Varnishes from nail fungus: what are the most effective?

Лаки от грибка ногтей: какие из них наиболее эффективны?Hello, dear readers! What polishes from nail fungus are you using and are you using them all? If you do not use in vain, as these drugs are very convenient, help to get rid of disease quickly and permanently, and also serve as protection from repeated returns of nail mycosis.

The article describes the most popular lacquers with antifungal activity and methods for their use and the basic rules of this treatment.

In some cases, shown against nail fungus?

Apply nail Polish from nail fungus can be a preventive measure, but hardly anyone does it. Often the drugs in this form are assigned to the sick in such cases:

  • if the reception of systemic drugs is not possible;
  • if the form of the fungus on the surface;
  • if the matrix is not subjected to fungal lesions;
  • if hit more than 2-4 nails.

The benefits of a therapeutic varnish are that it can be applied under makeup or instead of him, as he looks no worse than the usual transparent.

Below is the list of the most popular drugs in this form. To determine which varnish is better of the following, you will help your health care professional.

A small list of lacquers with antifungal effect

Лаки от грибка ногтей: какие из них наиболее эффективны?Aflamil — cheap analogue Loceryl. The drug slows the growth of fungi, used to stop the process of destruction of the nail plate and kills pathogens mycosis.

To put it simply and nicely, it does not require preliminary preparation of the nail. The price varies from 750 to 800 rubles.

Lotseril — a proven tool. Medication is prescribed in cases if the cause of the disease was yeast or molds, and dermatophytes. The current component acts as amorolfine.

Thanks to this substance to apply the varnish, it is advisable, even in the most severe cases. He quickly eliminates inflammation, reduces itching and irritation, stops the development and progression of fungal infection.

The best part is that the smell of this Polish is quite bearable and disappears quickly. The course of treatment will last for 4-12 months. The cost Loceryl equates to 1500-2000 RUB

Лаки от грибка ногтей: какие из них наиболее эффективны?Flamin — effective against different pathogens of the fungus. Apply it is advisable if the disease is superficial. In addition, it is recommended to use for prevention, apply on the nail plate before visiting public places or after that.

Kills nail fungus nail plates, stops the spread of infection on the skin and suppresses the growth of pathogens. Its price does not exceed the cost of previous means.

Mikosan — effective when extensive fungal infections. As part of this antifungal agent, except for fungicides, there are natural ingredients that positively affect the condition of nails.

Various fats and vitamins accelerate the growth of the nail plate, stop the destruction, give the plates a natural color. The tool has high security so often assigned to pregnant women and children from the age of four.

The nail is hammered into the pores of the nails, making them more dense and unsuited to the life of the fungus. Included with the drug are disposable wand for applying. The course of treatment lasts not less than 4 weeks. Its price is relatively low and is 600-750 rubles.

Лаки от грибка ногтей: какие из них наиболее эффективны?Demican — cosmetic antifungal medication. Its principal components — polyvinyl acetate and aldehyde of formic acid. After applying the drug spreads across the nail, creating it a dense protective film.

It is useful if a fungal infection joined bacterial. The manufacturer recommends that you combine the nail Polish with a special anti-fungal ointment. The cost Demechina affects accessibility and is just 290-390 rubles.

Lamisil is a versatile tool. This varnish has proven its effectiveness against such pathogens fungi as dermatophytes, Epidermophyton, Candida, trihofiton. The drug is easily applied, does not emit a toxic odor, and dries quickly.

It has no color, so the treated nails remain natural. Apply can lamisil for therapeutic purposes and for prevention. The price ranges from 1000 RUB.

Methods for the treatment of nail fungus by using the varnishes

Now you know what lucky is assigned suffering from a fungal infection most often. That treatment can be productive, you need to use the drug. Before applying it is recommended to thoroughly wash the feet and hands warm water with soap. Then nail plates are degreased by:

  • alcohol diluted with water in proportion 1:1;
  • iodine solution;
  • aqueous solution blueprints that can be purchased at pharmacies.

After degreasing the nail plate is carefully dried. This can be done by using cotton cloth, cotton wool or wipes. The nails on the feet may have to be further processed with a nail file to remove the maximum amount of the stratum corneum.

Лаки от грибка ногтей: какие из них наиболее эффективны?And so, when nails are already prepared to handle, you can apply an antifungal nail Polish. This is done using a cotton swab or other convenient tool.

This tool should be disposable. Processing of the nail plate you need to carefully, trying not to skip hard-to-reach areas.

Find the perfect nail Polish with antifungal effect you for the comments left on the forums by people who already got rid of the nail fungal infection. Now let’s look at some myths about antifungal treatment and conventional varnishes.

Myth or reality?

Protects from fungus cosmetic nail Polish? Answer: protects, but only if the nail plate is still healthy. The main thing is to choose a quality cosmetic product, so as not to spoil the nails.

Лаки от грибка ногтей: какие из них наиболее эффективны?Antifungal medication in this form can not be used by pregnant women? Response: this is untrue, as many of these drugs are not contraindicated for women in «interesting position».

Gel Polish can hide the fungus on the nail plates? Answer: no, as none of the coating will not lay down evenly and firmly on the deformed, damaged nail requiring treatment against the fungus.

To blame the shoes? A: it’s true, but not completely. To be more precise, the fungal infections occur not only due to cramped and poor quality shoes, but due to lifestyle ill. The fungus vulnerable to those who frequently walks barefoot in public places and does not observe rules of personal hygiene.

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Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)

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