Warts in infants: how to help the little organism to get rid of the disease?

Бородавки у грудничка: как помочь маленькому организму избавиться от болезни?Hello, dear readers. Unfortunately, the warts appear not only in adults but also in young children.

Causes several, human papilloma virus, contamination, contact with infected people and others.

Today I would like to explain why there is warts in infants. Is this possible, do you think?

Yes, there are cases of contamination of a small body, and now you will learn how and why this happens.

Causes of skin growths in newborns

Бородавки у грудничка: как помочь маленькому организму избавиться от болезни?Mostly small children infected by mother at birth. This is due to the fact that during pregnancy the woman did not get rid of (or not know) about the presence of a papillomavirus, which is often expressed in the form of genital warts. In the end, the birth process is the infection of the baby

Also, the reason may be the insufficient skin hygiene. If you don’t change the diaper or diaper, do not carry out regular air baths, the baby will come out not only warts in the groin area, but also allergies, prickly heat and other ailments.

For a small child need special, very reverent care, so his skin was always soft and clean.

If the baby comes in contact with infected people (relatives, friends etc), they can infect. Not necessarily that the body of the sick person will be warts. It just might be a carrier of the virus.

To enhance HPV causes reduced immunity in the newborn. Small the body is still weak, resulting in it to stick various ailments.

Excessive sweating is also sometimes leads to the formation of warts. Have baby temperature regulation is not perfect. That is why you can constantly observe how the child is sharply sweats.

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Swimming in a public pool. Moist environment is the best spreader of the virus. It is fashionable from birth to have their babies grudnichkovye swimming.

Yes, the health and strengthen the immune system is good, but be aware that there is a large probability of acquiring human papillomavirus.

In the photo below, you can see how it looks warts in newborn babies.

We treat infants?

Бородавки у грудничка: как помочь маленькому организму избавиться от болезни?Now in pharmacies sell a lot of drugs that will help your child get rid of skin lesions.

Note that many of them you can’t miss baby’s delicate skin.

These tools include celandine, salicylic and acetic acid. On the skin they can leave severe burns.

In no case should not self-medicate. Even adults are often unable to cure warts on their own, and you want to try out a lot of money on the child? Saw that on your body appeared narotic – run to the doctor.

Also don’t listen to the grandparents and other advisers, who will tell you to tie the wart link to go to the grandmother, etc. Only a doctor can tell you what to do in such a situation.

How to get rid of warts in babies?

Бородавки у грудничка: как помочь маленькому организму избавиться от болезни?An ideal drug for the treatment of genital warts in babies is ointment Viferon. It has immunomodulating and antiviral effect.

In its composition there is a human interferon, by which the warts only disappear, but also cured the virus.

In addition, you can use ftorafura or oxolinic ointment, as well as some traditional methods. Recall that we do not support the treatment of folk remedies.

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You can consult a dermatologist and talk about the ways that you want to use, and he in turn will tell you whether to apply them or not.

For children suitable herbal and vegetable of kompressii. The easiest recipe – sour cream with salt. Just need several times a day to lubricate the affected area with this mixture.

Can also help the garlic (without using vinegar) or potato slice. However, you need to understand that the body individual child and how he would react to something unknown.

If you do decide to use the folk method to treat warts to her baby, then do not expect quick relief from growths.

Usually take between 2 to 4 weeks and sometimes more. And if you do not strengthen the immune system, warts will pop up again.

Бородавки у грудничка: как помочь маленькому организму избавиться от болезни?A particular danger and inconvenience can cause warts on the mucous membranes of the child. In this case, you can only help a doctor.

Unfortunately, all clinical operations of a newborn is contraindicated. This is due to the pain in the process of treatments and the likelihood of allergic reactions to anesthetics.

All treatment will be based on enhancing and strengthening the immune system, fight the virus as well as on the compliance with the hygienic measures and prevention measures.

So, if your kid has become the bearer of unpleasant skin build – up- don’t try to get rid of it themselves. Your first action should be to go to a doctor’s office, then follow all his instructions.

Not worth risking health of the child and sometimes it is better not to touch the wart, than trying to get rid of it yourself. Health to you and your child!

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Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)