Warts in children: methods of removal of skin formations

Кондиломы у детей: способы удаления образований на кожеGood day, dear blog readers about warts. When my friend saw his six-month baby on the skin genital warts, it has come to this, in shock.

As you know, HPV is transmitted directly when the pregnancy itself. This contributes to the further emergence in children warts and papillomatosis hormones.

Infection in children occurs during the passage of the baby through the birth canal infected with a virus. It is important to seek help to cure warts in children because it threatens the regeneration of the formations in a malignant tumor.

If the baby is still very small, so he will not be able to tell and it all depends in this case, from the care of parents who should be well aware of the dangers of the disease.

There are many drugs and for the treatment of genital warts, but they can be harmful to the health of the child.

We want you to recommend a book «the Treatment of warts folk methods», which presents a complex of measures aimed at cleansing the body through which the immune system will increase significantly and the disease will retreat.

The infection of warts in children occurs when

  • Bathing baby in the bath with a carrier of the virus;
  • Using household items, being around an infected patient;
  • Through sexual way of transmission, etc.

Кондиломы у детей: способы удаления образований на кожеThus, the infection of children with the virus can occur in different ways. After you saw the pinkish spiky education, as seen in the photo, you should seek medical help.

After the installation of the diagnosis of warts is removed. This procedure is done not so much for the purpose of aesthetic effect, as also because this disease is especially dangerous to life because, as mentioned above, the warts are injured clothes can transform into malignant form and bleed.

Known cases where warts were found in children in the mouth: in the larynx, trachea, bronchi, who were born by cesarean section.

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This suggests the probability transplatzentarnogo infection human papillomavirus infection, which indicates the inexpediency of childbirth through cesarean section, whose main purpose – the prevention of infection of the newborn baby by the human papillomavirus.

Scientists believe that the incubation period in children can be quite long: two to five years.

In younger age categories it is not necessary to reject the likelihood of vertical method of infection, even if the mother no clinical symptoms of the disease.

If my child was diagnosed with genital warts, then you should take the following measures:

  • To examine both parents for the presence of papilloma virus;
  • To conduct a thorough inspection of the bodies of the parents, including genital and perianal region;
  • To conduct all the tests for detection of causative agents of genital infections;
  • Talk to your parents about ways of transmission.

Treatment of warts in children

Кондиломы у детей: способы удаления образований на кожеTreatment of pathology picks only the doctor who prescribes it depending on the size and configuration of the warts.

If they are small, then you can help cauterizing tools, but without systemic treatment is not necessary.

The main and most effective method of therapy is the removal of formations. It is done by:

  • Excision with a scalpel. This is an old method that leaves behind scarring on the skin and leads to relapses.
  • Cryosurgery. Excision with liquid nitrogen. The disadvantage is that you cannot specify the depth of the action, there is no guarantee of complete removal.
  • Electrocoagulation. Likely the formation of scarring on the skin.
  • Chemicals. Affect healthy tissue, contribute to burns.
  • Laser. Side effects are virtually absent.
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Кондиломы у детей: способы удаления образований на кожеTreatment using laser or other method contributes to the pigmentation in the area of the former location of education.

This feature is characteristic of places after the remote entities. In their area there is a dark crust that should not be wet for several days.

The crust is not getting not only fluid, but also a variety of humidifiers with a filter against ultraviolet radiation, if the striations were found on the exposed parts of the body.

After removal of the formations with a laser within 5-8 days, you should stick to further principles:

  • To protect the skin from strong temperature gradients;
  • To avoid ultraviolet radiation;
  • Not to do water treatments, these include: visits to swimming pools, saunas, swimming in the sea, all this is postponed for a more favourable time;
  • After a shower, do not RUB with a towel areas of laser exposure, and just gently wet them.

Кондиломы у детей: способы удаления образований на кожеAmong the modern methods of treatment, such as surgical diathermy, the use of cheap.

Applied also such methods: powder with powder, which includes the resorcinol mixed with talc, handling acid, and various alcohol solutions, or extraction with a special spoon, with the subsequent processing.

The most effective is 5-fluorouracil, which not only contributes to tissue death and does not lead to relapse.

The tool is quite popular and is the first of a series of etiotropic drugs. Also use rectal suppositories, tablets and gels.

You should never self-medicate based on the experience of their friends or information in the network.

You must complete all medical advice and only then can we achieve full recovery. Good day to you, dear readers, be well!

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Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)