Vitiligo: causes and treatment of this disease

Good day, dear friends! Do you know what it is — vitiligo? The disease was in the famous POP singer Michael Jackson. It is because of her skin artist changed color.

Vitiligo does not discriminate by status, age and sex. The disease can affect anyone of us. If you want to know as much information about vitiligo, then you came to the right place as all the useful information in this article.

What kind of sickness is called vitiligo?

Витилиго: причины появления и лечение болезни

This term is called pigmentation of human skin (discoloration or depigmentation).

In the course of certain violations of the areas of skin lose color and become milky white. This happens due to the cessation of production of the dye-pigment called melanin.

Melanin is produced by melanocytes — special cells of the skin. If the body is a crash, these cells cease to work as expected. And then certain skin areas start to lose color. So developing vitiligo.

Витилиго: причины появления и лечение болезниMost interesting is that illness can occur and disappear spontaneously. For many, it appeared for no particular reason.

Despite the development of modern medicine, scientists have been unable until the end to reveal all the secrets of vitiligo.

Skin disease and have not learned to treat effectively, but now there are products and techniques that are able to get rid of it, when applied comprehensively and consistently. Let’s begin acquaintance with a mysterious disease, with definition of its causes.

Causes: what can cause the failure of skin pigmentation?

This disorder of pigmentation of the epidermis occurs equally often in both sexes. The causes can be very diverse. These are just the basics that are often observed in sick:

  • A failure in the endocrine system. The endocrine system is the most important system of the human body. Any failure in it interferes with the development of the organism as a whole. To vitiligo can cause disorders of the thyroid, sweat glands, and adrenal or pituitary gland.
  • Psychological failures. A ill say that the appearance of the first spots on the skin is preceded by severe stress. Stressful situations adversely affect all systems of the human body. Due to experiences reduced immunity, irritated soft tissue, disturbed metabolism, etc avoid stress, otherwise problems are guaranteed.
  • Autoimmune disorders. Our immune system may suddenly begin to attack your own body. Why is this happening? For a variety of reasons. For example, because of infections or receiving dangerous drugs. In addition, the reason may be a unhealthy lifestyle or genetic predisposition of the person.
  • Worm infestation. In some countries in the treatment of vitiligo in the first place, prescribe cleansing the body from parasites. Parasites in the human body emit harmful toxins that poison inside.
  • Vitamin deficit. Almost all people with vitiligo have deficiency of minerals, such as iron, zinc, copper, and vitamin deficiency.
  • Heredity. Vitiligo is not transmitted from parent to child, but can be transmitted predisposition — the baby is born prone to depigmentation of the skin.
  • Now you know what can cause skin discoloration. Agree, at risk of fall many. Vitiligo in early stages can be effectively treated and even completely stop, but, unfortunately, difficult to notice.

    Suffering from panic and appeal to doctors only after the disease begins to progress rapidly. Let’s examine the symptoms of depigmentation of the skin, so that, if anything, to notice the problem in time.

    Symptoms of vitiligo: the primary and running

    Витилиго: причины появления и лечение болезни

    The disease usually becomes chronic. The first signs of the initial stage of disorder of pigmentation are spots that appear on various parts of the human body.

    Initially they are small, are round or oval, crisp edge. The spots are slightly different in color from the base epidermis, not bothering itching or pain.

    Витилиго: причины появления и лечение болезниThe size of the spots increases. Their number is also growing, and the color is pearl or milk.

    They lose the correct geometry, take on different forms, reminiscent of the coloring of the spotted animals. After some time the spots begin to merge, forming on the epidermis patterns resembling a map in the Atlas.

    Discolored defects can be single or multiple. They are located at any parts of the body, mainly on open, exposed to the influence of sunlight. Distinctive features of vitiligo:

    • the absence of discomfort;
    • the lack itching, peeling, pain in the depigmented defects;
    • the lack of systemic symptoms;
    • the disease never appears on the soles and palms.

    In children, the disorder of pigmentation, if present, makes itself felt in early childhood — from three years. With age, the number and size of defects increases.

    Almost always, the disease becomes a mirror form. This means that the depigmented defects symmetrical. In individual cases, the discoloration occurs only on one side of the body.

    Витилиго: причины появления и лечение болезниThe hair in the depigmented area is also discolored. If the defect occurs on the scalp, then ill lose color a strand of hair growing out of discolored skin.

    Addition to this problem can be solar dermatitis — irritation of the dermis from sunlight.

    When the disease begins to progress, the skin becomes sensitive to external factors. The slightest mechanical damage can cause the discolored appearance of a new defect.

    Disorder of pigmentation developing in all different ways and at different speeds. Therefore, it is divided into several types. Let’s examine these types of/forms.

    Varieties of vitiligo

    The localized lesion is the most common type. The disease can be:

    • segmental — discolored defects located on one half of the body;
    • mucosa — defects located on the mucous membranes of the genital organs and the lips;
    • focal — depigmentation develops only in one place and not progressing (the most common form of childhood vitiligo).

