Wart on foot: what to do and how to treat?

Бородавка на ступне: что делать и как лечить?Hello, dear readers. Some of you at least once in my life encountered such unpleasant phenomenon as warts.

Popping up these growths can over the body, but the most common places of their localization are feet. If tumors appeared in these places, you experience pain and discomfort when walking.

What to do in this situation? To wait until the disease itself will be treated or to remove growths? On all these questions we will give a clear answer in today’s article.

Why do people get warts on feet?

Бородавка на ступне: что делать и как лечить?So, how does this kind of education and how to identify a wart or something else? Wart on the foot is a viral skin disease caused by the activation of the human papillomavirus. They are often confused with corns.

The causes of growths of all people are virtually identical — is wearing uncomfortable or tight shoes that does not allow skin to breathe feet.

A plantar wart looks like a small pea, which size can reach several millimeters.

If growth is already old, the color of it can be dark and even black. The skin around the growths after some time it becomes coarse and rough to the touch.

There are cases when the disease passes by itself after some time, however most often, these papules can be treated or removed.

You can not let the disease to chance, because the consequences can be dire. If the growth will continue to grow, the pressure on him he may turn into an internal wart, which is very difficult to remove. Sometimes the pain brings such education unbearable.

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In the presented picture shows the plantar education.

How to get rid of such growths?

Бородавка на ступне: что делать и как лечить?If you have this problem, it is necessary to consider its elimination. Try not to scratch the new growth, not to injure it, and at every opportunity it is better to consult a doctor.

What can a doctor? It will offer you the following actions: appoint conservative treatment in the form of ointments, creams and solutions, or surgical removal of warts.

Operational methods of influence

  • Cryotherapy.

This cauterization of the tissues of the growth with liquid nitrogen. Due to the low temperatures of the infected skin cells die off and the wart disappears after a couple of days.

  • Electrocoagulation.

This treatment uses a special device, which at the end of the needle. This needle heats up and the knot is cut. If the growth on the sole is large, it may take several treatments.

  • Laser removal.

Today it is the most efficient and effective method of getting rid of tumors. High temperature beam burns a papule with roots, making a risk of relapse.

  • The surgical removal.

This method of exposure most often used in subcutaneous warts or in the case of extensive growth.

Conservative treatment

If you got an infectious wart, the first thing you need to do to improve his immunity. To do this, the doctor will prescribe immunomodulators, or vitamin complexes.

Бородавка на ступне: что делать и как лечить?If you don’t want the doctor removed the tumor by operation, it is possible treatment at home with the use of various pharmaceutical drugs.

These tools include: salicylic acid, Kriofarma, Super Celandine, Verrucate, Wartner Cryo, Solkoderm and other.

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All of these drugs the most affordable is Super Celandine (only 20-30 rubles), however, they can not withdraw growths in children due to the possible occurrence of burns on the skin.

Remember, despite the fact that all these tools are freely available, they should prescribe a doctor, because they have contraindications.

Folk remedies against tumors

Бородавка на ступне: что делать и как лечить?There are people (especially older generations) don’t trust your health to the doctors and try to bring warts on the feet themselves using folk remedies.

Perhaps the most common method is rubbing a potato. Does the tuber is cut in half, and these parts of to spread skin papule.

Then the two parts are joined, linked by the thread (preferably silk), and buried in the ground. As soon as the potatoes will begin to rot, will die and the wart.

I enclose also a video in which a woman talks about home remedies for illness:

What else can cure a skin growths?

The use of garlic

Garlic has excellent antiviral effect. Removal of tumors, make a garlic paste and apply on the affected area.

Leave the compress on the night and in the morning wash and steam build-up with consequent cleaning of the keratinized skin. Usually after a couple of weeks, warts is not a trace remains.

Juice Of Celandine

Бородавка на ступне: что делать и как лечить?This method also has established himself as one of the most effective. Plantar wart spread juice of this plant.

Repeat the procedure for several days. The fact is that the juice of Celandine is poisonous. Thanks poison the wart tissue is simply burned from the inside.

It therefore should be very careful to put it on the skin especially if a wart struck the foot of the child, differently it is possible to earn severe burns.

Acetic acid

This tool can also burn the skin, so spread education only once a day. This method is especially good when small plantar fasciitis papules.

The use of iodine

This, the most harmless, but at the same time the most long-lasting method of getting rid of growths. Quite a few times per day apply to affected area 1 drop of iodine. For full recovery you’ll need from a couple of weeks to a month.

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Of course, this is not all methods that allow you to cure warts at home. That the disease did not arise, it is enough to observe simple preventive measures: do not walk barefoot in public places buy comfortable shoes, to harden and strengthen the immune system.

Any disease is better to prevent than to cure. The same applies to the warts. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)