Wart Surgitron: how effective is this method of treatment?

Удаление бородавок Сургитроном: насколько эффективен такой метод лечения?Welcome, dear readers. Almost every person throughout his life can manifest in various skin diseases such as papillomas or warts.

They often grow to large sizes, giving the appearance unpleasant to view. Any dermatological education should be removed or treated.

This can be done both at home and in modern medical centers. We recommend a treatment procedure only after consulting a specialist, who will examine your wart. Especially for those warts that began to bother you.

In the modern market of medical services offers several methods of wart removal:

  • By electrocoagulation;
  • By using freezing liquid nitrogen;
  • Laser;
  • With the use of radio waves.

In this article, we would like to describe in detail the radio wave method getting rid of warts, which is carried out on the unit Surgitron.

How does the removal of warts using this unit?

Удаление бородавок Сургитроном: насколько эффективен такой метод лечения?Surgitron is an innovative device that helps you safely and quickly remove skin lesions.

Action radiologa due to the conversion of electric current into radio waves that are directed on the soft tissues of the body. Due to this there is a coagulation that is non-invasive skin incision by high frequency radio waves.

The whole procedure lasts only 20 minutes. The time depends on the size and number of warts. Any special manipulation before a session is not required.

After the procedure, you have the opportunity to conduct a histological examination. It is available due to the fact that removal of tissue is not completely destroyed, in contrast to, for example, by laser coagulation.

The advantages of this method of treatment

Удаление бородавок Сургитроном: насколько эффективен такой метод лечения?Surgitron warts use in many clinics both in Russia and abroad.

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Despite the fact that every year the radio wave method is becoming less popular than others, it has its positive sides:

  • Painless removal of warts.

During the procedure of high frequency cauterizing the nerve endings and block the spasm. This eliminates impacts on highly sensitive receptors. Simply put — you almost feel nothing. If you are afraid that this will still be painful, your doctor may inject a local anesthetic.

  • The almost complete absence of blood loss.

By Surgitron is a «sealing» of tiny blood vessels, resulting in blood almost no.

  • The machine is very gentle to the tissues surrounding the wart, so they are not damaged.

When the incision is no pressure on the skin, which eliminates mechanical damage to cells. Because of this risk that will hurt healthy tissue is reduced to zero.

For comparison the area of the necrosis of tissue which is adjacent to the slit, when other methods of wart removal: in the case of using the Surgitron this area is 8 times less than the ultrasonic method, and 10 times less in comparison with laser removal.

  • The wound after the procedure heals very quickly.

Удаление бородавок Сургитроном: насколько эффективен такой метод лечения?This is due to the fact that with their effects on tissues, a radio wave completely disinfect the wound, that is, all pathogens are destroyed. That is why there is no complications in the form of swelling and inflammation.

Moreover, after application of Surrogation on the surface of the wound formed a fibrin film, under which healing occurs much faster. It should be noted that the incision has formed a crust. Don’t worry, she will disappear in 7-10 days.

  • The almost complete absence of scars.
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Thanks to the apparatus Surgitron wart cut but not incising. Meanwhile, healthy tissue is not affected, and therefore remains and scars.

In most cases, at the place of growth, a new layer of the skin, and its color from normal is no different. This is especially beautiful half of humanity suffering from warts on the face and hands.

The efficiency of removal of skin lesions provided by the office 80-90%, the recurrence rate after treatment is only 2-5%.

Thanks to the Surgitron can be rid of all types of warts, including plantar and old.

Special instructions

Удаление бородавок Сургитроном: насколько эффективен такой метод лечения?To completely remove warts, only a single procedure.

Note that after the coagulation of warts on the genitals is necessary to observe pelvic rest, genital hygiene and not to lift heavy things (weight более3 kg) for several days.

Also in a week you should refrain from visiting the pool, saunas and steam baths.

Moreover, to the crust faster anymore, you should handle it several times a day with antiseptic.

Contraindications to radio-wave surgery:

  • Diabetes mellitus;
  • Epilepsy;
  • Glaucoma;
  • The presence of a pacemaker in a patient;
  • If you have the malignity of education;
  • Infectious diseases;
  • Inflammatory processes in the acute stage.

The cost of removing skin lesions Surgitron

Удаление бородавок Сургитроном: насколько эффективен такой метод лечения?Of course, in different cities the price of this procedure is different. The highest price established in the capital and in St. Petersburg – from 800 to 3.5 thousand rubles for facial wart with a diameter of 0.3 – 1 cm For the extra inches will have to pay (about 1 thousand for each cm).

If growths on the body, the price will be slightly lower, while the plantar – higher because they are more difficult to remove.

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Now you know, what is the Surgitron machine, what is principle of his actions and whether it effectively fights skin formations.

According to the testimonials of satisfied patients, we recommend the radio wave method in the fight against warts, of course, in the absence of contraindications.

Of course, only a specialist can tell which way of removal suits you, so be sure to visit a dermatologist before the procedure. Be healthy!

The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)