Wart in Minsk: a review of the best medical schools

Удаление бородавок в Минске: обзор лучших медицинских заведенийWelcome, guests of our portal. In today’s article we want to talk about the medical centers that produce wart in Minsk.

Minsk is not only the capital of Belarus, but also its cultural, scientific, economic and political hub.

This ancient city possesses numerous architectural monuments and modern residential complexes.

Despite the fact that Minsk is a fairly old city, it regularly opens up new objects of culture and health.

We present to your attention the best medical institutions of Minsk, which offer patients a range of services, including procedures for removal of skin growths.

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  • Medical center «Kravira»

    Удаление бородавок в Минске: обзор лучших медицинских заведенийThis is one of the most respected and renowned medical establishments of the city. Here I offer professional services in the field of cosmetology, plastic surgery, gynecology, dentistry, neurology, mammology, psychotherapy, urology, dermatology, etc.

    The center employs highly trained doctors, capable of a quick period of time to relieve you from almost any health problems.

    In this clinic, warts and other skin growths removed by laser. According to patient feedback is the most effective method of getting rid of warts. In the center of the «Kravira» experienced doctors are working with the CO2 laser.

    The addresses are:

  • Pobediteley Avenue, 45. Bodies: +375 (17) 211 28 61;
  • Street Skripnikova, 11B. Bodies: +375 (17) 314 94 94;
  • Centre aesthetic services «Shinest»

    Удаление бородавок в Минске: обзор лучших медицинских заведенийHere are services in the field of laser medicine, aesthetic surgery and injection cosmetology.

    The benefits of this center:

    • The professionalism of doctors;
    • Modern ways and methods of treatment;
    • Affordable pricing;
    • Great service.
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    The specialists of «Shinest» perform you laser removal of warts. First, you complete a free consultation with a dermatologist who can confirm the high quality of education.

    The center is located at two addresses:

  • Zakharova Street, 40. Tel: +375 (17) 284 67 46
  • Independence Avenue, 181. Tel: +375 (17) 286 62 53
  • A network of salons «Medlaz»

    Удаление бородавок в Минске: обзор лучших медицинских заведенийHere is an extensive range of innovative laser equipment, so you can solve every problem quickly, confidently and effectively.

    The great advantage of this network is experience and seniority, as for patients door «Medusa» is open for more than 14 years.

    The process is carried out by occupational therapists with specialized education, so you can safely trust them with their health.

    To remove warts in the facility with the help of laser. If the doctor has the slightest doubt about the purity of the growths, you will be held reliable histological study.

    In the case of location of growths in intimate area, you will need to undergo further consultation with a gynecologist or urologist.

    In the center of «Medlaz» procedure the removal of warts can be carried out for both adults and children.

    There is 3 branches of the network:

    • Street Giedroyc, 14. Bodies: +375 (17) 234 29 25;
    • Street Pritytskogo. Bodies: 89 +375 (17) 254 60 06;
    • Street Pritytsky, 91. Bodies: +375 (17) 314 98 55.

    Clinical centre of plastic surgery

    Удаление бородавок в Минске: обзор лучших медицинских заведенийThis clinical state organization, which has a population of paid medical services in the field of plastic and laser surgery, cosmetology, dentistry, Oncology, physiotherapy.

    It is possible to note low price on all treatments, as well as high quality execution of all operations since the center opened to the public since 1980 and during this time, doctors have gained enormous experience and skills.

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    To get rid of skin growths here can several methods: liquid nitrogen, by means of electrocoagulation and surgically. After the procedure, the tissue growth will be sent for histological examination.

    Address: Bogdanovicha, 53. Tel (multichannel): (017) 334 94 24.

    Cosmetic center «IdealMED»

    Удаление бородавок в Минске: обзор лучших медицинских заведенийWe are glad to provide their patients with expert assistance and get rid of various skin problems. «IdealMed» applies the new Israeli and German equipment, operated by experienced beauticians.

    In this medical institution care about the aesthetic and physical health of everyone. After visiting the clinic you’ll find a positive attitude, good health, attractive appearance, vitality.

    Removal of skin formations here is carried out using a CO2 laser. Thanks to this device it is possible to get rid of warts all over the body, even from plantar.

    Also, you will be asked to consult with the doctor dermatologist-cosmetologist, who will talk about the preventive measures to avoid further skin problems.

    The centre is located at the address: street F. Skorina, Dom 12, korp. 303. Phone: +375 (29) 144 22 22

    «Seventh heaven» — medical center

    Удаление бородавок в Минске: обзор лучших медицинских заведенийOpen the medical organization in may 2005. All this time here spend only quality and affordable services.

    Work in «Seventh heaven» is based on 3 main principles: modern medical technology, professional staff, accessibility.

    You can safely to trust the doctors their health and beauty, and they, in turn, will transform your body and get rid of health problems.

    Removal of skin growths here apply the method of radiosurgical effects, cryotherapy, and surgical excision. All these treatments are safe for your health.

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    Moreover, they help to forget about the benign skin formations. Doctors of the clinic «Seventh heaven» will give you the removal procedure quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

    Address: street Filimonova, 53. Tel: +375 (17) 269 00 20

    So we have given the leading clinics of Minsk, which are only occupational therapists on high-tech equipment.

    If you have any problems with the choice of a medical institution, we invite you to leave your contact details and our consultant within 5 minutes call you back and will help to solve the problem. Be healthy!

    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)