Wart laser people’s reviews and our review treatment method

Удаление бородавок лазером: отзывы людей и наш обзор метода леченияHello dear readers! Almost every article concerning the topic of the treatment of warts, laser therapy is mentioned as one of the most effective methods of removing growths on the skin.

Naturally, patients are concerned about how it is the laser removal and what can be complications after the procedure. This issue I decided to dedicate today’s post.

Warts are benign neoplasms that arise as a result of penetration into the body of human papillomavirus.

The danger of this disease lies in the fact that when related factors, the disease can worsen and develop into malignancy.

In addition, the patient growths on the skin is infected with HIV infecting others. Therefore, timely diagnosis and treatment are the key to a long and healthy life.

Today any beauty salon or clinic provide a range of services for the removal of warty growths on the body.

One of the most popular and effective methods is removal of warts by laser. Let’s talk more about the mechanism of action of laser rays on the human body and how to performed the procedure.

The advantages and disadvantages of laser therapy

Удаление бородавок лазером: отзывы людей и наш обзор метода леченияMore recently, to remove the wart was only possible with the help of liquid nitrogen, or corrosive chemicals.

Today to remove growths on the skin can be easily and safely with a laser, and patients proof. The peculiarity of this technique is that it is characterized by:

  • high efficiency;
  • the absence of pain;
  • the lack of recurrence;
  • rapidity of execution;
  • accessibility;
  • the lack of multiple contraindications;
  • short rehabilitation period.

Despite the fact that the laser is used in many beauty salons and centers to remove warts best in specialized dermatological clinics, after consultation with the attending physician.

Laser burning uniceram not only the body of warts but also its root, it is absolutely not traumatize the surrounding tissue.

Removing warts with this method is possible in any part of the body: face, foot, hands, neck. Allowed the removal of even children at the age of 4-5 years.

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To eliminate one wart is enough one procedure, which takes an average of 2-5 minutes.

A distinctive feature of laser therapy is that after removal of the seized tissue mandatory sent for histological examination to exclude cancer pathology.

The algorithm of the procedure

Удаление бородавок лазером: отзывы людей и наш обзор метода леченияBefore laser cauterization, a qualified doctor is mandatory to conduct a differential diagnosis to pinpoint the type of disease and to verify the purity of the process.

After all, medicine knows many stories when a harmless viral wart after mechanical impact on her could turn black or start to bleed. These symptoms are the first sign of the transition of benign to malignant process.

Before conducting the procedure the patient was told of phasing to the patient himself was not worried and knew that he was doing.

The procedure is virtually painless, as performed under local anesthesia. Depending on the number of items and their size determine the dose of anaesthetic, which is injected under the skin using an insulin syringe, how would alkalifa the wart.

Then, with the help of a laser beam is carried out layer-by-layer vaporization of tissue growth, until, yet will not seem healthy layer.

Retired build-up taken for histological examination and the wound treated with antiseptic solution and put on her antiseptic dressing.

For this manipulation use a special laser system which can be of different types:

  • carbondioxide (carbon dioxide) installation produces rays, which entirely burned tissue growth, used to remove plantar warts;
  • erbium installation used for the removal of growths of different types on the delicate skin of the face, neck; a low-energy pulse allows you to remove thin layers of the growths, while not burning the surrounding tissue;
  • dye laser – produces high-frequency pulses, which cause degenerative changes in the vessels and cells of tumors;
  • Nd:YAG laser, which is based on the photomechanical destruction of tissue of the excrescence.
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    Удаление бородавок лазером: отзывы людей и наш обзор метода леченияDepending on the size and localization MCV lesions, the doctor will select individually for each patient the most effective and less invasive method.

    Here is a video where you can see the method of removing warts with a laser.

    The undeniable advantage of this method is the possibility of controlling the intensity of the rays and the depth of their penetration, almost to each patient the doctor can find the individual scheme of laser therapy.

    Many moms ask if you can remove warts on the body of the child and hurt the whole procedure.

    The pain is almost nonexistent and since 5 years we can safely use this technique, but remember that warts on a child’s body can spontaneously disappear, just as they appeared.

    Many patients are concerned about how much it costs for the procedure itself. A simple answer to this question, I can’t, because the price depends on the number of remote elements, their location and size.

    Also take into account the place of removal, if a small study cosmetology on the outskirts of the city, the procedure is cheaper than, for example, in a specialized clinic in the city centre. The average price for removing a wart is medium in size ranges from 300 to 500 rubles.

    Skin care after the procedure

    Удаление бородавок лазером: отзывы людей и наш обзор метода леченияAfter the procedure of laser removal does not require any special care and, especially, physical limitations.

    An exception may be the removal of the warty growth in the area of the foot, the heel or under the toes. In this case, you need a little physical limitation to tissue after removal recover quickly.

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    Spot removal, a small spot covered with eschar. As the recovery of tissues, the scab dries up and disappears.

    Depending on which method was carried out removal, new skin may be less or more congested, although after 2-3 months, the pigmentation of the skin is aligned and is no different from skin color to a healthy area.

    The attending physician may, and should, complement the treatment of antiviral and immunostimulatory therapy, because after removal the wart virus remains in the body, contributing to the formation of warty new items.

    Contraindications to laser removal

    Удаление бородавок лазером: отзывы людей и наш обзор метода леченияDespite the fact that the procedure is safe and permitted even babies, caution must be observed in such cases:

    • hypertension;
    • in acute respiratory viral disease;
    • during and after acute herpes;
    • during hyperthermia.

    During pregnancy and lactation, women can, but with caution to implement this procedure.

    First, you need to consult with an experienced doctor, who will weigh the pros and cons, and assess the benefits of the procedure and the risk to the baby.

    We hope that our publications will help to gain healthy and clear skin many people. Then our time and work will not be wasted. We wish your good health!

    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)