Wart in Kiev: health centers in the city

Удаление бородавок в Киеве: медицинские центры городаWelcome, dear readers. We continue the description medical clinics, located in major cities that are treating skin lesions. In today’s article we will focus on the medical institutions conducting the wart in Kiev.

Kiev is the cultural, educational, economic and administrative center of Ukraine. This metropolis is constantly evolving, and this attracts many people.

In addition to cultural and educational institutions in Kiev regularly have medical centers equipped with modern equipment and providing a wide range of services.

So, where is the best place to spend a wart and what methods are used in different clinics? You will learn the answers to these questions from the article.

Beauty Institute

Удаление бородавок в Киеве: медицинские центры городаThis is one of the largest centers, which helps people to deal with inherent and acquired cosmetic defects of the skin.

Now in this medical institution operates more than 80 doctors, including 17 doctors of the higher attestation category.

In Institute of beauty to provide cosmetology, medicine, surgery, dentistry and many others.

Surgical removal of tumors here are employees of the cancer Institute of Ukraine, that is the best in his field.

This applies to cryotherapy, laser treatment, electrocoagulation, and surgical diathermy. In addition, you can conduct all the necessary tests to detect the malignancy of warts.

Is Institute of beauty on the street B. Khmelnitsky, 9a

Phone for appointment: (044) 235 63 06

«Kogerent» centre of laser medicine and cosmetology

Удаление бородавок в Киеве: медицинские центры городаIn Latin «Cogerent» means «Strength». Here doctors use the power of the laser beam, which is able to deliver the patient from multiple skin and other problems.

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Thanks to this method you can rejuvenate skin, remove unwanted hair, cure gynecological diseases, acne, etc…

In this medical institution is laser removal of skin growths. After just one treatment you can permanently get rid of the unpleasant warts.

The procedure is carried out with the help of modern laser machine Fotona, through which you can control the direction and the laser beam. During the work of the center «Kogerent» more than 10 thousand patients have got rid of skin lesions.

To find the center on the street of Malinovskogo, 4 (left Bank of the Dnieper, m. Levoberezhnaya).

Record on reception by phone: (044) 331 30 85 (095) 470 35 10

Medical-cosmetology centre «Excellence»

Удаление бородавок в Киеве: медицинские центры городаFor patients of this medical institution provides services in the field of esthetic and therapeutic cosmetology, Podiatry (Podiatry), aesthetics, and other bodies.

Here the doctors are all experienced dermatologists, can save you from unpleasant cosmetic and other health problems.

To consult a specialist of this center, you will be carried out not only visually, but also dermatoscopy, and if necessary, histology.

After an experienced doctor will prescribe you the appropriate treatment or removal of warts. Method of influence is elected depending on the degree of development of the disease, the localization of growth, multiplicity of lesions.

The address of medical institution: Svyatoshinskiy district, Koltsova Boulevard, 14b

Phone: (044) 587 96 80 (095) 655 78 80

The center of aesthetic cosmetology «Slim»

Удаление бородавок в Киеве: медицинские центры городаThis is one of the leading cosmetic organizations in Kiev. Unique techniques, modern technology, years of experience, highly qualified doctors – all this allows men and women to preserve their beauty and youth.

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Here you are at the proper level will provide services in the field of hardware and laser cosmetology, dermatology, massage.

Presents the center is based on the use of laser technology. This method here removes benign skin lesions.

The operation is performed with a Neodymium Nd-Yag laser or YAG MCL 30 Dermablate. This is the most modern apparatuses that help you quickly and effectively get rid of skin problems.

Prices for therapeutic manipulation are very affordable and starts from 50 UAH. in one tumor. Note that consultation with a dermatologist is available for free.

Address: Obolon, Heroes of Stalingrad Avenue, 18A

To schedule an appointment with the doctor by phone: (097) 659 16 59

Clinic cold treatment «Medkrionika»

Удаление бородавок в Киеве: медицинские центры городаThe most valuable presents for the doctors of the clinic is spotless reputation. So the main purpose of the center – high-quality treatment and a perfect result.

Here to treat patients using liquid nitrogen. It is used in the following fields: dentistry, cosmetology, dermatology, and otolaryngology.

«Medkrionika» work only professionals who can save you from many health problems.

Here, experienced doctors make removal of skin tumors with liquid nitrogen. It is the most gentle and effective method of skin exposure.

The procedure cost starts from 35 UAH, which is very accessible to all segments of the population. Before a session you need to consult with a specialist.

On reception to the doctor, you can register by phone: (044) 229 83 90 (044) 229 87 97

Located clinic «Medkrionika» at the address: Shevchenko Boulevard, 46V

So, we have described the most popular and frequently visited medical organizations of Kiev, where they conduct qualitative and effective removal of benign skin diseases.

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In addition to the appropriate clinic on our site you can choose the doctor who will be able to save you from aesthetic problems.

If you have any difficulties with the choice of doctor or medical organization, you can help our consultant. You must leave your contact phone number and our staff will contact you within five minutes and will help you decide. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)