Wart in Kharkov: the leading medical centers of the city

Удаление бородавок в Харькове: ведущие медицинские центры городаHello, dear readers. In today’s article we will focus on medical clinics that perform wart in Kharkov.

Kharkiv is one of the largest cities, located in the North-East of Ukraine. He has a variety of student, academic and industrial infrastructure.

Regularly in the city, new modern medical organizations that offer residents a variety of medical services.

So, we present to your attention a number of leading clinics of Kharkiv, which can remove any benign skin lesions.

Private clinic «Pulse Medika»

Удаление бородавок в Харькове: ведущие медицинские центры городаThe embodies the European quality standards, contemporary approach to diagnosis and treatment, high level of service, the use of innovative technologies.

All procedures are performed only by professional doctors who conscientiously and compassionately treat all patients. Here you will be given an individual approach, based on the recommendations and the views of who that allows you to achieve the best results.

In this medical organization warts and other growths removed by laser. Before the procedure, you will examine and consult an experienced dermatologist with extensive experience in this field.

If necessary, you can assign a survey for viruses and other tests. In the case of suspected malignancy, the doctor will perform a PAP smear, and dermatoscopy.

Located clinic «Pulse Doctor» at the address: street on August 23, 34

To make an appointment you can call: +38 (057) 764 10 24

Clinic under the thermometer

Удаление бородавок в Харькове: ведущие медицинские центры городаThis consultative clinic, which is located near the thermometer. Advantages of the presented medical organizations:

  • Years of experience;
  • Wide range of services offered;
  • Convenient location;
  • Affordable prices;
  • Inpatient and outpatient treatment;
  • Quality and personalized service;
  • The presence of on-site clinics pharmacies.
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His patients are offered services in the field of surgery, neurology, therapy, Pediatrics, orthopedics, dermatology, gynecology, cosmetology and many others.

Here you will be offered different methods of getting rid of skin growths. Which method is right for you will tell you physician after the consultation.

All procedures performed in the treatment delivery of high quality, effective and safe.

Address of clinic: Constitution square, 21/1 (under the thermometer);

Telephone clinic: +38 (057) 731 38 85

Snezhko Svetlana Ivanovna (office of dermatology and venereology)

Here you are offered a wide range of services for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases in the field of cosmetology, dermatology, gynecology.

Удаление бородавок в Харькове: ведущие медицинские центры городаSvetlana is an experienced doctor, dermatologist, which provides highly effective treatment for all segments of the population.

Individual, integrated, anonymous approach — the key to success in the fight against many diseases.

To remove tumors in the study of dermatology and venereology, you can use liquid nitrogen. Today, cryotherapy is the most effective procedure for getting rid of warts.

It is simple, almost painless and safe. In addition, cutaneous formations are fighting with a laser.

The address of the office Svetlana Ivanovna: Darvina street, 9 (Building architect);

Make an appointment by phone: (057) 717 17 73

Institute of health

Удаление бородавок в Харькове: ведущие медицинские центры городаIt uses innovative technology for the treatment of many diseases in the field of urology, proctology, dermatology, gynecology, cosmetics, therapy, orthopedics and others.

Consultations and surveys are carried out on modern computer equipment and experienced doctors. All of the patients who were provided services, leave only positive reviews, which speaks of the quality and safety of treatment.

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In this medical organization, the warts are removed using laser coagulation. For more than 5 years in the Institute of health used a Green copper-vapor laser «Yahroma-Med».

Through this method we can get rid of all abnormalities. Note that the price of the procedure really democratic, that allows to cure skin diseases to all segments of the population.

Address «health Institute»: Constitution square, 26 (located in the House of Science and Technology, on the 2nd floor);

Phone: +38 (057) 760 47 60

Center for aesthetic medicine «Right cosmetology»

Удаление бородавок в Харькове: ведущие медицинские центры городаThis centre occupies a leading position among Ukrainian cosmetology clinics. It uses world’s best technologies, which are aimed at the preservation of beauty, youth and health.

For patients specialists of this medical institution offers professional services in the field of cosmetic body, face, rejuvenation, removal of tumors.

Today the medical center for the treatment of tumors of the applied laser treatment. In addition, an experienced dermatologist will prescribe effective antiviral therapy to prevent the appearance of warts.

All manipulations are carried out in one session, which allows to reduce the time spent in the clinic. Despite this, all treatments are safe, painless and very effective.

Is the center «Correct cosmetology» on the street Danilevsky, 19A near metro;

A telephone clinic: +38 (057) 705 04 26, +38 (066) 970 38 39

So, we have described the leading medical organizations which are engaged in treatment and removal of skin formations. In addition to the clinics, you can choose on our portal specialist, who can help you to get rid of unpleasant growths.

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If you are uncertain, then this may help our consultant. You just need to leave your contact phone number in the form below and our staff will call you within five minutes and will help you decide. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)