Wart in Tula: the best medical institutions of the city

Удаление бородавок в Туле: лучшие медицинские заведения городаHello, dear readers. Unfortunately, warts are suffering a large number of people around the world.

Some removed such education at home folk methods, and someone asks for help to the doctors.

We continue the description of the best medical clinics of the Russian cities that treat growths on the skin, and today our centre became the city of Tula.

Tula is a small town located 200 km from Moscow. Many people know the town as the center of production of samovars and gingerbread.

In addition, the Tula is considered the Armory of the Russian capital. It is an ancient and very picturesque city. However, despite this it opened every year new companies infrastructure, including in the health system.

In this article you will learn where best to spend the wart in Tula, as well as what methods are offered to residents of the city.

Moreover, you can pick up a medical facility and doctor who will be able to quickly and efficiently rid you of skin lesions:

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So, where in Tula to remove warts?

«A-Med» — multidisciplinary clinic

Удаление бородавок в Туле: лучшие медицинские заведения городаIts doors to this facility opened in 2002. Clinic specializiruetsya for innovative laser treatment methods in different medical fields: surgery, ENT, internal medicine, gynecology, cosmetology.

For all time over 40 thousand people were cured of different diseases by experienced physicians at the center of the «a-Med».

It has modern domestic equipment, making keeps affordable pricing.

In the medical center removal of the tumors is carried out with a laser. The procedure has almost no contraindications, eliminates the occurrence of side effects, and guarantees a great result.

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Thanks to laser you can get rid of the wart even on the face, because with this method the risk of scars is minimal.

Clinic address: Tokareva street, 82. Telephone: 8 (4872) 49 57 57

«Harmony of life» medical center

Удаление бородавок в Туле: лучшие медицинские заведения городаSpecialty center – alcoholism treatment.

In addition, it offers the following services:

  • Treatment of viral diseases;
  • Removal of skin neoplasms (moles, warts, kondilom, papillomas);
  • Diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal;
  • Outpatient care and around the clock.

Clinic specialists use only the most modern methods of diagnosis for accurate diagnosis. Skin diseases, including warts, can be removed with radio wave, laser surgery, and through cryoablation.

They ensure the safety of all medical procedures, as well as higher cosmetic effect.

The center is located at the address: street Surikova, 16. Phones: 8 (910) 165 70 00, 8 (4872) 35 84 35

The office of the dermatologist ternovskoy Elena Vladimirovna

Specializiruetsya dermatologist for treatment of skin, venereal and sexual diseases that are accompanied by different lesions on the skin.

Удаление бородавок в Туле: лучшие медицинские заведения городаElena offers its patients a wide range of services in the field of cosmetic dermatology and other fields. If desired, all procedures are carried out anonymously.

After careful examination Elena will determine the nature of the disease and, if necessary, prescribe surgical removal of the growths.

The office is state of the art laser apparatus, through which to remove warts can be quickly, and almost painlessly. If necessary, will be applied local anesthesia.

The doctor takes on the address: Lenin Avenue, 77, office 6 (2 floor). Phones: 8 (4872) 71 77 02, 270 09 09

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«S Classic Clinic»

Удаление бородавок в Туле: лучшие медицинские заведения городаIt provides services in the field of gynecology, urology, proctology, cosmetology, ultrasound diagnostics. The clinic employs only highly qualified specialists able to provide you with timely assistance to resolve your health problems.

The specialists of this medical institution carried out the removal of warts using apparatus «Surgitron», which exudes a high-frequency radio waves.

With this method of skin growths are removed with minimal travmatizatsii. Note that you must complete dermatoscopy.

Find a clinic by address: street Epifanskie, 54. Phone: 8 800 200 00 99 (Russian toll-free), 8 (4872) 71 60 60

Cabinet cryogenic treatment Zharikov, Vladimir Alekseevich

Удаление бородавок в Туле: лучшие медицинские заведения городаDr. Zharikov specializiruetsya cryogenic methods of treatment (with liquid nitrogen). In the study new ways to treat cervical disease, and skin expansion in different locations.

Note that the Mr Alexeevich since 1990 and during this time he managed to gain tremendous experience in this field, so you can be confident in the safety and effectiveness of all medical procedures.

It is the only place in Tula, where you can remove warts with liquid nitrogen. Thanks to this method of exposure to get rid of skin problems can even children.

The procedure is almost painless (if necessary, anesthesia is applied). Note that the price for cryotherapy at the doctor’s Zharikova very reasonable, compared to other medical institutions of the city (from 300 rubles)

The doctor takes on the address: Street Marata, 24. Phone: 8 (960) 593 12 59

Since Tula is not a very big city, excellent medical institutions that conduct the wart is not very much.

Of course, there are other centers, beauty salons and clinics, but we have identified the best of them. Here, modern equipment, staffed by experienced professionals and offers effective and affordable treatments.

Reviews of these medical institutions.

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If you still have doubts as to where exactly you seek professional help, it will help you decide on our consultant.

Just leave your phone on the form, which is located just below this article, and you will call back within 5 minutes and will help to make the right choice. Be healthy!

The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)