Verrucous nevus: causes of spread of the mole and treatments

Бородавчатый невус: причины разрастания родинок и способы леченияGreetings to all readers of our site! Today we will talk about warty newuse.

By themselves, the nevus is an ordinary nevus, which are present in large numbers on human body. Sometimes birthmarks grow to a large size and attain a kind of wart.

Usually this disease is innate. In most cases it makes itself known at an early age, and it is diagnosed mainly in females. For ICD 10 disease codes I78.1. It klassificeret as nevus non-neoplastic.

Below the photo shows the human skin, on which there is a verrucous nevus.

The types of deviations and their characteristics

There are 2 types of this defect, which differ in the degree of its prevalence.

  • Localized nevus – it affects only a single area of skin. It is characterized by the presence of clear boundaries. Typically, the diameter of the education does not exceed 1 cm, but sometimes doctors fix a larger mole.
  • System naevus – looks like a garland with a dark brown shade. Such formations are rather extended. They are located in areas through which nerve endings or major blood vessels.

Бородавчатый невус: причины разрастания родинок и способы леченияThis defect can occur almost anywhere: arms, back, chest and even on his head. Develops a warty naevus slowly.

Basically, the diameter increases due to the fact that the mole is growing in height. This process occurs due to the sequential rise of the dark crusts with grey or black color.

In addition, the growth of moles can trigger external factors. Most often, people unconsciously brushing pigment spots, stimulating its development (for example, RUB the mole can clothing).

If the defect is in the scalp, the growth is much faster (due to the fact that people every day it touches the comb, arranging the hair).

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Causes of

Doctors distinguish 2 factors, which may appear verrucous nevus:

  • genetic abnormalities;
  • congenital abnormalities in the structure of the skin.

What is the danger of this defect?

Бородавчатый невус: причины разрастания родинок и способы леченияAccording to statistics, this type of nevus is not considered a dangerous deviation, but certain risks do exist. In particular, such defects can be reborn into a malignant tumor.

Typically, the potential agents of cancer are: giant pigmented blue nevus and nevus of Otta.

Diagnosis of the disease

Having no special medical knowledge, to distinguish verrucous nevus from similar formations (e.g., from common warts) is impossible.

To diagnose such a disease may only qualified doctor. For preliminary verdict is external inspection, as well as going history (information obtained by questioning the patient). Exact diagnosis is made after laboratory tests.

How to treat verrucous nevus in medical institutions?

The level of development of modern medicine allows you to effectively deal with the deviation. Just delete using one of the following methods.

  • Surgical removal is the classic method of eliminating all unwanted entities. Basically, it is used when it is necessary to remove a large nevus. To the operation was a success and the patient is not subjected to additional risks, be sure to pre-histological examination.
  • Laser removal is a relatively expensive, but most secure way to eliminate the nevus. Its advantages are the absolute sterility and bloodlessness. This operation is not only effective but also aesthetically pleasing, because after it, the skin is left scars. The only drawback of the procedure, the doctors believe that the tissue is completely evaporated, and this eliminates the possibility for additional research.
  • Radiowave removal – this method is quite gentle. However, it is not recommended in cases when it is necessary to eliminate verrucous nevus large area. After this operation you will have stitches.
  • Cryosurgery – a modern method that involves freezing the mole, after which she dies, and formed a crust. For conducting this procedure uses liquid nitrogen or carbonic acid ice. The advantage of cryoablation is the aesthetics (it leaves no scars) and a minus – incomplete removal of the defect.
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    However, the process of dealing with a warty naevus built not only on conducting the above operations. To the treatment was most effective, the patient is prescribed method the immunostimulating and antimicrobial drugs.

    Therapy of folk remedies

    Бородавчатый невус: причины разрастания родинок и способы леченияNot everyone has the opportunity to visit hospitals and operations. Those who do not want to waste time and money on professional medical care, you can use folk remedies.

    The following methods are not one hundred percent guarantee of getting rid of the problem and resort to them is necessary only after prior consultation with the doctor.

    • Juice of the herb celandine – it is necessary to apply on the mole and secure with adhesive. This procedure is done 3-4 times a day for weeks.
    • Garlic and lemon juice – put them on the mole ought to consistently (first garlic, then lemon). The operation is repeated daily for 3-4 times. Duration of one course is 7 days.
    • The juice is not fully ripe figs – they will need to lubricate the problematic area of the skin 1 time a day.
    • A mixture of chalk and hemp oil (ratio 1:4) – it is necessary to lubricate naevus daily 4-5 times. Course duration is 1 week.
    • Tincture from Apple cider vinegar and garlic. To prepare it, you need to pour vinegar in a glass and put in it 2 teeth of garlic medium size. Infuse this mixture should be 14 days. After this period, you can begin to make compresses (wet a cloth, apply it to the mole and leave overnight).
    • A mixture of honey and castor (or linseed) oil – it should be applied to problem area twice a day. It should be remembered that this procedure should not last more than 2-3 minutes, after which the mixture should be washed off with warm water.
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    Prevention of complications

    Бородавчатый невус: причины разрастания родинок и способы леченияAs mentioned above, verrucous nevus can become a Foundation for the development of the tumor. However, you can protect yourself from this problem, if you follow the following medical appeal:

    • do not walk in baths, saunas and solariums;
    • in hot weather, is not on the street for too long.
    • even while indoors, you need to ensure that the area of the skin, which is nevus, is not subjected to prolonged exposure to direct sunlight;
    • if the form or the color of the nevus has changed, you should immediately go to the doctor.