Wart in Kazan: an honest review of the best clinics

Удаление бородавок в Казани: честный обзор лучших клиникWelcome all readers of our site! In this article we present a list of the top medical centers in the city of Kazan for the treatment of skin growths.

Kazan is not only the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, but also its cultural, sports and scientific center. Today this beautiful city is proud of its infrastructure, entertainment area, and a health system that continues to develop. No wonder this metropolis has the status of the third city of Russia.

Unfortunately, warts can occur in anyone, regardless of his place of residence. Reasons for this occurrence are many, from ordinary rules of personal hygiene to activate the human papilloma virus.

If genital warts caused by a virus, they can be contagious or moreover go in the cancer. To avoid this, unpleasant growths need to get rid of.

In the capital of Tatarstan a number of private clinics that can relieve you of warts. However, we have identified the best one that is capable of producing wart in Kazan with greater efficiency and at a reasonable cost.

You can also choose the doctor and clinic. This became available thanks to a new feature of the search specialist and medical institutions:

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Pay clinic

Удаление бородавок в Казани: честный обзор лучших клиникFor more than 70 years, the medical center remains attractive to patients. Highly skilled specialists, reasonable prices, good location of the formed positive reputation, the majority of residents.

Here to obtain professional medical assistance is possible without the expense, without a referral from a GP and at a convenient time.

For the treatment of skin lesions specialists clinics use radiosurgical and laser method is the most progressive treatments.

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Through these methods ensures maximum efficiency and safety of treatment of warts as well as excellent cosmetic effect – smooth, smooth, clear skin.

Address: Vakhitovsky district, street pravobulachnaja, 37

The center of professional medicine

Удаление бородавок в Казани: честный обзор лучших клиникThe advantages of the center:

  • Professional medical staff;
  • Individual approach to patients;
  • Convenient location in the city center (this);
  • The reception of the population at the poles LCA (voluntary medical insurance);
  • A flexible system of discounts.

Today the laser is the most popular method of removing warts. This method is used by doctors of the center for the treatment of skin neoplasms of any localization.

Thanks to modern laser apparatus in the facility is possible with high accuracy to control the depth of penetration of the beam and the area of its distribution, without affecting healthy areas of the skin.

Is a medical institution on Pushkin street, 52

Center «Dermatology»

Удаление бородавок в Казани: честный обзор лучших клиникFor more than 10 years the specialists of the center provide high quality medical services at the European level at very affordable prices.

A priority of the center is the detection and treatment of skin diseases, and infections that are transmitted sexually.

In addition, this medical institution specializiruetsya to laser cosmetology and gynecology.

Here you can not only get rid of normal warts, but also from plantar, which are considered the most difficult to remove.

This procedure laser. In the center of «Dermatology» is a modern apparatus, so that the session will pass quickly, and you almost won’t feel a thing.

You’ll center on ulitsa Shchapova, 26

Beauty salon «Madina»

Удаление бородавок в Казани: честный обзор лучших клиникThis salon offers professional beauty services. Excellent quality of work was appreciated not only by citizens of Kazan, but also numerous guests.

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They leave only positive reviews, so the salon has a great reputation. Highly trained specialists, certified products and equipment are the key to the success of the cosmetic center «Madina».

Here, the barnacles are removed by the following methods:

  • Surgically;
  • EHVC coagulation;
  • Liquid nitrogen.

The best way to remove genital warts will choose a therapist based on the type and size of the warts. The procedure is completely painless, because you will be given local anesthesia.

Address: street Astronomical, 8

«Our clinic» clinic of cosmetology and gynecology

Удаление бородавок в Казани: честный обзор лучших клиникThis multidisciplinary diagnostic and treatment organization that uses in its activities with innovative equipment and modern methods and programs.

Patients can get professional consultation and treatment in the field of gynecology, dermatology, cosmetology and trichology.

Experienced doctors are ready to sort out any problem and save you from it not only fast, but also qualitatively.

Doctors of this medical institution in the fight against warts are used the radio wave surgery. This non-contact method, which is based on the effects of radio waves of high frequency. Removing the growths is performed on the unit Surgitron which is the best among its peers.

Thanks to radiowave surgery at the «Our clinic» you can get rid of warts on face, body and sole.

Is a medical organization on the street Chuikov, 13

«Aesthetics city» — a network of centres of beauty and health

Удаление бородавок в Казани: честный обзор лучших клиникThe main objective of the center is preservation and extension of youth and charm. After visiting the salon you will not only get rid of unpleasant warts, but also will gain confidence, recover from depression, increase your vitality.

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This is possible due to aesthetic and therapeutic cosmetology, figure correction, photo and laser procedures.

Here getting rid of skin growths is through laser removal. Doctors highlight the advantages of this procedure:

  • Quality and utmost accuracy when removing warts;
  • Minimal risk of scarring and complications;
  • The procedure is absolutely painless;
  • Guarantee the appearance of recurrences;
  • The lack of rehabilitation period.

Also following the procedure in «Orange city» you have the opportunity to send the material for histological examination.

«Aesthetics city» has several branches, but the removal of the growths is performed on the Chistopolskaya street, 26/5

We have tried to highlight the most popular among the population of Kazan medical institutions, which offer patients services to remove skin lesions. All these ensure high quality and service, modern equipment and a cosy atmosphere.

If you are unable to choose a specific organization, we will help you with this. Leave your phone number and our consultant will contact you in 5 minutes and will pick you the best option. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)