Wart in Perm: our review of the best clinics

Удаление бородавок в Перми: наш обзор лучших клиникPerm is a large city located in the middle Urals. The city is famous for historic monuments, industrial enterprises and the beauty of nature.

The medical field Perm continues to develop. Every year in the city, new both municipal and private hospitals that provide modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of various diseases, including in the field of dermatology.

Skin diseases have always remained a vexing problem for many people. They had removed folk remedies without worrying about negative consequences.

Now there are several clinical methods of getting rid of warts, which are considered to be effective and safe for human health.

We have selected for you the best clinics that carry out the wart in Perm in the outpatient setting.

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Multidisciplinary medical center «Philosophy of health and beauty»

Удаление бородавок в Перми: наш обзор лучших клиникThis clinic has all the resources to provide timely care to patients. Here are highly qualified specialists with modern equipment that is safe for your health.

In the center is a private diagnostic laboratory, allowing you to quickly carry out studies and diagnosis of the human body.

Removal of benign skin lesions performed by several methods:

  • Cauterization with liquid nitrogen;
  • With the help of laser machine SmartXide Dot CO2, and vapor of cuprous oxide «Yakhroma-Med»;
  • Apparatus Surgitron (radio wave method).

Initially, you are invited to consult with an experienced dermatologist who will determine the degree of development of the wart and prescribe a specific treatment method.

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Address, street Kim, 64

Clinic of laser cosmetology

Удаление бородавок в Перми: наш обзор лучших клиникSince 2008, the facility helps to prolong youth and to find their patients attractive appearance.

It is the leading clinic in Perm, which offers various treatments with the use of unique capabilities of the laser apparatus. Only here innovative equipment, highly qualified doctors, cozy atmosphere.

The wart in this medical institution is carried out by a laser apparatus «Mediostar Effect», which guarantees effectiveness and safety of the procedure.

To get rid of build-up, you can just one session, and is painless and bloodless.

Is a medical institution at the address: Pushkin street, 80, office 102

Private clinic «Rodin»

Удаление бородавок в Перми: наш обзор лучших клиникHere some of the best doctors Perm – candidates of medical Sciences, specialists of the highest category, which use modern achievements of medicine and technology. Their main task is to restore the health of each patient.

The medical facility you can get rid of skin growths by electrocoagulation (high frequency current), as well as the method of cryodestruction (liquid nitrogen).

Each method is unique, and you will be informed by the dermatologist before the procedure.

Prices for various medical manipulations. They depend on your chosen method, and the size of the warts, however, compared to other clinics they are quite affordable.

In addition to dermatology services, you will be asked to undergo an examination by a psychologist, otolaryngologist, ophthalmologist, surgeon, urologist, gynecologist and other specialists in various medical fields.

Clinic «Rodin» is located at the address: ulitsa Lunacharskogo, 35 and on the street Yursha, 9

Multidisciplinary medical center «Quality of life»

Удаление бородавок в Перми: наш обзор лучших клиникIt is a leading private medical centre in Perm, which has established itself as a stable, developing, providing medical services of the highest quality.

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Operates a medical facility on three principles: professionalism, quality of services, convenience, which is important for many patients.

In this medical organization is one of the skin oncologist — doctor of higher category, candidate of medical Sciences.

Before you remove bad, he will hold dermatoscopy to learn more about the development and structure of warts.

Only after a complete examination you will be prescribed treatment radio wave coagulator apparatus Surgitron. This method is applied in the «Quality of life» in the fight against warts.

Find the clinic on the street Krisanova, 10

Clinic medicine anti-aging procedures «IME»

Удаление бородавок в Перми: наш обзор лучших клиникIt uses revolutionary methods of struggle with various skin diseases, including age-related changes.

All treatments conducted by professional beauticians who have received a medical degree and passed not one year professional training.

Unlike many of medical institutions of Perm, the center offers laser removal of warts. It is more forgiving, reliable, effective method of correction of aesthetic and dermatological problems.

The procedure is performed on the machine SmartXide2 DOT+RF from DEKA, allowing the build-up is removed quickly, gently and painlessly.

Before surgery, you need to consult with the dermatologist, who if necessary will conduct a histological examination to exclude malignancy education.

The center is located on Pushkin street, 115

Clinic cosmetology Tatiana Popova

Удаление бородавок в Перми: наш обзор лучших клиникSpecializiruetsya the clinic on hardware and injection techniques for rejuvenation and improving the skin.

The Director is a part-time as a doctor-cosmetician. She has extensive experience in the cosmetology field, resulting in only gaining the same professional craftsmen, so you can fully trust their hands without fearing for their health.

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Here to deal with skin formations used method of electric coagulation with the use of the device Surgitron.

Thanks to this device it is possible to carry out therapeutic manipulation virtually no tissue damage. The whole procedure takes only a few minutes, and after its completion leaves no burns or other cosmetic defects.

Clinic address: Ekaterininskaya street, 84A

The above list describes the best medical and cosmetic institutions of Perm, which have the best reviews from satisfied patients.

You can go to any clinic and receive quality and effective treatment.

If you cannot pick up on the problem a treatment facility, leave your contact details by filling out the form below and our Manager will contact you within 5 minutes and will offer you the best solution.

The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)