complications associated with impaired blood flow.

This dermatitis, trophic ulcers, impaired innervation, sensitivity, change the skin and much more.

Disease of blood vessels is the primary, but entails unpleasant and quite complicated in terms of treatment complications. Today I will talk about the dermatitis, which are called varicose.

About the disease

Varicose dermatitis is found in patients with vascular disease of the lower extremities. The disruption of blood flow leads to a deficiency of nutrition of tissues, including the skin. The plot is depleted in oxygen and nutrients, becomes swollen, the skin over it thin and shiny. Begin manifestations from the skin of the ankles, spreading to the whole surface of the leg.

Manifestations of the disease

In the first place among the symptoms is itching which is getting stronger by the night. In places of the greatest circulatory disorders visible symptoms of inflammation: redness, edema, skin may flake. Some time later the inflamed areas of the skin become pale brown, rough. Gradually appears oozing. At the sites of inflammation, you may notice spider veins and small ulcers (see photo). Варикозный дерматит нижних конечностей: способы лечения заболевания Patients often complain of the appearance of small bubbles that fade independently. If you do not treat the underlying condition, bubbles become large, opened, the contents of their dries and forms crusts.

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In patients with reduced immune status, therefore, often joins a secondary bacterial flora, which leads to festering wounds.

Under inflamed skin the Clinician to identify nodules. Ulcers in these patients difficult to treat, as the circulation is severely disturbed, the body is unable to cope with extensive inflammation.

Approach to the treatment of varicose eczema

Варикозный дерматит нижних конечностей: способы лечения заболеванияTreatment of dermatitis will not bring results if you don’t pay attention to the main disease. Look at what treat diseases of lower extremities vessels. To get adequate treatment, you have to fit it in a comprehensive manner, so your treatment will deal with vascular surgeon and dermatologist. Only after the removal of vascular insufficiency, it is possible to start treatment of varicose eczema.

  • In the first stage prescribe drugs from the group of venotonic. As the name suggests, drugs that act on the walls of the veins and improving their elasticity, reducing permeability. After application reduces their fragility, they have a restorative factor. Examples: Detralex, Diosmin, Benarus, Phlebodia, Venosa;
  • To reduce itching prescribe antihistamines. An example is Diazolin, Diphenhydramine, Suprastin;
  • Hormonal and combined ointments. For rapid removal of signs of inflammation prescribed ointment and cream based on corticosteroids. Examples: Celestoderm, Lokoid, Advantan, Flucinar, Akriderm, Kutiveit. Combination ointment will be prescribed for the presence of fungal or bacterial infection. One can be called: Belogent (antibiotic and hormone gentamicin betamethasone), Lowriders (Betamethasone and clotrimazole), Diprosalic (Salicylic acid and betamethasone), Sicorten plus (triclosan and halometasone);
  • Means for hydrating the skin. Selected means that does not contain aggressive components to remove from the skin hydrolipidic film: Trisara, Lipikar, Lokobeyz, ripea, Atopalm, Ecomega.
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    How to care for your skin? Rational care will not only reduce the frequency of recurrence, but will prolong the period of remission. Use detergent with neutral pH 5.5, it can be a soap special edition, mousses, lotions.

    Skin do not RUB with washcloths after bathing do not wipe it dry, and only dipped a towel. Daily water treatments will help to moisturize the skin and maintain its moisture balance.

    The possibility of folk medicine

  • Hirudotherapy. Leeching more based on eliminating varicose veins, blood clots, improvement of blood rheology;
  • Will reduce inflammation and swelling of the drug based on horse chestnut;
  • Cure dermatitis folk remedies, taken straight from the garden. For example, cabbage leaf applied to the seat of the swelling;
  • As an anti-inflammatory powder can be applied plaun bulavovidnyj.
  • Also make a video about people’s methods against the disease:

    The use of folk remedies for self-treatment is not recommended without consulting a doctor.

    Only a specialist can assess the volume of lesions in time and prevent severe complications. Stay healthy, follow our news! While!