Wart on elbow: what to do and how to get the growths?

Hello, dear readers. Today we will talk about the unpleasant skin formations, which strike the elbow of the hands.

Why warts are formed at these places? How to get rid of them? The answers to these questions you will get after reading this article.

Look like growths on the elbows?

Бородавка на локте: что делать и как вывести наросты?Any wart is an unpleasant skin disease, and viral origin. It appears due to the activation in the body of human papillomavirus. Its spread is the most popular disease among the population of all mankind.

Note that the wart on my elbow is popping up infrequently. To a greater extent such growths affect the skin of hands, feet, face, head.

Often see these growths, you can have children in the crook of his hands. They look like little nodules are flesh-colored with a rough or smooth surface.

Often they are rare, but there are also clusters of growths that brings not only beauty, but also physical discomfort.

In the below photo depicts common warts, which often occur on the elbows.

Why are these tumors?

Бородавка на локте: что делать и как вывести наросты?As mentioned above, the cause of formation of these growths is the human papillomavirus. He, in turn, enters the body through cracks in the skin, direct contact with an infected person or by household.

If we consider the elbow joint, it is often susceptible to trauma, especially in children. Children are constantly falling, skin folds on arms and legs.

In these places there are constant wounds and abrasions. It is through these cracks HPV can enter the body.

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And it may not immediately manifest itself. If at the time of infection, the child there is a good immune system, the HPV will NAP. It will happen until then, until the weakening of the immune system.

If the person constantly is ill, exposed to regular stress and emotions, and it has a high risk of infection with human papillomavirus.

If such education?

Growths located on the elbow joint, most often are themselves. In children, this period may take a couple of years.

A more dangerous moment could result in personal injury warts. As a result, it can bleed, hurt. Through the wound in the body can get another infection, which will lead to more serious consequences.

What to do to not have contamination? To avoid this, try immediately after any injury to treat the elbow with hydrogen peroxide, brilliant green or iodine.

Treatment for elbow warts

Бородавка на локте: что делать и как вывести наросты?Warts on these areas treated as well as other growths. In our time in medical centers and clinics, patients are offered several effective ways that help to bring the nodules from the root that will prevent recurrence.

For these purposes, use:

  • Liquid nitrogen;
  • Laser cauterization;
  • Electrocoagulation:
  • Radio wave exposure;
  • Surgical excision.

All these methods are quite effective. Removal procedure is carried out quickly and painlessly. Note that such an effect is rarely used for children because their skin is more delicate, unlike adults, whereby you can get scars and burns.

In pharmacies, there are many medicines that help to cure warts. Among them the most popular are such tools as Kriofarma (freezing tissue cold), Cheap, Verrucae and other. Has proven itself lyapisny pencil and plaster Sliped.

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Note that all these drugs have their contraindications, so before you start treatment therapy you should consult with a dermatologist.

Folk remedies

Бородавка на локте: что делать и как вывести наросты?Some people do not wish to go to doctors and prefer to treat the warts at home.

So, how to get rid of elbow neoplasms with folk remedies?

Perfectly cope with this role, the juice of Celandine. This plant grows in almost every yard. Its SAP burns from the inside build-up up to the roots, which eliminates the appearance of relapses.

But the juice is very poisonous, so you should very carefully apply it to the wart, avoiding normal tissue. Otherwise, you can earn strong burn.

By the way, in pharmacies there is a similar pharmacology drug «Supercrystal», which can also be used to treat growths.

You can smear education on the elbow garlic clove. You can also RUB garlic on the grater and add to the resulting mass of acetic acid with flour.

After that, the slurry is overlaid on the wart and left under a plaster or bandage for the night. Then dead skin must be removed with a pumice stone or scraper. Repeat the procedure several times until complete recovery.

For treatment you can use the old technique – rubbing a raw potato or a slice of green Apple. These products are cut in two and they are treated growths.

After that, both segments are bound together with silk thread, and buried in the ground. As soon as the potato or Apple starts to rot, wither and wart.

In conjunction with the above measures you need to take antiviral and immunomodulatory drugs. This will allow you to «lull» of HPV, resulting in warts disappear. Note that to completely withdraw papillomavirus from the body is impossible.

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Preventive measures

Бородавка на локте: что делать и как вывести наросты?To unpleasant growths did not hit your elbows and other parts of the body, you must follow certain rules:

  • Avoid contact with sick people;
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle;
  • The injured elbow treat skin antiseptic preparations;
  • Avoid wearing someone else’s clothes;
  • Observe good personal hygiene.

If you follow these basic rules, the problem of the warts will pass you. In any case, if you have any skin lesions it is better to consult a specialist. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)