Wart in Vologda: review medical clinics

Удаление бородавок в Вологде: обзор медицинских клиникHello, dear readers. We continue our review of the leading clinics of Russian cities. Today we will tell you about where it is best to removing warts in Vologda.

Vologda is the largest settlement of the North-West of Russia. He is among the cities which have a particularly valuable architectural and historical heritage.

Here the major railroads intersect, leading to St. Petersburg, Vorkuta, Arkhangelsk.

Despite the huge number of historic monuments in Vologda constantly building modern infrastructure, entertainment, shopping centers, catering establishments and, of course, healthcare providers.

So, we present to your attention some of the most popular reviews of patients of clinics that provide everything you need for the removal of warts in an outpatient setting.

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Center of laser medicine «Revital»

Удаление бородавок в Вологде: обзор медицинских клиникThis center works at the market of medical services since 2011. During this time, more than a thousand people got here expert help.

In «Revital» are professional doctors with extensive experience who can remove neoplasms of any etiology, and to conduct histological study.

If necessary, you can consult a surgeon, mammologist, oncologist, proctologist, urologist, gynaecologist.

Unpleasant skin growths removed by laser. This is the most effective procedure which you can forget about the warts.

Before a session you need to consult a specialist, who will talk about the process of removing knots and prevention.

Is this hospital in the centre of Vologda, ulitsa Galkinskaya, 63 and, near the Soviet prospectus and the river station. Telephone clinic: +7 (8172) 50-23-63

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City hospital №2

Удаление бородавок в Вологде: обзор медицинских клиникThis is a budget medical institution is receiving as a fee, and medical insurance. In the hospital you can take a survey of doctors of various kinds, including a dermatologist and oncologist.

Removal of tumors on the body here is carried out by means of electrocoagulation. The price of this procedure is quite low (250 rubles for 1 small wart), so to get rid of unpleasant growths in the hospital everyone can.

In addition, the hospital offers many other services. There is a women’s consultation, day hospital, dental Department, Department of anesthesiology and intensive care, radiological and functional diagnostics.

For the provision of high quality care the hospital is constantly equipped with modern equipment of world level.

Address Vologda city hospital № 2 – St. Northern, 15. Reception phone: +7 (8172) 27-16-42 and +7 (8172) 27-17-30

Medical center «Arnica-M»

Удаление бородавок в Вологде: обзор медицинских клиникFor more than 10 years, the centre helps residents to get rid of various diseases. Work here only professionals will be able to answer your questions, to supply the appropriate diagnosis and carry out effective treatment.

«Arnica-M» doctors of the following areas: gynecology, dermatology, cardiology, dentistry, neurology, Oncology and other. In addition, you are offered beauty treatments.

Not so long ago there appeared a possibility to remove growths by using laser. In addition to this, you can carry out histological examination to exclude malignancy of the tissues of the warts.

Admission is doctor of the first category. The cost of the removal procedure depends on the size of the tumor and varies from 100 to 1000.

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If we are talking about plantar warts, then to fully get rid of them you will have to pay from 500 to 2800 rubles, which is in the middle of the city is considered low enough price.

Address medical center: Street of the Annunciation, 21. Phone: +7 (8172) 70-56-91

Medical center «Doctor»

Удаление бородавок в Вологде: обзор медицинских клиникThe medical establishment works in the field of medical services since 2006. All specialists regularly improve their skills in the best centers for laser medicine of Sankt-Petersburg, Moscow and other cities.

Only here you are offered a high service, high-quality medical care and innovative equipment.

In «Healer» are receiving experienced oncologists and oncodermatology. Moreover, get rid of unpleasant growths in the clinic can even children of any age.

The doctor’s office is equipped with modern equipment, through which you can get rid of warts quickly and effectively.

If there are indications you will be histological and cytological examination of the tissues of warts to exclude malignancy.

For treatment here are different types of lasers, through which you can achieve excellent cosmetic results.

Is this medical organization on Cheluskintsev street, 9. Phone: +7 (8172) 72-17-71

Beauty salon «Solange»

Удаление бородавок в Вологде: обзор медицинских клиникFor over 12 years this salon gives its patients the opportunity to become more beautiful and attractive.

You are invited to the professionalism of the masters, high quality service and modern technology, thanks to which «Solange» won the first ranks among the Vologda medical institutions.

In the salon wart treatment is by cryotherapy (freezing with liquid nitrogen). Thanks to this procedure, the warts disappear without a trace on the skin.

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Moreover, after removal of excluded re-infection, while burning almost no blood loss. The advantage of this method is that a small price – from 150 rubles per one PIP.

Address: Oktyabrskaya street, 19. Phone: +7 (8172) 72-67-80

We have described the best medical institutions where you can quickly and effectively remove skin lesions.

If you can’t choose the right clinic or center, then leave on our portal their contact details, and our staff will contact you (within 5 minutes) and will help to make the right choice. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)