Viferon ointment for warts: how to use?

Виферон мазь от кондилом: как правильно использовать?Warts are the three most common viral diseases. Of all the methods of treatment of drugs for local application are in great demand. Ointments, gels and candles can be purchased without obstacles and to use.

Viferon ointment warts is a natural drug with high efficiency. Now learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of such treatment.

But first, I beg you to pay attention to the book «the Treatment of warts folk methods», which describes the full course of treatment. And the first signs of improvement you will notice after a week of procedures.

Composition and beneficial properties

The active substance is interferon human. This protein, which plays an important role in the immune system of the human body. The most pronounced antiviral effect, that is, its ability to destroy viral cells.

Immunomodulatory properties involve the coordinated work of the whole system. Protein regulates the activity of all parts of the immune system, thus, they complement and support each other. Cells become more sensitive to foreign agents, and actively fighting with them.

Also, the substance will neutralize the emergence of oncoviruses, inhibits the growth of tumor cells. This helps to prevent or slow down the formation of malignant process.

The protein included in the composition of Viferon, identical to the natural interferon and, therefore, effectively eliminates warts. Excipients in the form of antioxidants, e.g., ascorbic acid, enhance the therapeutic properties of the drug.

Vitamin E (tocopherol acetate) and peach kernel oil help to relieve or prevent the unpleasant symptoms which often appear. Growths on the skin usually cause itching, burning, redness, pain. Natural ingredients promote healing of irritated surfaces have a calming influence.

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Mechanism of action

The main component in ointments, prevents the introduction of the virus. He also penetrates the cells of the human papillomavirus, causing in them a transformation. Thus, an obstacle to the propagation of alien agent in the affected tissues.

Виферон мазь от кондилом: как правильно использовать?

Reducing the number of causal-heritable factor reduces, and soon eliminates all unwanted symptoms.

Thanks to the natural composition all components are harmless, well tolerated by the body. Intervention in natural protective processes are almost imperceptible. It turns out that the immune system is fighting itself, and the drug is just an assistant.

How to use the drug

Before applying you must read the instructions and all the rules work. To clean, dry skin apply ointment Viferon, adhering to the recommended dose with getting rid of warts.

After drying on the surface formed a thin layer films. To achieve the best results in the treatment should begin use immediately after the appearance of disturbing signals. Thus, the development of the disease can be stopped in its early stages.

Apply allowed up to 4 times daily, not to exceed a daily dose. The course continues during the week. The approach in each case is different, so before applying the ointments you should consult with a specialist.

The positive side of treatment

Reviews of people after getting rid of warts with interferon only good. This method has several advantages over other, perhaps more costly.

Many are afraid of pain during treatment. And the use of anesthesia is not always shown. After application of the ointment is not observed discomfort. In addition, it does not cause the formation of burns and scarring, even in contact with healthy skin.

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High efficiency due to the presence of antiviral properties, which has a major component. The interaction of all the components reinforce each other’s work.

Recovery occurs relatively quickly. It all depends on the condition of the body, its individual reactions, and the neglect of process. Recovery is possible after 5 days, but may take a month.

Viferon is used not only for warts, but in cases of comorbidity in the form of herpes, chlamydia, or other viral infections. Due to the wide range of action of the drug results in high efficiency, reduced risk of complications.

Виферон мазь от кондилом: как правильно использовать?

Natural ingredients are always better than chemical compounds, which can cause irreparable harm.

Because of this, practically there are no side effects, except for allergic reactions that occurs rarely.

Contraindications of can be called only the age of the child up to 1 year.

The simplicity and accessibility makes the method more popular and common. It can be used at home, not afraid to harm yourself.

When using other forms of the drug

In addition to the ointment Viferon, pharmacy kiosks can be found gel and candles, which are also used in the disease. What is better in your case decides the doctor. The composition is virtually no different. The gel has a more delicate texture, absorbs faster. Candles is convenient to use children for treatment.

Soft forms of the drug is well absorbed and perfectly tolerated by anyone. Rapidly reduces pain, healing and epitelizatia happen faster. Reinfection, after cryoablation, is completely excluded.

Despite all the benefits of this method in cases of suspected benign masses should turn to the experts. Better to pass additional tests to clarify diagnosis and choose appropriate treatment.

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The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)