Vitiligo inherited: passed or not?

Dear readers, welcome to the site about skin health! Vitiligo is a little known illness that lighten areas of the skin. The exact cause is not yet established. There is a perception that vitiligo is inherited with a high probability. Whether so it actually?

Витилиго по наследству: передается или нет?What is vitiligo?

It is an autoimmune disease which the immune system begins to inappropriately react to your body. The immune system attacks the melanocytes special skin cells that produce melanin (a natural dye, which imparts color to the epidermis and hair).

Because of this, certain areas of the epidermal cover is starting to discolour. Gradually discolored spots enlarge, connect and capture new areas of the body.

Contagious vitiligo?

What do you think, contagious vitiligo? Unfortunately, many illiterate personality think that the depigmentation can catch like the common cold.

Because of this suffering from vitiligo often bullied, trying them not to contact. Children with depigmented skin to suffer the ridicule of their peers.

Vitiligo is not transmitted:

  • airborne droplets;
  • food;
  • contact;
  • transmissible way.

People suffering from pigmentation disorders of the epidermis, it is absolutely safe for the environment. It may even be a donor and his blood is no infect.

Витилиго по наследству: передается или нет?By the way, scientists have found that blood plasma of people with depigmentation effectively prevent and treat melanoma — the most aggressive skin cancer.

So, let’s summarize. With suffering from vitiligo, you can contact without worrying about their health.

It is possible (and even necessary) to hold, kiss, and eat with him on the same plates and drink from one Cup (if he doesn’t mind, of course).

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Remember that the violation of the color of the skin can occur in any of us.

Is there any «white spot disease» is inherited?

I propose to move on to the main question of this article and find out is there any «white spot disease» is inherited or not? The likelihood of hereditary transmission exists. The risk is equal to 15-40% (the percentage is greater if both parents have autoimmune deviation).

Витилиго по наследству: передается или нет?For the appearance of vitiligo answers a number of genes, but rather some combination of them. And this combination gives it only the predisposition.

Simply put, parents suffering from hyperpigmentation, a child is born not with a disease, and a predisposition to it. Will there be a disease in the child in the future?

To answer this question with absolute precision, no one can. It is likely that spots will not appear, especially if you avoid the factors provocateurs.

The factors and circumstances that provokes the depigmentation of the skin

Pigmentation disorders of the epidermal cover is always accompanied by autoimmune, endocrine and other systemic diseases. Therefore, we can assume that these ailments are partially to provoke the appearance of vitiligo. These factors-provocateurs include:

  • lupus erythematosus;
  • diseases of the endocrine system;
  • alopecia (partial or complete loss of hair);
  • albinism;
  • rheumatoid arthritis;
  • chronic infectious processes;
  • violated the metabolism;
  • General intoxication of the organism;
  • stress, depression, nervous shock.

In addition, the disease can cause certain circumstances. If you read the reviews on thematic portals, you will notice that many of the illness became apparent after a sudden change of residence, pregnancy and childbirth or suffering a mental shock.

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The appearance of discolored spots have predisposed the child can be prevented. Want to know how?

Prevention of vitiligo have the predisposed person

Витилиго по наследству: передается или нет?

Let’s say you are planning to have a baby or you already have one. While you or your spouse have depigmented spots. How to protect from bad heredity predisposed baby? Everything, actually, is simple and doable.

To prevent vitiligo have a predisposed person, you need to:

  • to cure chronic diseases;
  • restore metabolic processes in the body;
  • to cure the endocrine system;
  • to cleanse the body of toxins;
  • to avoid stressful situations;
  • to eat correctly.

Depigmentation often transmitted from the mother than from the father. To learn, passed on the disease if the child impossible until the first white spots. So better to be safe and to carefully examine the body predisposed to vitiligo person.

If he found the above-mentioned factors provocateurs, then they should immediately start to fight.

By the way, proper nutrition helps not only to prevent but also to cure «white spot disease». If you’re wondering how to eat, read a separate article about diet in vitiligo.

When there are the first signs of depigmentation?

Витилиго по наследству: передается или нет?

The first symptoms of disorder of skin pigmentation occur in people in early childhood (after three years). Sometimes the first discolored spots appear during adolescence when hormonal changes the body. The older a person is, the less chance that it will collide with the illness.

To note the illness of one of the following:

  • in the open area of the body (face, arms, chest, neck) there is a small spot (single or multiple), color is a little lighter than the rest of the epidermis;
  • gradually skin blemishes look lighter, get a shade of ivory or off-white;
  • along with this they grow and connect to each other, forming intricate patterns;
  • spots on the halves of the body symmetrical (in some cases, vitiligo appears on one side only).
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That’s about it. I hope I fully answered all your questions. Read the information you wish to share with your friends on social networks. If you subscribe to this website, then don’t miss the new publication, which will be no less interesting and informative than this. All the best to you!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)