Vulgar warts: the treatment of the disease in children and adults

Вульгарные бородавки: лечение болезни у детей и взрослыхGreetings to all readers! Today’s post I want to dedicate to the treatment and prevention of skin diseases such as vulgar wart.

With this pathology faced by every second inhabitant of our country, and the majority of patients, not even trying to fight them.

But modern medicine offers many effective and safe ways to get rid of growths on the skin of the body.

What is vulgar warts and why they appear?

Вульгарные бородавки: лечение болезни у детей и взрослыхVulgar called soft benign growths on the skin that most often occur after penetration into the organism of the human papillomavirus (HPV).

This pathogen enters the patient’s body through bodily or sexual contact. Feature of HPV is that it is many months and even years can be kept in the body, manifesting itself only against the background of hormonal or immune imbalance.

Also contribute to the development of the disease microtrauma of the skin, abrasions, excessive sweating of hands and feet.

Modern Virology allocates about 60 strains of HPV that can cause different types of lesions on the body. This files most often on the skin you can see, these types of growths:

  • threadlike;
  • hanging;
  • ordinary;
  • flat;
  • youth;
  • senile.

At ordinary (vulgar) warts most commonly detected HPV second type.

Manifest itself as growths on the skin vulgar type?

Вульгарные бородавки: лечение болезни у детей и взрослыхAfter the virus entered the body, he for a long time hidden inside the multiply in the basal layer of the skin. With the emergence of more favourable conditions on the skin of patients the first signs of the warts.

Specific nodules are grayish in color and rough surface. In the pathological lesion can appear as solitary or multiple tumors.

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Vulgar warts are rarely greater in diameter than 5-8 mm and protrude slightly above the skin. A favorite place of localization of the pathological focus are the hands, the back surface thereof and the fingers.

In most cases, tumors of this type appear in the hands of teenagers and children. In adulthood this dermatological pathology is very rare.

Almost never of this type of tumors is not found on the face and intimate areas.

In the normal course of pathological process neoplasm on the skin do not cause any pain, only when mechanical damage may cause bleeding and painful sensations in this place.

In the photo just above you can see the clinical manifestations of the disease in the acute phase.

How to get rid of them?

Modern medicine offers many safe and effective removal of benign tumors on the skin surface, but before you start treatment be sure to consult with a qualified dermatologist.

After a medical examination and finding the cause of formations, they might require additional laboratory tests. For this purpose designate:

  • immunogramma;
  • virological examination of blood;
  • Dermoscopy;
  • biopsy.

Вульгарные бородавки: лечение болезни у детей и взрослыхOn the basis of the obtained results, the doctor will decide on the most effective way of getting rid of growths.

At an early age common warts themselves can disappear without medical treatment. In severe cases, or with constant mechanical force on the wart, the doctor may put the question of surgical removal of the growth.

Conduct the removal in several ways:

  • cryosurgery is an effect on the formation of liquid nitrogen;
  • laser removal – the complete removal of warts and its grounds with the help of laser beams, the most effective modern method;
  • chemical destruction is one of the most dangerous ways in which treatment of the affected area aggressive chemicals, cauterizing the skin;
  • surgical excision of tumors radical method of treatment.
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Вульгарные бородавки: лечение болезни у детей и взрослыхThe competence of the attending physician selecting the correct method of removing warts. But, whichever way it was conducted, it is necessary to simultaneously perform drug treatment of systemic actions that focus on:

  • the activation of protective forces of organism;
  • antiviral effect;
  • the strengthening of the whole organism.

In addition to receiving antiviral, immunomodulatory and vitamin preparations, it is necessary to improve their health through such simple activities as:

  • balanced diet;
  • hardening;
  • sport activities and Hiking in the fresh air;
  • the avoidance of stresses or neutralizing their action with the use of breathing exercises and Eastern practices;
  • positive thinking.

Folk recipes for treatment

Вульгарные бородавки: лечение болезни у детей и взрослыхTraditional medicine is a storehouse of available and effective treatments for many diseases, including warty formations on the skin of the body.

There are many magical rituals and incantations that help in the fight against this disease. But, today I will talk about the safe and effective methods of folk treatment at home.

Celandine has only its name suggests that can clear the skin from any kind of rashes and formations.

Efficiently lubricate the juice of the plant, MCV lesions on the skin. The treatment lasts depending on the size and number of elements.

Very effectively established himself ordinary chalk, which need to RUB the warts 2-3 times a day. After 7-10 days of regular use, they greatly decrease in size, become dry, and later completely dry.

To quickly resolve MCV lesions on the skin suggest the use of acetic acid, which is necessary to burn warts.

This method is effective, but dangerous, because in contact with healthy areas of skin may cause burns and even scarring.

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I hope that this information will be useful for our readers. Please share your experiences of getting rid of warts vulgar in the comments. Thank you in advance! We wish your good health!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)