Vesicular ringworm: the best drugs used in medical purposes

Пузырчатый лишай: лучшие препараты, применяющиеся в лечебно-профилактических целяхHello! Today we tell about one of the most common viral disease of humans. That bubble zoster, or herpes simplex.

The nature of the disease

The source of the pathogen is a sick person or a carrier of the virus. The transmission of the virus happens in several ways: vasudan-droplet contact, when the transplantation of organs, transfusion of blood and its components.

In pregnant women the virus is transmitted to the fetus transcervical and transplacental.

The first meeting with the virus occurs in childhood, infects approximately 40% of people. Most often the disease occurs in persons exposed to aggressive factors: tooth extraction, as after severe diseases and SARS, when disorder of the stomach and intestines, as a result of intoxication.

The virus affects the entire body, after the first contact he gets perineural spaces in nerve ganglia, where latent infection persistira.

In addition, the herpes virus has a tropism for red blood cells and the immune system, causing their destruction and degenerative changes, the result of the herpes virus leads to immune deficiency.

The pathogen remains in the body life, so occasionally there are relapses, characterized by the severity and localization of lesions (in different parts of the skin and mucous membranes).

Due to the easy transmission of the herpes virus infected about 90% of the population, and the clinical manifestations observed in 10-20%, in other individuals the virus remains in an inactive state in the ganglia of the nervous system.

Clinical manifestations

Пузырчатый лишай: лучшие препараты, применяющиеся в лечебно-профилактических целяхThe severity of symptoms and localization of lesions of lichen depends on several factors: the type of virus, age of the patient, the condition of the nervous and immune systems, limitation of the disease.

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The incubation period lasts from 5 to 7 days after infection.

The most common form of herpes zoster is the disease, which can be seen in children ages 6 months.up to 3 years.

This is due to the restructuring of the immune system, the absence of immunoglobulin A, which protects the mucous membranes.

Precede the rash and subjective symptoms: tingling, burning, pain. This indicates inflammation of the nerve trunks and plexuses.

Then on a red inflamed background of the skin and mucous membranes occur the rash. This is a single or multiple painful vesicles with a diameter of from 1 to 3 mm, which feature a clear serous contents inside.

Пузырчатый лишай: лучшие препараты, применяющиеся в лечебно-профилактических целяхContent quickly becomes cloudy, and after 3-5 days the bubbles are opened and the eroded surface is covered with crusts (shown in photo). After the scabs will fall off, their place is temporary hypopigmentation.

So, herpes takes 2 to 3 weeks. Different course of the disease in areas with strong friction, there is often formed by erosion and maceration, so the healing process takes longer.

Clinicians there are several forms of lichen: common, localized and generalized.

Rashes can be localized in such areas of the body: mucous membrane of lips, genitals, nose, facial skin, on the buttocks and in the mouth.

Herpes rash may accompany such diseases as malaria, SARS, meningitis and pneumonia.

Women have found a special form of menstrual herpes that occurs on the red border of the lips, on the skin of the buttocks and mucous membranes of the genitals. It occurs during each menstrual cycle.

There are severe forms of the disease, which can lead even to disability of the patient. It recurrent herpes with a long period and damage to the nervous system by type of meningoencephalitis, as well as fever and lymphadenopathy.

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Also, I attach for your attention a video about the disease:

Different localization

The virus can affect all areas of skin and mucous membranes of the body. Following the location of the rash:

  • Horse covers. On the hands, the skin of buttocks, lips, wings of nose;
  • Mucous membranes: gums, buccal mucosa, lip, causing stomatitis, gingivitis and pharyngitis;
  • Ophthalmic herpes. Lesion of the mucous membrane of the eye. More common in childhood. Is keratoconjunctivitis, iridocyclitis, keratitis, optic neuritis, corneal erosion;
  • Internal organs: brain (menniti and encephalitis), liver (neonatal hepatitis).
  • Poor prognosis for those patients whose ophthalmic herpes is found during primary infection, since it speaks about the future of the generalization process.

    How to cure?

    Пузырчатый лишай: лучшие препараты, применяющиеся в лечебно-профилактических целяхA significant place in health care activities take place outside of the drug with antiviral action.

    Management significantly affects the course of the disease, the speed of recovery.

    It is, first and foremost, ointments, gels and cream containing acyclovir: herperax, zovirax, famvir, acyclovir-akri, he needs therapy with valtrex.

    Sometimes there is intolerance, so it is possible to apply substances with a different mechanism of action.

    In the integrated treatment of herpes viral infections include immune drugs:

  • Interferon as a replacement therapy;
  • Immunoglobulin. Used normal human intramuscularly, with the exception of neonatal herpes and herpetic infection of the nervous system. In such cases, appoint infusion form.
  • Пузырчатый лишай: лучшие препараты, применяющиеся в лечебно-профилактических целяхFor the treatment of recurrent vesicular lichen used funds from genetically engineered interferon.

    It is a known drug Viferon used in rectal suppositories, as well as combined preparation on the basis of the IFN and the immunoglobulin — Kipferon.

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    You can also stimulate the production of interferon by the body with inductors of interferon: Flakozid, Arbidol, Aspirin, Amiksin.

    Synthetic compounds as inducers of interferon recommended: Dibazol, Dekaris, Pirogenal, Vit. B12, Prodigiozan. They belong to preparat of choice for herpetic infections.

    Measures of specific prophylaxis include the use of polyvalent vaccine herpes.

    What if the herpes recur?

    Пузырчатый лишай: лучшие препараты, применяющиеся в лечебно-профилактических целяхApproximately 20-30% of patients are faced with the problem of frequent herpetic inflammation.

    This is not only a medical problem, the patient experiences psychological discomfort, persistent pain and cosmetic defect.

    First and foremost, you should know what the course says about the Association of HSV infection with the bacteria: gonococcus, Treponema pallidum, Mycoplasma and Ureaplasma, chlamydia, and fungal flora.

    In the first place is a thorough screening for sexually transmitted infections.

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    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)