Warts during pregnancy: is it possible to remove growths on the skin?

Бородавки при беременности: можно ли удалить наросты на коже?Welcome, dear readers. A woman waiting baby, very worried about his health.

Of course, as any illness in this period affects the child and may lead to pathologies of development.

Unfortunately, even during pregnancy on the body can cause unpleasant education. Most growths, including warts, is caused by a virus human papillomavirus, which in some of its manifestations is dangerous to the health of the expectant mother and her baby.

Today we want to talk about what to do if the period of carrying a child you found on the body skin education? How to treat them and can I remove warts this tremulous period for women?

Dangerous warts during pregnancy?

Бородавки при беременности: можно ли удалить наросты на коже?So, congratulations, you have learned that to have a baby. Of course, first and foremost, every woman goes to the hospital to see my doctor and passes all the necessary tests.

One of the tests will be for HPV – human papilloma virus. Because of it, as mentioned above, and warts appear.

In most cases, these growths do not carry particular risk for mom and baby. The greater the harm of self-treatment, especially made incorrectly and without medical advice.

Now, if you have genital warts, they may pose a threat. This is due to the fact that at birth, the child may be infected with the virus.

If you have a large number of warts on the intimate places and it’s too late to treat them, instead of natural childbirth, you may be assigned a C-section.

If you are on the face, feet, and other places formed a common wart, then touching them is not worth it if they bring the expectant mother much discomfort.

The appearance of warts on the hands or fingers, you may accidentally hit and tear build-up, which will lead to unpleasant consequences.

The same applies to the plantar warts. While walking you may experience pain. If these warts are cause you discomfort, it is best to get rid of them.

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Ways to remove common growths

Бородавки при беременности: можно ли удалить наросты на коже?Many people wonder whether it is possible to cauterize the growths in this period? There are several ways through which you can remove warts during pregnancy:

  • Laser cauterization or electrocoagulation.

The laser rays or radio waves the wart disappears. These methods eliminate bleeding during the procedure and after they are not left scars. It is also desirable to perform all manipulations without anesthesia.

  • Remove using a scalpel.

This is an old method, however, if you have to subsequently conduct a histological examination of the tissues of the knot, then it is valid during pregnancy.

Treatment of warts on chest

Бородавки при беременности: можно ли удалить наросты на коже?It often happens that a pregnant woman complains of the appearance of warts on the nipple or areola. Here is how they can appear, you ask? The main reasons for their occurrence is:

  • Wearing tight or uncomfortable bra.

During pregnancy a woman’s breast is preparing for the rush of milk, whereby it increases in size.

The main thing at this time to change the sheets more comfortable. It should be made of natural materials and preferably seedless.

  • Failure or a change in the hormonal background.
  • Physical trauma to nipples or bumps.
  • Reduced immunity;
  • Failure to comply with hygiene standards.

Necessarily in this case, you need to see a doctor, as this area is not suitable for all methods of wart removal. This is due to the fact that soon you will be breastfeeding, and any wound can cause you pain and discomfort.

If not treated growths in this area, the baby can catch the virus that is very dangerous for the immature organism.

Removal of genital warts

Бородавки при беременности: можно ли удалить наросты на коже?If you have in this area warts, the doctor will prescribe you the test, a PAP and a biopsy to determine whether you have genital growths abnormal cells.

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This is necessary in order to exclude the possibility of their rebirth in Oncology. Further manipulation of the treatment or removal of warts will be taken by the doctor based on test scores and other surveys.

It is not possible to treat skin lesions?

Is it possible to remove warts during pregnancy with liquid nitrogen? Unfortunately, this method is contraindicated in this period.

It is also forbidden to use for the treatment of celandine. This plant is very poisonous and may harm the baby. The same applies to the drug «Supercrystal», which included a juice of the plant.

Traditional methods of treatment

Бородавки при беременности: можно ли удалить наросты на коже?To display the warts, the expectant mother can try just a few of the popular methods: removal of warts using chalk or garlic.

We strongly recommend that before treatment consult the doctor to avoid contraindications and allergic reactions.

But it’s worth noting that the treatment of the wart with chalk quite a long process.

For the treatment just need to smear the affected area with chalk or sprinkle his crushed vehicle. After that, apply a bandage for one day. And so 2 weeks. During this time the warts may otdohnut.

What if this method did not help you?

Бородавки при беременности: можно ли удалить наросты на коже?Try the garlic. The safest way is to RUB the wart with garlic cloves. This should be done within 2-3 weeks 2-3 times a day. Can also be applied on the affected area with a bandage.

Helps some applying several times a day, ice cube, juice of a dandelion. It may happen that these methods will not help you.

The female body, especially during pregnancy is unpredictable, so all actions on elimination of skin formations should be agreed with the doctor.

Preventive measures during pregnancy

Typically, the preventive measures expectant mothers prescribe a special diet and immunomodulatory drugs.

Special attention to the woman in an interesting position should be given to the hygiene and health safety in the common areas. Recommended:

  • In the gym, the pool, the sauna, be sure to use your own or a disposable shoes;
  • To monitor the condition of his feet. You can’t walk in wet shoes to prevent sweating of the feet, as well as daily costs to treat your feet with a disinfectant solution;
  • To avoid contact with sick people, as well as the surrounding objects.
  • Any cracks, scratches on the skin you must timely processing. Special attention requires the damage that you received from the animal.
  • When planning a pregnancy pass the analysis for HPV testing to throughout the period of carrying a child, you were sure that is completely healthy.
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So, you want to summarize. Now you know how dangerous warts to the body as the expectant mother and baby.

We described in detail how to get rid of unpleasant growths on the body and whether it is worth to do it. Most importantly – never self-medicate, especially in this beautiful period for you.

You will be almost every week to visit your doctor and do not hesitate, ask how to treat growths, and the doctor, in turn, necessarily will help you. Health to you and your baby!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)