Viral warts: treatments and prevention

Hello, dear readers. Today we will study in detail such an unpleasant phenomenon as viral warts. Where they come from, whether they are dangerous, and most importantly, how to properly treat? For these questions, you’ll find the answers in today’s article.

As manifested viral education?

Вирусные бородавки: способы лечения и профилактикаThe appearance of benign skin growths caused by a virus the human papilloma virus. At the moment, carriers of HPV is more than three quarters of the world’s population.

This infection there are more than 70 strains, which can cause viral skin growths. In the international classification of diseases viral warts have code ICD-10.

Features and symptoms of the studied tumors

There are many different types of HPV and the viral nature of the formations depends on the characteristics of a particular type, which provokes growth. Also, the appearance of nodules is affected by the location of infection.

There are several types of warts that have viral origin:

Flat, or youth.

It is a yellowish growths up to 3 mm. They are rounded and barely project above the surface of the body. They are usually located on the hand, face, bends of arms and legs.


This is a painless, dense papules, having a circular shape up to 1 cm in diameter. The place of their usual localization, face, scalp. They can also appear on fingers and hands.

Perinatal (genital) and anogenital (venereal) warts.

Вирусные бородавки: способы лечения и профилактикаThey are infected through sexual intercourse. They are formed on the external genitals, in the anus, in the perinatal area. Often the incubation period after infection is about six months.

Deep Palmar and plantar nodules.

This is a gross dense formations, which are always localized on the palms, on the feet and on the toes. They differ in pain as grow inside and they are constantly under pressure (especially when warts on the foot). With Dermoscopy, you can see the blood clots in the capillaries, and that distinguishes them from blisters.

Papillomatosis of the larynx.

This manifestation of viral entities most often seen in children. Infection occurs during birth, through the mother.

If there is no proper treatment, there is a high risk of developing a condition which will endanger life, namely airway obstruction.

Note that adults can also get infected with genital-oral sexual intercourse that occurs with a sick partner.

Why HPV virus causes warts?

Вирусные бородавки: способы лечения и профилактикаThis infection can enter the body in the following ways:

  • Through sexual contact with an infected person;
  • When you visit public places (saunas, baths, pools, spas);
  • By household by contact with personal belongings of the patient;
  • Through direct contact with an infected;
  • In children at high risk of infection through clothes and toys in kindergarten.

Excessive sweating, skin microtrauma, scrapes on his hands and other parts of the body can be a cause of infection by HPV.

On the submitted photos you can see how to look like viral warts.

Possible complications

Viral education can itch and bleed. In some cases, to such unpleasant symptoms can join a bacterial or fungal infection.

Extensive growth can cause health problems. For example, warts in birth canal can interfere with the normal course of labor, and the growths in the larynx, you may experience breathing problems.

Histological, epidemiological and cytopathologically research suggests that there is a direct relationship of HPV with cervical dysplasia.

In addition, when delayed treatment and poor condition of the disease these formations can degenerate into malignant.

The cure

Вирусные бородавки: способы лечения и профилактикаTo completely get rid of HPV is impossible. It can only be put to sleep. But the unpleasant consequences of such symptoms can be removed surgically.

The treatment of these tumors should only be performed by a highly qualified doctor (a surgeon, dermatologist, venereologist), and in the complex, to remove causes the formation of warts.

Currently, there are several methods for removing viral manifestations on the skin:

  • Cryotherapy;
  • Laser removal;
  • Electrocoagulation;
  • Surgical excision;
  • The use of chemicals.

Some of the above methods have contraindications and complications. For example, laser treatment sometimes leads to the formation of scars. Similar problems caused by the removal of growths on the unit Surgitron, which leads to the formation of keloids.

The most gentle and safe methods is considered to be cryotherapy and electrocoagulation. However, in the treatment of warts in a child, should choose conservative treatment. Often skin lesions in children are alone for a couple of years.

Therapy of folk remedies

Вирусные бородавки: способы лечения и профилактикаIn fact, no professional doctor will not advise you of this therapy. Treatment of folk remedies is not 100% guarantee that the warts will not appear again.

In addition, some methods are rather dangerous to the skin (for example, the juice of Celandine), as it causes severe burns in contact with healthy skin.

Safer methods of treatment at home – garlic, vinegar, raw potato, Rowan berries and many others.

Pharmaceutical preparations

Among the many medicines which help to fight skin growths of viral origin, it is worth noting drugs such as Kriofarma, Verrucate, Cheap, salicylic acid, plaster Sliped, lyapisny pencil and other.

Remember, all of these drugs have a lot of contraindications, so before any medical procedures, consult a specialist.

Be sure to carry out comprehensive treatment. In addition to all the above methods add the reception of immunomodulatory and antiviral drugs such as Interferon, Isoprinosine, interferon, etc.

Prevention of the disease

Вирусные бородавки: способы лечения и профилактикаAt the moment there is no cure for viral warts. As mentioned above, HPV can only be «put to sleep». So he never activated in your body, it is necessary to observe certain rules.

Adults need to carefully choose the sexual partner. Also, do not neglect barrier methods of contraception (condoms).

In areas with humid environments (pools, saunas) try not to walk barefoot and not wear someone else’s shoes.

At abrasions or cuts, be sure to treat the affected area with hydrogen peroxide or iodine.

Avoid contact with infected people.

Buy comfortable shoes. Also, try to avoid overcooling or excessive sweating of the feet, as moist environment is the ideal factor for bacteria.

If you follow these measures to prevention, viral skin lesions will always get you a party. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)

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