Verrucae warts: a comprehensive review of facilities and our personal opinion

Веррукацид от бородавок: полный обзор средства и наш личный отзывHello, dear readers. Many people not only know what warts. This is one of the varieties of skin diseases, which is expressed in the form of nodules or growths.

Occur warts on any area of the body, from the face and down to the heels. Often their appearance is associated with poor personal hygiene, however this may be and activation in the human papillomavirus.

The second option are warts contagious to other people. That is why they should get rid of, and the sooner the better.

But how to remove an uncomfortable growth without harm to health and skin, after all, many means leave on the body a scar, or a scar, which is not so easy to get rid of.

To help you will be effective remedies that you can find in almost every pharmacy. This drug is Verrucarin.

What is so special about this drug?

Веррукацид от бородавок: полный обзор средства и наш личный отзывVerrucate is a modified version of the popular drug Cheap. Part of them are almost identical.

The basis of both these funds is a phenol – component with excellent antiseptic and cauterizing action.

How fast verrucate gets rid of the warts? Believe it or not, just a couple of days. After application it instantly cauterizes nasty growths and does not injure the healthy tissue.

This is its uniqueness, because after healing of the skin does not leave any scars, no scars.

The drug is very effective, but do not self-medicate and it is better to seek the advice of a dermatologist.

Produced a tool in the form of a solution and for external use only. Thanks to him you can get rid of these types of warts:

  • Genital warts;
  • Filiform warts;
  • Plantar education;
  • Common growths;
  • Keratomas, which are quite difficult to treat.
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How to apply the product on damaged skin?

Веррукацид от бородавок: полный обзор средства и наш личный отзывNow, remember: in any case it is impossible to smear the affected area with your fingers. Verrucate should not affect the healthy tissue.

The procedure is carried out with the help of special plastic or wooden stick, which comes complete with a cure.

If you have a wart no more than 2 mm, the tool is applied once. This is enough to eliminate build-up. With the larger warts the procedure is repeated 3-4 times alternately. That is, waiting until the liquid is absorbed and apply it again on the same piece.

When plantar warts, keratoma, as well as warts on the hands, the skin in these places softened with the use of salicylic ointment.

Salicylic acid warts can be used as a standalone tool, but it will take more time.

Moreover with its help it is difficult to remove formation on rough and thick skin. After you have applied salicylic ointment on the warts, this is the place you need to seal the plaster and apply a gauze bandage.

After 20 minutes, the wrap is removed and the skin steams in the soapy water with soda. Then, keratinized tissue removed nail scissors or tweezers. Only after all these manipulations is applied to the solution of Verrucaria.

Removing genital genital warts should be done under the supervision of a specialist. This is because the liquid can get on healthy skin, resulting in severe burns (skin in this area is highly sensitive).

To completely get rid of the build-up to visit a dermatologist will have several times over the 2 weeks.

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Веррукацид от бородавок: полный обзор средства и наш личный отзывIt is impossible to prevent liquid contact with mucous membranes, especially eyes. If this happens, you should immediately rinse the affected area with water immediately and seek medical advice.

Verrucarin a strong enough drug. It can cause burns on the skin, as a result before applying it is recommended to lubricate the skin around the warts with petroleum jelly or zinc ointment.

In addition, re-smear the growth solution is possible only after complete drying of the first portion. If one session failed to get rid of warts, then following procedure should be performed not earlier than after 6-8 days.

If the place of formation of warts observed excessive sweating, then this treatment should be abandoned.

Contraindications to the use of Verrucaria

  • The period of gestation of the child;
  • With breastfeeding (the drug enters the mother’s milk, causing poisoning of the body of the child);
  • Children up to age 7 years;
  • The presence of the localization of genital warts pigmented nevi (birthmarks, moles);
  • Warts located on the mucous membranes and lips;
  • If the total area of skin lesions greater than 20 square centimeters.

Interaction with other drugs and side effects of the drug

There are enough reviews patients about after applying the drug solution side effects.

If not properly applied, it can lead to redness, swelling of the skin of the eyelids (if Verwrite is applied to the skin around the eyes), and burns.

Note that the liquid readily soluble in cosmetic products on the basis of ointment.

As a result, we do not recommend handle the drug place, to which was applied the ointment (only after total absorption). Also after treatment warts Verication not apply cream remedies for days.

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The analogues presented medications

Веррукацид от бородавок: полный обзор средства и наш личный отзывLike all medicines, Verrucaria has its analogues: Cheap warts, Colomac, Isoprinosine, interferon.

Of course, the price of all these medications different. Verrucate compared to them is cheaper (170 rubles), especially if you take a domestic solution.

In the end, we found out that the tool copes with even the most severe forms of warts. And he leaves on the body of scars.

However, there are enough contraindications to its use and is very carefully to use it, otherwise it may lead to disastrous consequences.

Better before purchase to see a doctor. And even better to take preventive measures and mandatory sanitary procedures to unpleasant growths appearing in your life.

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)