    Generalized lose also has several forms:

    Витилиго: причины появления и лечение болезни

    • acrofacial form discolored defects are on the face or fingers;
    • mixed — mixed different kinds of vitiligo;
    • vulgar is a skin defects «scattered» on body completely randomly.

    The generic form disorder of pigmentation of the skin looks like bleached the defects is constantly increasing; merging, they are almost completely bleached skin; ill can develop the main complication albinism.

    What other complications of vitiligo are there?

    Despite the fact that the disease is not deadly and almost asymptomatic, it is considered dangerous, as it provokes various complications.

    Ill difficult to be in the sun because of the above dermatitis. In addition, people with such skin defects are often subjected to ridicule and insults. Others find it difficult to accept their «feature» appropriately.

    Витилиго: причины появления и лечение болезниDisorder of pigmentation in the complicated form may go on the eye and cause iritis — inflammation of the iris.

    Because of this, the problems begin with vision. In addition, you can develop hearing problems.

    The main complication is vitiligo albinism — a complete discoloration of the epidermal cover. People with this diagnosis are very sensitive to any external factors, and especially to sunlight.

    What to do if the discolored patches resembling the disease, which became the topic of this article? Of course, to go to a dermatologist. The specialist will deliver an accurate diagnosis and prescribe effective medications. And how to diagnose vitiligo? Do I need to take some tests, which all fear?

    Diagnosis of depigmentation: how and by whom conducted?

    Diagnosis of skin problems has been a dermatologist. In order to make a diagnosis of «vitiligo», it will be enough for visual inspection. Look closely at the spots on the photo. Agree that it cannot be confused with any other diseases of the skin.

    Ill can offer to undergo a full medical examination that will detect related illnesses from the list of possible causes of depigmentation.

    If such deviations are detected, then, first of all, will have to cure them. Otherwise, the treatment will be ineffective.

    How to treat vitiligo in modern times?

    Витилиго: причины появления и лечение болезни

    To combat discolored spots ill prescribe medication that increases the sensitivity of the epidermis to solar ultraviolet radiation. It can be ointment or tablets, as well as folk remedies. The most popular traditional medicines are listed below:

    • Beroksan;
    • Ammifurin;
    • Melanin;
    • Psoralen.

    This treatment combined with irradiation of the skin discolored by the ultraviolet radiation of artificial origin.

    How to treat vitiligo dermatologists recommend modern? Popular method of applying gel Vitisin in combination with UV lamps having the beam length 311 nm. The gel is applied before each irradiation. The duration of exposure to each procedure is increasing.

    Витилиго: причины появления и лечение болезниLamp for irradiating white spots you can purchase on the Internet. High cost does not allow to do it to everybody. Therefore, for many this method of treatment remains too expensive.

    Alternative to laser therapy. Discolored skin irradiated with helium-neon laser, at the same time taking photosensitizing medications.

    This therapeutic technique is considered to be more safe and available.

    Since suffering a deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body, they recommend vitamin therapy. Make necessary preparations containing ascorbic acid and copper.

    Some recommend corticosteroids. This hormonal medications, is effective in certain forms of the disorder of skin pigmentation.

    What to expect after the treatment?

    In the beginning of the article stated that to this day, medicine has not learned to treat depigmentation with 100% efficiency. The disease often gives relapses and is difficult to treat. The question arises: what to expect after treatment, and whether his conduct, if its effectiveness is controversial?

    To be treated definitely. Ill stop the progression of vitiligo, which means his pigmentation defects cease to grow and spread.

    If you don’t trust traditional medicine, you can use non-traditional, which, by the way, no less effective. Want to know what non-traditional medicine is recommended for vitiligo?

    Folk medicine against disorders of pigmentation of the epidermis

    Витилиго: причины появления и лечение болезни

    To stop the discoloration of the epidermis will help the following folk remedies:

    • Sesame to cleanse the body. Grains milled in the amount of a teaspoon is recommended to eat daily in the morning on an empty stomach. A month after the start of therapy spots will be filled with color.
    • Birch tar for the treatment of discoloured defects. Defects should be lubricated with tar three times a day, and then go out under the sun. Time sunbathing gradually increasing.
    • The juice of young walnuts for masking stains. If you process juice the skin, it will turn a nice color, reminiscent of natural. It is important not to overdo it with the juice, as it is bad. The effect of such cloaking will last a day or even more.
    • Onions for the treatment of skin defects. Onion is rubbed into the problem areas a couple of times a day, and then go out and sunbathe. Bow literally irritates the skin, increases blood flow and saturates it with food. Thanks to the work of the melanocytes is gradually recovering.
    • Marsh duckweed — a very popular tool. Duckweed is used in different ways — orally and topically. For the treatment need infused vodka. It rubbed skin blemishes, and its drink 10-15 drops daily.

    Now you know the causes and treatment of this mysterious disease like vitiligo. Read can share with friends via social networks, and if you subscribe, do not miss a new article. I wish you good health! Author: Ksenia Borisova (dermatologist)

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